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Gift! A classic case of "Four New Cases" is created to create a new force for the prosperity of literature and art and the building of culture.
If, into the deep culture of science and technology, science and technology will have the kind of touching charm? If, with forward-looking technology to lead the culture, culture will go into what a broad value blue ocean? In his "Speech at a Literary Work Symposium," the central leadership pointed out: "Internet technology and new media have changed the pattern of literature and art, spawned a large number of new types of literature and art, and brought about profound changes in literary concepts and literary practices." Of the cultural organizations and groups are very active, "most of these people are likely to have literary masters, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign many famous artists are from the community and people." We want to "look them with a new vision, with a new policy and Methods are united, attracting them and guiding them to become viable forces for the prosperity of socialist literature and art. " As a comprehensive cultural and artistic body in the Greater Southwest China and even the whole country, Classic Meeting brings together classical and glamor. It integrates science and culture prospectively and hatches a series of innovative and creative cultural products, all-encompassing, brilliant and brewing The future of a nationwide, and even global cultural industry storm ... ... Recently, CLS actively responded to the "Notice on Selecting and Editing Cases of Editing and Publishing the New Forces of Literary Prosperity and Cultural Construction" of Sichuan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, breaking through the various creative modes of traditional cultural industries and submitting the relevant cases of CLS, Highlighting the new forces of cultural prosperity and cultural construction in Sichuan and Chengdu. The province's "four new" large assembly classic response On September 14, Sichuan Federation of Literary and Art Circles officially released the Notice on Selecting and Editing Cases of "Emerging Forces of Literary Prosperity and Cultural Construction" (tentative name) compiled and published by the Sichuan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and began to solicit new literary and art organizations, new literary and art groups and new Literary and art settlements, the development of individual workers in the new literature and art (referred to as the "four new") development. In his speech at the 9th China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, at the 9th opening ceremony of the Chinese Writers' Association, Central Committee leaders emphasized: "Literary Alliance deepens reform," it is necessary to strengthen liaison and extend its work force to strengthen unity and guidance for new literary and art organizations and new literary groups. Thousands of literary practitioners, enthusiasts gather, and constantly enhance the attractiveness of the organization. " In order to implement the spirit of the important speeches made by the leaders of the Central Government, the Sichuan Federation of Literary and Art Circles started carrying out activities of new literary and art organizations, new literary and art groups, new literary and art settlements, and individual artists of new literature and art (hereinafter referred to as "Si Xin") within the province from the beginning of July this year Great research work. During the survey, many vivid cases and vivid experiences of new literary forms and types emerged in various places. In order to fully display the achievements of "four new developments" in Sichuan Province, the provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles decided to compile and publish the series of "Selected New Cases of Literary and Art Organizations, Groups, Settlements and Individual Workers in Sichuan Province", a new force for literary prosperity and cultural construction. The classic exchange invited to submit the relevant typical materials. Innovative form of city center to create "cultural landmark" Figure 1 Tianfu Square Classic Department, what to submit "four new", on what basis caused the provincial cultural sector attention? Where is it "new"? Chengdu city center. With the completion of Sichuan Museum of Art, Sichuan Provincial Library and Chengdu Museum, one by one, and the old reputation of the Jincheng Art Palace, Tianfu Square has been the body of Gong Wei trend, is a veritable "cultural center" With the deepening of "Zhongyou", this zone is bound to usher in a new boom in the future. In this "cultural nuclear pole", the classic exchange located in Chengdu Sports Center started from 2013 and after a few years of cultural and creative practice, it launched a series of creative and cultural industry projects to "model practice" Pioneer attitude and groundbreaking, so that all people who experience and experience shines, brain wide open. Classic Meeting is the first full-service cultural experience center in China and even in the world based on classical culture and art and using art to create a healthy lifestyle. "Classic Meeting" consists of global network platform and offline experience center, adhering to the corporate philosophy of "one concept, two platforms and N product chains", converging massive classic culture and truly fulfilling the purpose of making art serve the public. Open up a new model of cultural industries and help the art lovers in China and around the world achieve the ideal of life and spirit. "The United States can have Broadway, why China can not have a classical exchange?" Classic founder, chairman Chen Jian think so. The concept of "promoting the classic and resisting the vulgarity" emphasized by the central leadership on many occasions also inspired him to name the "Classic Meeting." Nowadays, the Classic Meeting, keeping up with the pace of the times, has responded to the call of the country to carry forward the "Chinese Dream" and rejuvenate the cause of culture and the arts of the people, to exchange quality, exchange art, exchange health and exchange fashion ... From the "rest stop" With a wide range of cultural and artistic fans, it has gradually become a landmark "cultural complex" in the Southwest. Its every move has drawn the trend of urban art, its fashion trend and its cultural trend. Innovative model of cultural science and technology to achieve cutting-edge incubation Classic What are the wonderful content? How is it innovative? Figure 2 classic sink Based on classical culture and art, the distinctive feature of Classic Meeting is "two-lane parallel", that is, it has an online global network platform and offline entity experience center, and runs in parallel and in parallel. In the experience center under the classical poetic line, it contains the space of classic art gallery, art theater, light and shadow post station, Yi Mei body sculpting, Zhixiang restaurant, neon coffee and so on. A rich literary atmosphere, the environment elegant and chic, exposure to them, the concept of art of the United States, the appreciation of the graceful song and dance, the classic Kam Television, listen to the famous argument, the body and mind of plastic bodybuilding. A advocacy of healthy life, the dissemination of classical arts, unique cultural charm of the arts complex extremely rich image. The classic global online platform for the network, is committed to "create the world's first category of artists the most complete, the largest number of fans, the most widely known and the highest art spending the most artists and art lovers social platform." This unique, advanced and exciting "global network platform" has several key points: First, to bring together the world's top artists and build an interactive platform for exchanges between artists and art lovers around the world. As of August 2017, the Classic Department has signed more than 200 famous Chinese artists, and all are well-known in China, such as Xu Peidong, Zhu Xianmin, Shen Pei Yi, Yan Gongda, Jiang Kun, Gao Hongbo, Yin Zhiguang, Xie Hailong, Fan Jingma, And so on. In the future, the Classic Meeting will achieve the first batch of 1,500 outstanding artists to sign the contract. The other is that each artist brings its own flow of heat and sucks the fans to form a "fan economy." Thirdly, Sex platform, not only for the auction and purchase of the "Art Mall", as well as a sound space for fans Forum, will optimize the formation of "Tencent and Taobao" combination, to achieve the artist's value increment, business is immeasurable; Fourth Artists are independent of the "personal online Museum of Art", equipped with exclusive network assistant, which is unique in the present; Fifth is the classical Chinese exclusive multilingual online translation system, effectively integrated into the global art market, the global fan exchange with the box is not a dream. Figure 3 Classic sink global network platform The originality of the Classic Meeting also highlights the combination of "Technology + Culture + Entertainment", which originated from the classic team owning a strong self-created team and cooperated with first-class technology companies to use the latest technology products and technologies, In order to achieve a series of innovative entertainment, technology IP incubation and operation. such as: We have launched a comprehensive program entitled "Healthy Living One Day Study" so that those who advocate health aesthetics and elegant art can experience more than one art course at a time of great value in a single day. As many as 30 art categories are free to choose from, Instrumental music, dance, literature, vocal music, aesthetics, etc. full coverage. The Classic Exchange also creates Chengdu's most famous pulp art forum, the "Classic Art Forum", invites famous Chinese culture and arts experts to give lectures, disseminates elegant art and popularize cultural knowledge. As of August 2017, the pulpit audience has reached 50,000 people, rave reviews, the future will be committed to creating the highest professional, authoritative and influential gold medal forum. Figure 4 Wang Meng lectures on the spot classic artist signed Zhou Meng Cheung shooting In addition, there is the Panda Art Experience Center which takes Panda as the core and presents the panda art, science popularization and entertaining fun. The "line world" system leads the new area of Chengdu science and technology fitness with the "digital spinning" To ride at home, connect the global scenic sections, compete with friends, online go to the world, you have the final say, stay at home, travel all over the world mountains and rivers; "beauty to 10,000" project, to achieve limited edition engraved Technology, art boutique straight home ... As a "flagship" in the field of culture, Classic Club brings together a strong group of fans. As of August 2017, the number of customer focus groups has reached 100,000 and that of offline Sharon fans has reached 50,000. The poetry, dance, singing, photography , Paintings, paintings, chess and other art lovers who are closely related to healthy life have aroused wide public concern. The salon group has also gone deep into cooperation with universities and associations and started a new trend of art and literature. At present, the scale of the classical Huicheng entity experience center is gradually expanding, and the future planning will reach 80,000 square meters. In this huge space, the combination of "technology and culture" is multiplied magnified and will break through the realization of the six major elements: learning from all, the whole family will learn to be happy; the one-day pass is purely healthy and not shopping; the compound venues and the hundred Variable functional high price; technology entertainment, fun and fantasy all network; security management, digital nanny child care; Central Clearing, efficient service free travel ... ... These are different from the traditional forms of art and culture to show the form, Cultural industries "fast lane." Figure 5 Classic Meeting "healthy life day learning" experience scenes Innovation and practice of healthy and colorful lead all walks of life The original model of the classic Department, showing great potential for development and the value of complex, aroused widespread concern. Only in the first half of 2017, the Classic Department attracted the relevant provincial and municipal government departments, public cultural institutions, cultural scholars, etc. have been investigated and investigated by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture, Sichuan Province Federation of Literary and Art circles, Chengdu Municipal Government leaders and Chengdu Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Chengdu Women's Federation, Institute of Cultural Industry of Renmin University of China, Institute of Cultural and Creative Development of Tsinghua University, and other famous institutions of higher learning. A series of innovative and practical achievements have also been affirmed and appreciated. Free system, pure public welfare "classic art forum" has been continuously hot for more than 30, access to include: "National Grand Theater" magazine, "China Art", Sichuan Provincial Library, Chengdu Federation of Literary and Art, Chengdu Women's Federation, Chengdu City Bureau of Culture and Welfare, Chengdu Qingyang District style brigade and other government departments and agencies of concern and full support, and launched a number of cooperation. Figure 6 The Chengdu Women's Federation, Chengdu Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Chengdu Civilization Office, Chengdu City Urban Management Committee hosted the "2017 Chengdu most beautiful family awards ceremony and the classic concert," solemn hand in hand with the classic exchange, the entire large-scale activities by the Department of Culture and creativity The team and the classic art troupe dedication to create, covering cultural and creative planning, production of promotional films, the most beautiful family family portrait of the whole family shooting, production, party activities, hosting, evening performances, etc., highlighting the classic super "comprehensive implementation" . A lot of people in the industry admire and say: "Such an all-round, high-level and elegant cultural service seldom can have an art institution complete independently and independently. All parties praise Director of Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture Zhou Siyuan: "We hope that Classic Department can soon grow in practice," go out and bring in "to the world and bring the international advanced cultural concepts back to China to promote the path of rejuvenation of Chinese culture. Sichuan Provincial Federation of literary and art circles, Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture Zheng Xiaoxing, former director: "All the movements of the classic Department completely step on the national pace of cultural construction.Classic Department to establish the existing and future cultural platform, just for the spiritual life of ordinary people upgrade To provide a premium platform for the 'whole grains'' advanced platform. Such a government-led private enterprises can achieve such a comprehensive high-art platform to build exciting. Hope that the classic exchange into a happy industry, a combination of happiness and consumption body!" Wu Kai, Member of the Standing Committee of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, said: "Vigorously developing cultural undertakings and cultural industries will promote the great development and prosperity of culture in an all-round manner. This is not only the requirements of the times and the people's expectations, but also the current focus of the government's work. The mainstream direction of the development of cultural industries, very worthwhile recognition! Classic Meeting, Meeting classic, set the culmination, 2017 Chengdu City, "the most beautiful home" awards ceremony and a high quality of classical concerts, art talent training, family culture heritage, modern classic art Perfectly presented in front of the public, its professional standards shocking.Classic Department of the city center, the city center of the tourism culture and civic culture effectively combined, which is really influential culture. Figure 7 Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Radio, Film and Television, Party Secretary and Secretary of the former party branch of Xinhua News Agency's Sichuan Branch, president and president of Southwest University of Finance and Economics, visiting professor of circulation economics He Daxin: "Classic Forum of Famous Artists" built an elegance in the cultural life of Chengdu citizens Palace, this form is particularly good. The combination of economic and cultural factors, the art of culture, cultural influence and business management combined. Invited outstanding art masters, to spread the elegant Chengdu art, affecting the public culture Cells, art cells, thereby enhancing the cultural quality of the entire city people, the quality of art. " Figure 8 He Daxin lecture site Innovative ideas art MALL to lead the cultural and creative world The concept of integration of culture and science and technology emerged frequently in the "Plan for the Reform and Development of Culture during the 13th Five-Year Plan" officially promulgated by the Ministry of Culture. This shows that "planning" highly emphasizes the great significance of integrating culture and science and technology innovation into the cultural development of our country in the new era. However, it also deserves a profound understanding of the role of digital technologies in the integration and innovation of culture and science and technology. The analysis of the development mode of the classical exchange is exactly aimed at the value depression in which culture and science and technology are integrated. The integration of culture, science and technology, culture and art with digital technology is truly realized. Its strong hatching function undoubtedly becomes the " Value-driven mother, "with the cultural industry" pilot "energy. At present, "Classic Department" has been planning a long-term strategy of globalization and relying on its two platforms of "global network art platform" and "offline physical experience center" to establish a national and even global classical and cultural center to expand the number of consumer groups . First of all, to establish a physical experience center from Rong, Bei, Shang, Guang and Shen (with 48,000 square meters of entities in each city); to gradually establish a classical experience center in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; and then to continue to overseas City and the expansion of two domestic cities. To achieve the ultimate, to become the world's largest and unique art MALL! Figure 9 It is worth mentioning that such a market operation, a large cultural industry, has always adhered to the core concept of "promoting classical culture and promoting Chinese characteristics," and does not shift. According to Chen Jian, the central leadership "promotes the classic and resists vulgarity" The spirit of the classic instructions is that the classic exchange should always be adhering to, "this direction will not change!" The positive energy characteristics of the classic exchange, but also in its future "model" set, can achieve seven major good: heritage of classical culture, create Jobs, proximity to popular life, excess digested real estate, cultural fusion output, underlying China holdings, and some form of international arts fund. The future, never forget the beginning, now, the classic exchange with a more solid pace toward a new era, its development concept and city, the pace of development of the region more harmonious unity, continue to become
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Shulin City model, the classic bloom classic | classic super ability to practice art, won the praise of the leaders of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee
Beautiful gorgeous lights, the United States turned the dance, intoxicating singing, beautiful melodies ... In this afternoon, burst the scene of Chengdu "the most beautiful family" awards ceremony! Who is this? Lit the most beautiful stars, stunning visual! Figure 1 provinces and municipal leaders and other related to the classic chairman Chen Jian, the classic cast members photo Classic Collection, a cultural center attracting the attention of the industry, combines light, design, video production, high-end performance, cultural planning, event execution and visual design. Through the combination of classic, elegance, art and culture, Under the guidance of the Women's Federation and relevant departments, it has created an unforgettable gluttonous feast, attracting wide attention from all sectors of society and receiving high recognition and praise from provincial and municipal leaders. Undoubtedly, the 2017 "Most Beautiful Home" Awarding Ceremony and Classic Concert held in Chengdu Women and Children's Center on September 26 was a successful, successful and unforgettable event! After the event, Wu Kai, chairman of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and the president of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Liu Xia, secretary of the Chengdu Party Committee of the Women's Federation, and Li Jie, vice chairman of the Chengdu Women's Federation, visited the Classic Collection in the Classic Collection Industry Experience Center to learn more about Classic Collection Business philosophy, the development of cultural industries, and carefully listened to the report of Chen Jian, chairman of the Classic Meeting, on the classic business model, innovative projects and future ideas. Figure 2 Chengdu Municipal Committee, Wu Kai, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions and other people and Chen Jian to discuss Figure 3 Chengdu Municipal Committee, Wu Kai and other members of the Federation of Trade Unions visited the Museum of classical art Convergence of classical culture, cultural and entertainment IP charm bloom As a comprehensive cultural and artistic body in the Greater Southwest China and even in the whole country, the classic collection brings together the classic and charming charm. It integrates science and culture prospectively and hatches a series of innovative and creative cultural products, all-encompassing and brilliant ... In the report, Chairman Chen Jian elaborated on the original intention of the classic exchange, business philosophy, business model and innovation and creative project through video and graphic display. He also introduced the classic "Fan Economy" commercial The model forms a series of entertainment technology IPs such as "Healthy Living Day School", "Meijin Wanjia", "Classic Meeting Global Network Platform" and "World Trip" to meet the current ever-increasing spiritual and cultural needs of the people. Figure 4 Figure 5 Chengdu Municipal Committee, Wu Kai, chairman of the city Federation of Trade Unions and other people experience the "line world" project Classic Exchange is the development and growth of cultural and creative enterprises, in the exchange, Chen Jian referred to several core elements of the classic Meeting: First, technology-driven, original IP and classic IP into content for the people who aspire to a healthy lifestyle Providing a vast stage for learning, appreciating and displaying. The other is to bring together the world's top artists and build a multi-lingual platform for learning, trading and interaction among artists and art lovers around the world to help promote the export of Chinese culture. At present, 200 outstanding artists have been signed and the first batch of 1,500 contracted artists is expected to be set up and 500-600 online art galleries will be established. Third, artists should become one of the main bodies that the classical art should go to the market. The excellent Chinese culture should be shared and exported first. Fourth, relying on the backing of famous artists, the classic art as the medium, become the spirit of ordinary art lovers, homes for life, with "children and adults learn each day pass savings, electronic control of security, a stop more convenient, art Famous to help, life is all aesthetics, science and technology entertainment new life "feature. Fifth, the classic exchange with modern enterprise value awareness changes, "depends on the product and profits - focus on cash flow - more attention to market value - more dependent on the fan economy," all four have. Figure 6 Chengdu Municipal Committee, Wu Kai and other members of the Federation of Trade Unions visited a "famous wall" During the briefing, Chairman Chen Jian also expressed the hope that great support will be obtained from provincial and municipal governments, a strong alliance with trade unions, the Communist Youth League and the Women's Federation to create extremely upgraded youth centers, women and children's centers and social skills; , So that the ideal matchmaking model, pay attention to the "three concepts" training, organization, learning, exhibition, exchange, aesthetics knowledge to make marriage more harmonious; classic social launched healthy social ball, correct guiding people's values and guide people to make fewer mistakes. Chen Jian proposed that the government should pay attention to and support the development of the classical Hui culture industry and said that if it has the good fortune to develop globally, the Classic Department will become the largest practice base for the classical exchange and contribute to the prosperity and development of Chengdu. To create a truly influential culture Chengdu full complement of classic women and young workers In response to the above classic series of cultural ideas and project innovation report, Wu Kai, member of the Standing Committee of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and president of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, said that vigorously developing cultural undertakings and cultural industries will promote the great development and prosperity of culture in an all-round way. This is both an age requirement and a people's Expectations, but also the focus of the current government work, the classic convergence of the mainstream direction of the development of cultural industries, very worthy of recognition! He gave a classic high degree of evaluation: Classic Meeting, Meeting Classic, Dacheng Cheng, the Department of the classic sponsored by the Women's Federation Awards ceremony of high quality, the training of art talent, family culture heritage, the perfect present of modern art in front of the public, its professional standard shocking Strong; Classic Meeting in the city center, the city center of the tourism culture and citizen culture combined, which is really influential culture. Figure 7 Chen Jian, chairman of Classic Department about the classic exchange development projects and concepts In addition, he also stressed in particular that the trade unions, youth league groups and women's federations will comprehensively strengthen cooperation with the classical exchange and start a new mode of cooperation between government and enterprises. With regard to the developing classical classics, he encouraged classical classics to integrate into social life, international organizations, make use of broader resources and strong appeal, and promote the all-round development in the future. Figure
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Director of Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture Zhou Siyuan survey of classic exchange, classic exchange attention
In the first half of 2017, the original mode of Classic Meeting showed great potential and comprehensive value. It has obtained many awards such as Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture, Chengdu Women's Federation, Cultural Industry Research Institute of Renmin University of China, Tsinghua University Institute of Cultural and Creative Development And other institutions and recognized brand-name colleges and universities; leaders of provincial and municipal governments attach great importance to the classic exchange on its innovative ideas and industry development situation inspection, research. Minister Zhou Siyuan of Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture visited the Classical Department and fully affirmed the two major platforms (the global network platform and offline physical experience center) and the "Traveling World" innovative project of the Classic Department, Series of highly attractive and industrial potential of science and technology, cultural IP said highly recognized. Zhou Siyuan also made suggestions for the Classic Meeting: He hoped that Classic Meeting can soon grow in practice, "go out and bring in", go international, bring the international advanced cultural concepts back to China and promote the road of Chinese cultural rejuvenation. Director of Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture Zhou Siyuan talked with Chen Jian, chairman of Classic Exchange
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Classic Exchange Exhibition "Rongcheng happiness home - the most beautiful family day school", praised by the Women's Federation
From August 23 to 24, the "Rongcheng Happy Home - The Most Beautiful Family Day School" in 2017 was successfully held in Chengdu Classic Culture Center. Chengdu 60 "The Most Beautiful Family" was invited to experience in two batches free of charge "Healthy Living Day School" activities. The company is located in: figure 1 The event was jointly sponsored by Chengdu Women's Federation, Chengdu Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Chengdu Civilization Office and Chengdu City Urban Management Committee. Together with Chengdu Classic Hui Culture Communication Co., Ltd., the project aims to thoroughly implement the guidance of the Central Government on "paying attention to family, tutoring, Wind "and other series of instructions and spirit, and actively implement the eleventh party congress in Sichuan Province, Chengdu, the thirteenth Congress, the relevant requirements, with elegant arts and culture curriculum feedback and tribute to" the most beautiful family "to build learning Promote and exchange platform, enhance the sense of honor and pride, inspire them enthusiasm and passion to play an exemplary role, drive the majority of families to actively create excellence and excellence, continue to promote family virtues and civilizations, and nurture and practice the socialist core values . figure 2 It is reported that 2017 "Chengdu happy home looking for the most beautiful family" activities through the offline registration, recommendation, online display, voting, as well as in China Telecom IPTV set column publicity, etc., from the 3000000 family of ten gave birth to " Ten families with "harmony and harmony", ten families with "diligence and integrity", ten families with "benevolence and help and weakness", ten families with "peace and harmony" and ten families with "low carbon and environmental protection" 60 Chengdu City "The Most Beautiful Family" aims to establish a typical demonstration of "the most beautiful families," exerting force on examples, practicing family virtues, and spreading good family spirits, making families a starting point for delivering positive energy in the community and boosting social civilization with family civilization. To lead the family to build a happy family, happy Chengdu, a beautiful example of China's contribution to the city! image 3 Relevant leaders of Chengdu Women's Federation said: "Chengdu Rongcheng - looking for the most beautiful family" activities lasted six months, after the public selection, online voting, expert review, and ultimately from the 3000000 Chengdu family to produce 60 most beautiful families. The reason why we meet today classic classics, because the classic pursuit of elegant art, spread positive energy, its philosophy, services, projects and the work of our Women's starting point and the end result coincide. Today, our most beautiful families sit down in classics to exchange ideas, learn from each other and experience the pleasure of body and soul in elegant arts and culture courses to form such a positive energy and a good atmosphere. With this positive social energy, we lead the general public, families and women Children, let them participate in the elegant art, play a leading role in the demonstration, the formation of a good social effect, make the society more harmonious! " Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6
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Sichuan Federation of literary and art circles chairman, former Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture Director Zheng Xiaoxing visit the classic research exchange, corporate cult
Zheng Xiaoku, former chairman of Sichuan Literary Federation and director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture, said: "China's economy has been driven by labor-capital-driven-innovation-driven and has now reached the age of happiness-driven. All the actions of the classical exchange completely step on the pace of national cultural construction. "In communicating with Chen Jian, the chairman of the Classic Meeting, he fully affirmed the concept of cultural development of the Classic Meeting, which is reflected in the following points: First, to ensure that the common people The existing and future cultural platform established by the spiritual life of whole grains and cereals and the classic culture is just an advanced platform for upgrading the spiritual life of ordinary people and providing them with high-quality whole grains. Second, a privately-run entrepreneur guided by the government can really make me very excited to be able to build such a comprehensive and elegant art platform. Third, the classic exchange can be exposed to the basic culture, the cultural industry chain can be stretched, with the cultural center features, to enlarge the concept of the classic exchange. Fourth, the holiday culture, night culture, leisure culture where to go? Classic sink just meet. After the meeting, he made a few comments on the Classic Meeting: 1. The Cultural and Creative Institute, the Cultural Center, the Poetry Calligraphy and Painting Institute, and the Literary Federation will all assist the Classic Meeting in the future. The Classic Meeting should also frequently engage in interactive activities with them. Second, we must seriously study the latest document entitled "Carrying Out Excellent Traditional Culture" promulgated by the Central Government and vigorously promote China's outstanding traditional culture, creative transformation and innovative development. Third, seeking knowledge, seeking health, seeking music, beauty and beauty will be the main mission of carrying the classic. In the end, he placed the classic hope of rejuvenating the country: he hoped that Classic Convergence would become a complex of happiness industry and happiness consumption. Figure 1 Zheng Xiaoxing, president of Sichuan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, speaks with Chen Jian, chairman of Classic Exchange
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