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Attention! Classic Collection "Butterfly" set off the unique model of the cultural cyclone to attract the attention of all walks of life, corporate culture and technology IP was pr
A free-for-money system, pure public forums, but won include: "National Grand Theater" magazine, "China Art", Chengdu Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Chengdu Women's Federation, Chengdu City Bureau of Culture and Welfare, Sichuan Library, Chengdu Qingyang District style brigade and other government departments and agencies of concern and full support, and launched many times cooperation; Figure 1 Chengdu Sports Center A comprehensive arts and culture body, ushered in the first half of 2017, multi-government agencies to usher in and research; a number of pioneering and pioneering cultural and entertainment, technology IP, is in the "art MALL" incubator Quietly hatch, brewing a nationwide future, and even the storm of the cultural industry ... Figure 2 classic sink overlooking the map Classic exchange, why a short period of time, get the government, society, multi-attention? What is it attracted by the widely acclaimed? A cultural center attracting industry attention, what is it doing? The company is located in: Chengdu city center. With the provincial art museum, the provincial library, the city museum one by one new building, combined with the old reputation of the Jincheng Art Palace, Tianfu Square has been the body of the trend of Gong Wei, is a veritable "cultural center", with the " In the gifted "deepening, this zone will usher in the future development of new craze. At this nuclear pole, the "Classic Hui" Cultural and Art Experience Center, located in Chengdu Sports Center, launched a series of creative and cultural industry projects after nearly three years of cultural and creative practices. With the pioneering attitude of "model practice" and Groundbreaking, so that all people who experience and experience shines, brain wide open. Figure 3 classic art forum Classic Meeting is the first full-service cultural experience center in China and even in the world based on classic culture and art. It is composed of global network platform and offline experience center. It sticks to the principle of "one idea, two platforms, N A product chain "business philosophy, the massive convergence of classical culture, the real art to serve the public to achieve the purpose of opening up new modes of cultural industries to help China and the world of art lovers to achieve the ideal of life and spirit. Figure 4 master convergence, pulpit speak Figure 5 "Butterfly Lovers" song by Chen Steel lecture Figure 6 famous writer Wang Meng lecture site Figure 7 famous host Zhou Tao live lecture (Figure) The company is located in: Classical Exchange is a cultural and creative enterprise that is developing and expanding. It advocates the spirit of "promoting the classic and resisting the vulgarity". After pre-accumulation and practice, the development trend is good and the operation mechanism of each project is basically mature. At present, Chengdu Sports Center is a practice base for classical exchange. It upholds the business model of double line (Internet + entity) development and practical strategy of attaching importance to scientific and technological advancement. At present, Chengdu Sports Center is conducting simultaneous activities such as "Classics Classics Forum", "Healthy Living Day School" Traveling World "," Creative Wall Painting "and" Panda Art Experience ", as well as the model construction of a number of patent-oriented technology industry projects, aroused great concern and praise from all walks of life. Figure 8 "Healthy Living Day Study" experience scene Government concerned, multi-inspection, what do they think? In the first half of 2017, the original mode of Classic Meeting showed great potential and comprehensive value. It has obtained many awards such as Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture, Chengdu Women's Federation, Cultural Industry Research Institute of Renmin University of China, Tsinghua University Institute of Cultural and Creative Development And other institutions and recognized brand-name colleges and universities; leaders of provincial and municipal governments attach great importance to the classic exchange on its innovative ideas and industry development situation inspection, research. The company is located in: Zhou Siyuan, director of Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture, gave a full affirmation on the two major platforms (the global network platform and offline physical experience center) and the "riding world" innovation project after the visit to the Classics Department. Series of highly attractive and industrial potential of science and technology, cultural IP said highly recognized. Zhou Siyuan also made suggestions for the Classic Meeting: He hoped that Classic Meeting can soon grow in practice, "go out and bring in", go international, bring the international advanced cultural concepts back to China and promote the road of Chinese cultural rejuvenation. Sichuan Provincial Federation of literary and art circles chairman of Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture Zheng Xiaoxing visit the classic poke said: "China after the labor-driven --- capital-driven --- innovation-driven process has now reached the era of happiness-driven. Of all actions completely on the national pace of cultural construction. "Exchange with the classic president Chen Jian, he praised: the classic culture to establish the existing and future cultural platform, just for the spiritual life of ordinary people to provide The premium spirit of "whole grains," the advanced platform. Such a government-led private entrepreneur can make such a comprehensive and elegant art platform to build, exciting. Holiday culture, night culture, leisure culture where to go? Classic sink just meet. Under the classical access to the basic culture can be carried out on the stretch of the cultural industry chain, which has the function of cultural centers. After the meeting, he put forward his opinions on the Classic Meeting: We must conscientiously study the latest document entitled "Carrying Out Excellent Traditional Culture" of the Central Government, vigorously promote excellent Chinese traditional culture, creative transformation and innovative development. "Seeking, seeking health, seeking music, seeking beauty," will become the main mission of the classic collection. He has great hopes for the classic remittance: "I hope Classic Remittances will become a complex of happiness industry and happy consumption!" He Daxin, the former party secretary and director of Sichuan Radio, Film and Television Bureau and the former party secretary and president of Xinhua News Agency's Sichuan Branch, and visiting professor of Southwest University of Finance and Economics majoring in circulation economics recognized the idea of gathering mainstream culture in Classic Meeting and was invited as " Classic Art Masters Forum, "the first 31 speakers, to share with the public" culture of soil theory, "aroused heated discussions. Figure 9 He Daxin lecture site He spoke highly of the "Classical Art Forum" held by Classic Department: "The Classic Art Forum was an elegant temple built in the cultural life of Chengdu citizens, which is particularly good, combining economic and cultural factors Together with the combination of artistic accomplishment, cultural influence and business operation, inviting outstanding art masters to spread elegant art to Chengdu citizens and influence the public's cultural cells and artistic cells so as to enhance the cultural quality and art of people throughout the city Quality, I think it is a good thing. Three core "weapons", how to navigate the classic Department? Recently, the concept of integration of culture and science and technology emerged frequently in the "Plan for Cultural Development and Reform during the 13th Five-Year Plan" officially promulgated by the Ministry of Culture. This shows that "planning" places great emphasis on the great significance of integrating culture and science and technology innovation into the cultural development of our country in the new era. In the process of integration and innovation in culture and science and technology, the role of digital technologies is especially emphasized. This deserves our profound understanding. Figure 10 riding the world Compared with the classic exchange development model, through deep dialysis, we can see that the classic exchange is aimed at the integration of cultural and technological value of depression, the three core "weapons" laid the unique model: First, the two-line (Internet + entity) The development of two major platforms for online and offline market success together as one; second, many Chinese front-line artists to join, laid a strong cultural and artistic influence in the industry, and its commitment to "create the world's first category of the most complete artist, the number The most widely loved, the most famous, the highest consumption of art artists and art lovers social platform, "this goal, but also preempted the industry's attention high ground; Third, innovative, with a series of patent-oriented entertainment, IP of science and technology realizes the integration of culture with science and technology, culture and the arts with digital technology. Its strong hatching function undoubtedly becomes the "value-driven mother" in the Internet era and possesses the energy of "pilotage" of the cultural industry. Figure 11 famous writer, former minister of Ministry of Culture Wang Meng and Chen Jian, chairman of Classic Conversation Figure 12: Chen Jian, Chairman of Classic Club (left), Famous Weifu Wei Minglun (center), Vice Chairman of the Fifth and Sixth Chinese Calligraphers, It is worth mentioning that such a market operation, a large cultural industry body, but always at the helm of "promote classic culture and promote Chinese characteristics," the core concept of not offset. Therefore, the classical cultural positive energy characteristics have attracted the attention of many government departments and public cultural institutions. The cooperation with relevant government departments has also become closer and closer. A good mode of cooperation between government and enterprises has been further deepened. Prosperity has created a more diverse and imaginative future. Nowadays, the concept of development of Classic Meeting is harmoniously harmonized with that of cities and regions. It constantly contributes itself to the goal of building "a national central city" in Chengdu and plays an important role in composing the chapter of "China Dream" in Sichuan. Figure 13 Classic Department of planning
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Classic Club (Chengdu) Experience Center is located in "Chengdu Center" project, will eventually bring new artistic life experience to the public!
On August 25, 2016, Party Secretary and mayor Tang Liangzhi led a team to Chengdu Wen Brigade to investigate the construction of the "Chengdu Center" project and the stadium reconstruction project of Chengdu Sports Center. Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Secretary-General Wang Bo, Municipal Government Huang Ping, Municipal Government Secretary Zhang Zhenghong accompanied by research. Figure 1 Chen Yangjie Chairman Xiang Liangzhi and his party reported "Chengdu Center" project plan Chen Yangjie, Party Secretary and Chairman of Chengdu Wen Brigade Company, made a detailed report to Xiang Lizhi and his entourage on the rebuilding plan of Chengdu Sports Center venues and the plan of "Chengdu Center" project and the project construction plan. Liangzhijiquan fully affirmed the two project proposals and requested the project to ensure that the project will start construction during the year and strive to build the "Chengdu Center" project into a landmark project in the downtown area of Chengdu and aiming to build "the first city meeting room" and " Historical and cultural center "to make a positive contribution. Figure 2 Liangzhi secretary on the "Chengdu Center" program to fully affirmed August 10, 2016, Chengdu Planning Bureau formally released the "Chengdu Center" planning program. In the future, Chengdu will set up a world-class new landmark in the Houzi Sub-district of the heart of Tianfu Square, an internationally first-class landmark covering an area of 1,000 mu with cultural centers, urban sites, Central Park and industrial highlands. It will become another world-class Central Park City business card. Chengdu Cultural Brigade Group on the "Chengdu Center" project is divided into "Chengdu Center" commercial and cultural real estate projects and Chengdu Sports Center venues in two parts. The area is located in the center of old Chengdu "Huangchengba" and has a special geographical location and strong urban cultural heritage. It is the core area and core project for the municipal government to plan and construct "Chengdu Center". Specifically include the following: 1 "Chengdu Center" commercial and cultural real estate projects Integration of about 26 acres of state-owned land north of Chengdu Sports Center, comprehensive development of "Chengdu Center" commercial and cultural real estate projects. Project construction area of about 200000 square meters, including sky landscape layer, five-star hotel, SOHO, headquarters economy office building, high-end residential, service business, history and culture museum formats. Figure 3 "Chengdu Center" commercial culture real estate project renderings 2 stadium facilities to upgrade Enhance and rebuild the facilities and facilities of the stadium, such as lawn, track and field, track and field, lighting, sound system, news center and spectator seat, so that Chengdu Sports Center is capable of undertaking international A-class events and large-scale theatrical performances and maximizing a multi- , A museum multi-potential. 3 stadium building facade renovation Draw lessons from the successful experience of international and domestic stadiums and rebuild the facade of the venues synthetically considering such factors as the city planning, the history and culture of the venues and the structure and layout of the venues, so that this sign bearing the historical memory of Chengdu people Sex city architecture glow again. 4 additional mass cultural and sports service facilities Maximize the use of the surrounding area of the stadium and increase mass cultural and sports facilities, including fitness trails, health monitoring centers, rock climbing, and youth sports training programs. After the renovation is completed, the program will be free and open. Figure 4 stadium renovation overlooking the effect map At the end of the investigation, Liang Yangzhi, Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, immediately organized a special meeting to arrange for the implementation of the spirit of instructions from the clerks and clerks, and required the project companies to seize the historic opportunity of the construction of "Chengdu Center" and make extraordinary efforts to do a good job The preparatory work for the project will be carried out to ensure that the "Chengdu Center" project and Chengdu Sports Center venues renovation project will be started during the year and contribute to the acceleration of the construction of Chengdu as a national central city, a world famous cultural city and an international metropolis. Figure 5 Stadium Plaza night landscape renderings Figure 6 Classic Exchange is the first cultural industry experience center in the world to build a healthy lifestyle based on classical culture and arts. The Classic Experience Center (Chengdu) is the first entity experience center in China and is located in the west of Tian Sports Square North Sports Center. It, a half weeks around the ring, such as the winds and waves; It, quiet, downtown and enjoy peace; It advocates health, reject vulgarity and guide elegance. Here set the art theater, art exhibitions, classic audio and video broadcast, art masters forum, dance shape, food and beverage, coffee West Point, Garden Lounge in one. Enjoy the beauty of the food, the beauty of the arts, the graceful singing and dancing, the classic film and television, the famous philosophers, Choose the quality; into here, went into the wonderful. It is the "Classic Meeting", a full of innovative passion, explore the results, the future of the cultural industry, the new line of Wheels; advocate a healthy life, the spread of classical arts, unique cultural flavor of the city a new benchmark for quality of life -
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