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Classic art forums "song" is not "solitary"
On November 19, the 15th "Classic Art Forum" was scheduled to open in Chengdu Classic Art Theater. The guest speaker was starring Zhu Zhu, a national actor and the principal performer of Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble Zhu Jiejing. A 400-seat small theater packed, the passage also full of people. In the past fourteen, the situation is mostly like this. People come to the theater with the thirst for art, hoping to get close contact with their favorite artists and feel the unique charm of the artist. A ticket is hard to find, "station" also become fragrant 饽 饽 In order to enrich people's cultural life and improve the artistic accomplishment of the masses, by the end of December last year, Chengdu Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Classic Communication Co., Ltd. of Chengdu jointly planned the "Classic Art Forum". Contact "National Grand Theater" magazine to help, invited "China Art News" to participate, from planning to preaching, spent nearly half a year. The first stage of the pulpit, held on May 14 this year, was held at the Chengdu Classical Art Theater. The first guest speaker was Shen Pei-yi, a famous dance artist. Despite the publicity on the WeChat public platform and some media, which received more than 300 sign-ups, the "Classic Meeting" is not sure whether citizens will accept such an art lecture. Wait until the opening, the audience sat full, the artist's wonderful speech, get full applause, which let "Classic Meeting" with confidence.
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Classic Meeting: A New Benchmark for Urban Quality and Cultural Life
It quiet, located in the city center and peace of mind alone; it advocates health, refused to vulgar and guide elegance. This is a classic Department of advertising slogan, it is the classic collection has always been uphold the purpose of the operation. Classical Department is an innovative and distinctive cultural and art enterprise integrating art theater, art exhibition, classic audio and video broadcast, famous art forum, dancing and body sculpting, food and beverage, coffee point and garden lounge. Building a bridge "high" is not "widowed" On October 16, the 12th issue of "Classic Art Forum" was scheduled to open in Chengdu Classic Art Theater, this time the guest speaker was "Lurking" the former author Long. 2009 TV series "latent" hit, the original author of the play is also quickly familiar to everyone. Its authors, esp. Several spy war stories, are remembered for their vivid portrayal of the image of the underground workers in the revolutionary period and their close proximity to life. Day, can accommodate more than 400 small theater packed, and even next to the deck are full of people. "Past lectures, most of the situation." Xia Qinghai, general manager of Chengdu Classic Culture Communication Co., Ltd. introduced. In order to enrich people's cultural life and improve the artistic accomplishment of the masses, by the end of December last year, Chengdu Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Classic Communication Co., Ltd. of Chengdu jointly planned the "Classic Art Forum". From planning to preaching, after nearly six months. The first stage of the pulpit, held on May 14 this year, was held at the Chengdu Classical Art Theater. The first guest speaker was Shen Pei-yi, a famous dance artist. Since then, the forum has been held every half a month and has held fifteen sessions so far. "Language Magic Master" Qiao Zhen, "Liang Zhu" songwriter Chen Gang, soprano so popular a large number of top famous speakers on the scene. As of the fifteenth period, there have been 15,000 people for free lectures. Participating audiences are both 10-year-old primary school students and 80-year-old art lovers. Others are from Mianyang, Guangyuan and even Chongqing, Hubei, Anhui and Hebei. Masters of the famous "classic art forum" by the community and the majority of art lovers rave reviews, Chengdu has become more well-known art forum. In addition to the semi-monthly Classic Art Forum, Classic Collection includes a variety of cultural experience programs. It is understood that the Art Theater, the Classic Art Museum, the Light and Shadow Post Exhibition Hall, the Yi Mei Dance Center, the Fine Dining Restaurant, the Niran Coffee and the Garden Lounge have been established. In the Yehliu Art Museum next to the art theater, more than 100 original limited edition prints by contemporary painter Li Ye-lin are included. "Yeh Lin's ink-on-ink painting not only has a high degree of artistic research value, but also has a collectible value. Here exhibits can be used as an exhibition for guests to enjoy, but also on-site sales." Xia Qinghai introduced, "exposure to classical exchange, graceful song and dance, Film and television, but also to listen to famous on the road, plastic body and mind .Also Yi Yi, Yi will travel. Idea change to create a new benchmark for healthy living Located in the classic sports center of West Gate of Chengdu Sports Center, its predecessor is Juyou Business Club. With the rapid development of Chengdu in recent years, the urban hollowing is obvious, the consumer groups are scattered to the periphery, and the sports center has gradually become idle sports facilities. In order to activate the economic center of Chengdu and meet the needs of new consumption changes, Juyou Business Club officially changed its name to Classic Meeting in 2014 and transformed itself into an innovative and distinctive cultural and art enterprise transformed from Chengdu Classic Hui Culture Communication Co., Ltd. "Environment changes, changes in consumer attitudes, lifestyles are undergoing tremendous changes, therefore, business philosophy must be changed." Xia Qinghai admitted that the classic exchange is more to establish an interactive platform for artists and enthusiasts. As the saying goes: often read through, constant to Code.Classic is to withstand repeated and time-tested, with long-lasting value, eternal value, loved by the people. "Xia Qinghai explained that the classic does not mean classical, people Often there will be misunderstandings, in fact, the classic can be extended from the past to the present, it can be from the newborn to the future. To this end, the classic exchange is the convergence of various classic, the formation of agglomeration and system, and product forms and types of continuous innovation, resulting in brand effect. In short, the classic exchange actually creates a classic artistic atmosphere and creates a brand new cultural industry model. It creates a platform connecting artists and enthusiasts, and is accompanied by physical experience to really make the art infected and Affect the public, access to millions of households. Since the operation of the classic Huicheng Experience Center, this new model has drawn more and more attention from the industry. "With this foundation, the next step we plan to establish a national and even global classic and cultural center to expand the number of consumer groups in the physical experience center.First, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to establish the classic experience of physical experience entities, and gradually in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other regions to establish a classic experience club entity experience, and finally continue to Singapore and other overseas cities to expand. "Xia Qinghai said. The physical resources and channels of transmission are limited after all. The classic exchange has been building a network classic art platform on the basis of the physical experience in the early days so as to eventually open up a huge space for the consumer art market. In this regard, the classic Liberalize build all-round classic culture and the arts Internet platform. Xia Qinghai, said: "With the current development of the Internet, the use of websites, WeChat and other network platform to form a classic culture propaganda group, simultaneously through large-scale promotional activities and network marketing, etc., so that artists and enthusiasts can be integrated in a huge Network platform, so that cultural and artistic products and special products in the consumer market in the world with unlimited space.
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Every hustle and bustle requires a new literary approach to the city
We need to run away too much, we need to give ourselves a short holiday, it may not have to leave, it just needs to find a corner far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, let you sank to care about the people around you, A few days later, eat something you like and watch a concert. Classic Meeting As the name implies: the classic heritage brings together; In this sense, the classic exchange is your best choice. Here, we follow the taste buds to travel, get drunk with the eyes and ears, together to find a common companion in the classic exchange. Part1: Food • Hui Food zhuàn, the ancient Chinese dictionary solution for the food, mostly refers to food. "Nan Shi Yu Yu Chuan": "Enjoy delicious food." Chinese people pay attention to eat, but also willing to share to eat. Ancient food is the need for wisdom, the exquisite meals dedicated to the most distinguished guests, not only reflects the owner's hospitality, but also full of infinite sincerity and respect for the guests. The so-called a vegetable and a meal are all emotions, but food and love can not live up to this meaning. Chengdu is the delicious capital, but Chengdu is not just a restaurant that you can eat satisfactorily, Chengdu people love to eat, but also eat. The name of the restaurant, named Xiangzhu, is personally inscribed by Mr. Li Shuren, an expert of the Sichuan Food Association. His intention is to take the meaning of "delicious food and delicacies" so that everyone can taste the most authentic flavor of food here, Kam art delicacy. Another meaning is that as the name of the store, "High mountain water to find the knowledge, knowledge is in the classic sinks," here, to the food will be friends, the product is a recognition, the product is a gourmet that wisdom. 1. Gather the classic delicious - Sichuan and Guangdong classic dishes Sichuan most attention to "a hundred dishes, a dish of a grid," pepper, hemp, pepper spicy, just the right salt, Cantonese pursuit of light, the pursuit of fresh, the pursuit of this flavor, there is a new wind in the breeze of innovation, with stirring Mix well, resulting in unexpected consequences, fragrant more fragrant, fresh and more fresh, this is the originality of Chouyue - Sichuan and Guangdong classic specialties. In the sweat of pride, food incense will draw a new pie Sichuan painting impression! In Sichuan and Guangdong classic dishes have to mention is a dish called white toast. The chef from this dish is from Shanghai, and toast is an integral part of the Shanghainese. Like a sunshine of toast, golden light shines in the light. Toast wrapped in fresh fish, emitting a breath from the sea, gently clip an entrance, toast crispy, sweet fish, mixed together, not thick is not light, just right, our thoughts instantly Pull to the old Shanghai, as if the time has flowed back for half a century. Even if you have not experienced that era of romantic, you can also experience the once-glitzy world of flowers, the most elegant and most elegant way of life. Of course, in addition to white toast, there are other innovations. For example, olive shrimp cooked shrimp, the olive dish of incense and Guangdong shrimp keen to combine together to create this unique dish flavor. American almond crab pincers also have to mention a dish, plump crab wrapped with fragrant almonds, each chewing is rich taste, but without losing the original taste of crab meat - almonds and crab claws Harmony with not only did not cover up, but express the main body of the delicious. Crab Claw Jinchan attractive, small and lovely almonds, really is both pleasing and delusional. Explosion of wild big turtle, it is not to be missed in winter, a gourmet. Soft-shelled turtle meat, nutritious, heat Yin, Pinggan Xifeng, Endometriosis results. This dish may not sound so simple, very test the skills of the chef, every taste of your product, are chef of the dishes with 30 years of rich experience concise! 2. eat a bowl of culture - quality food Eating is a blessing, taste is a taste. Selection of high quality food products at the same time, the value is chef point "food" into "gold" technology. The so-called "eat a bowl of culture," compared to ordinary dishes, fine cuisine is more emphasis on the dishes show the mood. Consider not just making delicious dishes that simple, but also consider the restaurant layout, details, guest preferences, as well as serving the rhythm. The classical design of cuisine dishes is a complete system of tasting experience, like a score, a prelude, interlude, orgasm and the end. Here, each dish has its own story, all have their own kind of style. Rich lobster Aberdeen, not only loaded plate delicate, attractive color, but also full-bodied soup, shrimp delicious. Not only eat food to eat, more importantly, an experience, feelings from the elegant feelings of food. The lobsters from across the ocean are blended with a wide range of spices to blend with a wide range of ingredients such as green beans, corn, red kidney beans and so on. Each step is a process of concentrating and enriching the lobster flavor. Through this frustrating, lobster reborn, as if experienced nine nine eighty-one difficult Tang monks mentoring general, and finally completed the positive fruit mellowed. At this point will be full of soup lobster soup with melon carved good vessels, but also absorbed the melon fresh, really enamored food room! Special Note: lobster production process takes time and effort, old people remember to book Oh! Bee pupa has the reputation of "ginseng in the sky" and has the effect of nourishing the qi and invigorating blood. It is especially suitable for people who have no facial appearance, cold hands and feet. The food incense onion incense pupae as a new representative of Sichuan, set nutrition and delicious in one! Do not have to say that the son of the East Star Star spot, that encounter folk "Xiaojiabiyu" millet will hit what kind of sparks? Fish fresh, tender, slippery, millet while the flavor of the fish into it, both collide, inviting you to feel this is not the same tenderness. 3. Mom's taste - classic home cooking Compared to the distinctive dishes of the originality, Zhixiang introduction of classical cuisine, Chengdu, Chengdu people full of unique civilian philosophy. "I walked the road you walked to, ate the meals you did and went through everything you did - the taste of mom." This is Memories restaurant's memory of home cooking and the memory of our most ordinary populace about home cooking . When I was a kid, my mum's meal was raised by us. That is the taste of the mother we are used to. It was a day after 5 pm. It tastes like twenty or thirty years and you can not feel bored anyway; it is the taste of love that can be easily replaced by other tastes. Today, we have eaten all the restaurants in the city and have tasted the sweet and sourness of various flavors. As a result, we began to miss the delicious dishes cooked by our mom, those fried cabbage noodles, eel, steamed pork Taste it ... The first time I ate ginger jujube chicken think of a child's taste. At that time the dishes, the finish up to close up, neatly placed in the tall cupboard, the second meal and then come out hot to eat. But the magic is that the taste is not only not compromised, but more delicious, and the inspiration for this dish is also from here, taste it let you return to the taste of childhood. Of course, many people's childhood is not only true, remember when they are chased feeding time? Assorted seafood assortment of quail eggs, green shoots, carrots, meatballs, squid, carrots, crisp meat, so many kinds of ingredients, balanced nutrition, color and colorful, children put it down! Do you remember when Mommy patiently helped you to pick out the fishbone? Tilapia Longli completely solve this troubles, Longliu less thorns, delicious taste. The so-called "spicy strong meet, then win the world numerous." The so-called home-grown savory soul, compared with the pepper that was introduced to China only at the end of the 15th century, has a history of more than 2,000 years. The people in Sichuan are fascinated by the vine, and they are also people in any part of the world incomparable. Today, all the wonderful incense, all into a delicious meal, into the mouth, feeling that moment, the intersection of convergence, close to the tongue, both the infinite warmth and imagination, but also hidden inside Live share of delicacy. 4 wisdom on the tongue - delicate small dishes Do not look at this simple dish, which contains the wisdom behind the choice of food, classic exchange Zhixiang told us that "the Chinese meal can not be revolution!" Now the city people are "appearance Association", the first to be satisfied ENT, so, all places should be full of mood and beauty, and less difficult to order this one thing, to a great extent will undermine the beauty you have created. Details determine the success or failure, in this matter, the world's first to do a "lunch revolution", launched "exquisite small dishes" business philosophy, so that we can point a little more, eat better, while less waste . When I first did this concept, many people held unacceptable attitudes because the cost of small serving dishes was high and the workload of the cooks was increased. This is really thankless. However, the food incense but insisted that since the introduction of small dishes, by the customer's praise. In fact, "share plate" (small dish), but also income in 2015 Australian dictionary "Macquarie Dictionary", become the public selected annual hot words. Special Note: All the dishes have a small classic dishes for sale Oh! Part2: Music • Hui Is the so-called "food for the world, entertained by music for the first", the classic sink is not only delicacies, or a set of restaurants, bars, cafes, performing arts theater as one integrated art space, become more traditional Bar more cost-effective and more cultural atmosphere of the new school life style. Burning music passion, enjoy the audio-visual feast. Classical Art Theater is the first theater in Chengdu and even the whole country based on classical music. Through vocal music, instrumental music, combined with lighting, video, dream show, music recording and appreciation of classical music. Classic art theater with the domestic top-level theater speakers, large HD LED LCD screen, through high-definition video and high-quality CD, allowing you to enjoy the hall-class audio-visual feast. Here, high-level artists will be invited to come to stage fun, musicians can enjoy the freedom of flying in the music, the audience can enjoy the occasional surprise star. Night feelings - As the night of Chengdu quietly opened, the classic Hui Arts Theater also kicked off. People find the same kind of people by listening to music. People who believe in eating their food and looking for common language, music and food will always be the magic weapon for us to find out. Beginning at 18:00, accompanied by the wonderful piano, violin and saxophone, you can enjoy delicious steaks, high-quality red wine, of course, you can also invite your peers to jump a dance. 20 o'clock in the evening, "evening heart, take you back to the past time" as the theme of the party began. Mainly divided into three parts: the classic film theme party, the Olympic theme night and Chinese and foreign classic music party. Classic film and television party, is divided by age, the combination of tradition and modernity, as if through the general, exposure to all ages; Olympic theme night, then the Olympic theme song as a theme event, allowing you to enjoy the sports belt here To our happiness, I believe every person who loves sports will be passionate; Chinese and foreign classical music song and dance party, brings together the essence of Chinese and foreign classic movie songs, let us experience the charm of the classic immortal; from 21:45 after the warm South America Style music bar debut, accompany you has been high to 1am. Here compared to the theater, a little more relaxed; here compared to the bar, more than a lot of style; here is more like a cultural salon, where you can for the time being forget the burden of work, life troubles, immersed in a wonderful music Immersed in a wonderful dance. Of course, real-time attention to the classic Hui Arts Theater program, every day will have different surprises! Daytime romance - neon cafe A cry of birds makes us awaken from our sleep, and a beautiful day begins again. Morning run in the sports center, came to neon coffee shop, in the morning enjoy a cup of rich good coffee, wake up the whole body cells. There is not only a delicious coffee here, but also exciting sports events such as the Champions League, the Premier League and the NBA. Rejuvenate in coffee, feel wonderful in the tournament, let the classic department kicked off for your brand new day, so full of energy full of energy! Lazy afternoon, invited a few old friends, sitting in the open-air cafe in the classic Department, bathed in cotton-like warm sun, any sunshine rushing through the body, is not it a pleasure? With the largest outdoor open-air area in Chengdu, the classic Hui Niran coffee shop, where you can taste the authentic coffee, listen to soft music, quietly listening to the melody of the melody from around the world. Of course, you can also choose to indoors, where the classic movies are waiting for you. How can music leave food? When you sit outside to enjoy the breeze and sunshine, feel the fragrant smell of coffee, whether you need a lovely little dessert, neon cafe gives you a good choice, such as the Black Forest, Opera House, Misu, lemon chocolate mousse and more. The Opera House is a French dessert with centuries-old history. The Classic Club insists on using materials to make excellent and small desserts, but it is not simple. It is square-shaped on the plate and shaped like an opera house stage. Stacked combinations like drama opened the curtain scene, it is rich and sweet taste like opera aria recalled long, endless. Like the classic poetic feeling for you, it looks simple, but it has a long aftertaste. Lemon chocolate mousse is also flowing in the sun with a unique color, baking in the oven with a fierce fire, making the perfect fusion of lemon and chocolate, tap with a spoon, which is rich and fragrant white chocolate temptation; the outside is a lure The lemon scent of the person waiting to be explored, rich and rich taste of this mousse, enough to draw a perfect sentence for the charming afternoon. Food and music are things that give people sensual enjoyment, and for a long period of time they live in harmony and warmth because they are considered products that meet the different needs of humankind. If we must separate the priorities, priorities and priorities, the food should be adequate to meet the basic needs of people's lives, and music is rich spiritual realm to meet people's quality of life needs. Then suddenly one day, this wonderful balance has been broken by technological advances. Listen to the songs, ready to listen on your computer, cell phone, MP3 player and other mobile devices. If you want to listen repeatedly, you can also download it, permanent collection, it is important not to spend money. That crowded record store, full of enthusiasm Amoy album, the days gone, with hard-earned savings of money to listen to a show of satisfaction has disappeared. Music brings us pleasure, in an instant become so economical and convenient. The classic Hui Arts Theater, is to help you find this while listening to music, eat past time, take you back to the kind of elegant and healthy lifestyle. 3. Small Fortunately - the joy of detail Fortunately, small indeed, small but surely happy, often from the discovery of the details. That small Fortunately, what do you feel? Is the word "heart of joy." When I got the money, my heart came up with these three words. Yue yuan is a classic idea of a small idea is to use a cute little compact token to replace those indifferent coins in our daily lives, find a small channel, let us temporarily flee from the complex realities of life . Hold the Wyatt, seems to have come to another world, we hold them, you can achieve a different happiness. Here, Wyatt is 1:10
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