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hi! Delicious food and poetry, this new Spring Festival is widely praised!
In life, Just a few great pleasures! Poetry, wine, good food, great people. ...... There is a kind of happiness, which is called zhongle le. There is a kind of happiness, meet a bosom friend between the human sea. The sea of poetry, the wine. At the beginning of the New Year, everything looks new. In the time of the year, precipitate this beautiful. On January 13, The second new spring carnival. It was successfully held at the classical art theatre! Many poetry lovers from all walks of life, music lovers, food lovers. Meet the classic and enjoy the carnival! This activity launched by classic hui poetry art salon and joint delicious gourmet salon held, called on the literature and art organizations, art lovers in chengdu jia years event, spread of classical culture, promote the thriving socialist culture. This activity is characterized by a combination of food and poetry, including afternoon tea and buffet food, music and poetry. The club is joined by music fans from the music small salon, which brings a lot of highlights to the scene with chorus, violin and piano. Shu people Yin sighed the poetry society's professional recitation lovers bring the most beautiful recitation, let the activity live bright.
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The first wave in the history of rong city, the government and enterprise is "single" to find the right person, the happiness is high praise!
Only one heart. White head This is a clear statement. Laugh at lonely words. Looking forward to seeing you. ...... Do you want to In meeting that important person in life, Sing your heart to them! Being in love is the life event and universal demand of young people. Doing well in young people's marriage work not only directly affects the healthy development of young people, but also affects the social harmony and stability. Government and enterprise combine to create the most happy "friend PARTY" For further implement the party's 19 big spirit, implement the central leadership series speech about family construction requirements, city women's federation "merit" beauty "in-depth implementation of Argo women, women and children around chengdu center" lotus blossoms "home" activities "Argo happiness brand, power drift" rong "plan, to promote" drift "rong sense of well-being, access to, a sense of belonging in chengdu, sponsored by the all-china women's federation of chengdu guidance, women's and children's center of chengdu, classic remit to undertake good life square" "the fate of the sky", improve the quality of life, happy life hand in hand "large single party activity on January 6, 2018 square in classical remit a better life. This activity will be high art and classical hui "good life" a day a combination of products, to set up a learning promotion Argo single men and women and interactive exchange platform, for the harvest "enjoy life aesthetics + romantic dating" pattern, culture and art characteristic of large public welfare association of single people to make friends. This activity by 4-6 hours of ice-breaking games, on-site interaction, talent show, aesthetic courses make to participate in the form of single men and women Shared love of type, further broaden the channels of Argo single young men and women friends, help them to set up the correct modern marriage.
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Hot pot in the "Aventure", the 11th seafood hot pot Guards!
Throughout the ages, regardless of seasons, Seafood is an essential staple food for Chinese people. Succeeded in "fresh and delicious, variety, natural health, nutrition efficacy" famous! So many diners as "crazy"! figure 1 Boiled, steamed, stewed, fried, fried But less than the hot winter's hot "hot pot" Gollum Shabu happy, eat the celebration! therefore, Seafood hot pot due to its sophisticated materials, spicy incense, full of seafood, Be regarded as Sichuan-style hot pot in the top grade. Chengdu, one of the most sought after diners in the classic Department of "food fragrant cuisine" restaurant Heavy launch of seafood fondue, Enough to make you comfortable served a warm winter! Also took a foreign name is interesting - No. 11 seafood hot pot Chengdu people's food memory figure 2 No. 11 of memory: Because in the center of Chengdu, Tianfu Square north of Chengdu Sports Center Simon, a section of People's Road No. 11, so named: No. 11 seafood hot pot. material Seafood delicious, nutritious Shijingshan shell thin body fat, tender and delicious consumers by many diners favorite. Octopus is rich in protein, minerals and other nutrients, anti-fatigue, anti-aging. Abalone taste delicious, nutrient-rich, known as the "table gold, the highest of Haizhen." Longli fish fresh delicious, smooth taste, long-cooked fish and not old, high protein, nutrient-rich. Green mouth high protein, high nutritional value. image 3 Delicious from the deep sea, Frozen with ice, Ensure food fresh nutrition is not lost, Longliu no bone without thorns, fish delicious, tender and refreshing Abalone texture fresh and shiny Bow body integrity, uniform, dry enough, Abalone flesh, drums full, fresh. Figure 4 Shrimp head blue, white belly, transparent back shrimp, shrimp body integrity The body is transparent, shrimp shrimp shine the most fresh Figure 5 Easy to digest the ribbon, is the best food for dinner. A variety of ingredients combined, An array of pots, colorful, Suitable for cold winter food! Figure 6 Tasty and smooth shrimp slide, abalone, green mouth, octopus ... Crystal clear snow beef, raw buckle goose, yellow throat, Melaleuca abdomen Lunch meat, tender beef, county ... ..., seafood and meat combined Taste fusion with each other, more delicious. Pure natural additive, the absolute best delicious. Swivel beautiful, bright green color Figure 7 Figure 8 There are vegetarian vegetables to bowel, stomach, Lettuce, pea tip, chrysanthemum, tofu, Coprinus comatus ... Figure 9 taste Soup nutrition, tasty and refreshing Choose the finest seafood ingredients into the material, the soup contains natural health, fresh and nutritious. White soup delicious, spicy red soup, two kinds of pot bottom, all ages. Suitable for different age groups, different tastes of diners like, spicy, spicy, spicy, all by your own free choice. Figure 10 No matter how you picky mouth, which you absolutely cool! Bone fresh soup, secretly tasty, Taste and visual impact, Let you experience super cool spicy taste to enjoy! Figure 11 Red pepper, Ma Ma pepper, Add a few green onions That taste is simply out! Figure 12 Green onion, parsley, millet pepper, fuel, sesame oil, garlic, soy sauce ... Seasoning everything! Each pot, health and hygiene Shabu can eat, but also dipped in seasoning to eat! green Green, comfortable and quiet Downtown's largest open-air garden, surrounded by greenery, neon lighting, pleasing to the eyes who hospital? Night falls, the Chinese lanterns, similar to the open air garden, listen to long music, enjoy the delicious seafood on the tongue. Kuzai! Music zai! Figure 13 Note: to avoid the indoor hot pot flavor, hot pot taste difficult to clean clothes. Delicious, hot drink, Pakistan suitable, happy, delicious Happy memories, food lovers memory! Figure 14 Figure 15 There are all kinds of drinks, watermelon juice, plum juice, mint lime ... Icy and spicy stimulation mutual melting Unable to say, unknown road satisfaction! Tongue on the seafood hot pot Price close to the people - Figure 16 No. 11 seafood hot pot 2 people can choose another 2 meat, 2, 3 people can choose another 3 meat, 3 prime. The company is located in: Spicy, hot and spicy meat dishes 22 yuan / serving dish 8 yuan / copy 168 yuan / person two from the sale package, plus a pot of 25 yuan / month Two packages Prince Shrimp Son of the Emperor Octopus Abalone Belt Longliu Qingkou Three packages Prince Shrimp Son of the Emperor Octopus Abalone Belt Longliu shrimp slide Booking line 400-006-0098 The phone is coming, hurry to book it Domineering menu struck! Figure 17 Figure 18 After reading you still can not live? Share and praise it! Disclaimer: Pictures from the classic sinks
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The world to taste, good intentions! Food delicacy
Classic sink Beautiful living square - Chengdu's first beautiful living plaza focusing on classic art and creating a healthy lifestyle figure 1 figure 2 image 3 Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6 Figure 7 Figure 8 Figure 9 Figure 10 Figure 11 Figure 12 Figure 13 Figure 14 Figure 15 Figure 16 Figure 17 Figure 18 Figure 19
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Small really fortunate 丨 they have never met, the most elegant "workplace training", life is all aesthetics! Harvest "happy spring"!
One hundred and one SMS, One thousand one like, Not as good as seeing the happy sharing \ tea time \ baking fun ... About a friend to experience life together Long life, where is the flowers? A career in the workplace Sometimes know what to do, no return, lonely lonely ...... Use the artistic experience to find the inner voice Waiting for you here is the charm of culture, Is the nourishment of the mind, is the nutrition in the workplace to learn, It is the bustle of the world's throbbing earth! Figure 1 mobile phone photography The report of the 19th NPC meeting pointed out: "There is no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation without a high degree of cultural confidence and without cultural prosperity." Two hundred members of Xi'an Women Entrepreneurship Innovation and Development Group and Sichuan Provincial Directorate have experienced the activity of "Good Life One-day Study" in Classic Huiquan Industry Experience Center on the 30th and 31st, respectively, enriching their learning period Spiritual and cultural life, and further enhance their road confidence, theoretical self-confidence, institutional self-confidence and cultural self-confidence, to stimulate their desire to pursue a better life. Cut intentions, life is beautiful everywhere. Potted plants, raise a few green plants, intentions, intentions tailoring, like investing in every possible care of the child's soft heart to go with the group with, watching it in your hand heart from life to life into the art, You will feel the preciousness of life, the plasticity of art, life is beautiful everywhere. Figure 2 flower arrangement Cook with heart, experience human fireworks. No matter how busy the work, but also to maintain a simple light state of mind \ Sunny sunshine \ three meals a day dining habits \ To concentrate on the mind and love, cooking into the food, experience the fun of human fireworks. Figure 3 cooking guide Did you forget the taste of the original meal when you were busy with your life? Long time no satisfactory dishes to stimulate your taste buds? Well, here with focus and love, to experience the taste of life, cooking warm food. Heart baked, soft package tolerant. Melting, fermenting, stirring, forming, a delicious cake, a soft bread, through multiple processes, sublimation in temperature, artistry in the modeling ... ... the fun of baking, perhaps you will only be the feelings into which to experience unlimited happy. Figure 4 baking Soft cake, you can put a lot of nuts, fruits, in order to decorate a more delicious dessert, just as a group, have different personalities, different habits, in order to work together, only with an inclusive attitude, ability To make a unique product, to form a unique corporate culture. Figure 5 coffee tasting A product, only taste! A coffee bean, a pot of coffee, all pay attention to how to polish a welcome, there are mellow beans, which is some elegant grinding. Savor, distinctive taste, more is your heart and love stirring! Figure 6 Figure 7 student's pattern coffee Taste coffee, it is taste of life, there is bitter astringent, more after chewing mellow ...... Maintain elegance and make yourself gleam daily. Buy suitable clothing, wear out their own temperament. Not necessarily expensive clothes, not necessarily high-level custom, but it must be comfortable, always clean and tidy, with proper, do not make life too embarrassed. Maybe when you're dragging a fox to the corner, you can hit the god, or your boss, to dress up yourself daily, keeping it elegant and making your day glitter. Figure 8 dress with How to maintain elegance, dress properly, the image of calm, then you really should learn apparel here! Decent, generous, elegant, fresh ...... Fortunately, a small, simple and happy life. A better life, nothing more than four meals a day two houses Mayflower, six seven tea eight dance nine songs ten shadow. This is the simplest life, but also the most authentic happy life brought by the new aesthetics of life. Busy days, free time with friends from the flower arrangements, coffee products, talk about dressing style, chatting, but also static and dynamic, dancing a Latin dance, closed theological yoga ... ... It is the most beautiful way I think that love can be communicated with all beauty. I believe the people who live in the office one day live in their own favorite way. Figure 9 full of spring, to the sun happy start Everywhere life, only the true grasp of the length of life, to develop their own hobbies into a big hobby, the hearts of love, eyes bright, life is the dawn of happiness. Indifferent mood # heart happy Life needs indifferent mood, but also welcome the occasional surprise! Harvest friendship in the workplace, reap the power of solidarity, harvest tolerance and support! In the family, love needs to be "updated" from time to time, requiring occasional little surprises! " Let life more artistic, artistic life more Oh! ~ Never touched before the art category, for the first time here to bring, is a surprise! Close contact with peers to deepen understanding, no longer alone! Aesthetic appreciation, self-confidence even more in the past, work more motivated. Outside of work, there is also a taste of leisure and life more artistic! They've got a lot of money here ... Flower arranging guide, wine tasting, costumes, yoga, makeup guide, cell phone photography, Latin dance, ceramic painting, chess, vocal guidance ... ... more than 30 art experiences, "beautiful life day school" by the people of the price by the customers are consistent Praise! Experienced people from Xi'an said: "It is particularly interesting to experience so many new aesthetics that I can not usually access, so I hope Xi'an can have such a project. I will introduce it to my friends and let them come participate". Customer experience praise Figure 10 Figure 11 Figure 12 Figure 13 Two days in a row, "a beautiful day-to-day life," experience, I believe many people from strangers to familiar with, from familiar to understand, sublimation in exchange for each other's feelings in the experience touched everyone unique in the creation experience simple Life needs the passion of the fireworks, beautiful to decorate ... ... to experience a better life, thanksgiving a better life, improve cultural and artistic accomplishment and quality of life, which is the classic exchange of "good life day" project original intention! Classic exchange, to explore the realization of the people a better life needs! Figure 14 END
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