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As an art website, CLATIA covers a wide variety kinds of art, and it’s a large-scale website that faces the world.

In the process of human society’s evolution, art has always been playing an indispensable and unique role and develops with the development of human’s history. In the 21th century, CLATIA is uniting people from different countries, of different nations or using different languages in the name of art, trying to provide them with a platform where they can express their praise and love for the beauty of life, unremitting exploration of art as well as understanding and pursuit of beauty by means of their own unique ways.

We will create online art museums for artists from all over the world; these art museums are artists’ own exclusive spaces where they can exhibit their works of art, introduce their art stories and share their working experience with the audiences.

Nowadays, the United States, the United Kingdom and China are the three most famous artwork markets in the world. CLATIA has the support of numerous art collectors and art lovers, and we are going to provide artists and art collectors in CLATIA with satisfying service and establish a nice working relationship with them. More importantly, we plan to offer a platform where artists and art lovers can interact with each other, and we aim to explore artists’ artistic value and market values.

CLATIA is also a multilingual art website, which in 2018 will have Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Korean and Japanese versions of its websites. Till now, CLATIA has global real-time interaction in 28 languages, which provides reliable technical support and follow-up services for foreign artists so that they can have easy access to Chinese realm of art.

All in all, CLATIA is more than willing to establish a bridge where domestic and foreign artists can communicate and therefore learn from each other, Chinese art can be better understood by people worldwide, and Chinese art market can be expanded. We sincerely hope that artists from all over the world can enjoy themselves in the process of globalization with the help of CLATIA!