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Unprecedented! 2017 Chengdu "the most beautiful family" awards ceremony and the classic concert, Shurong model city, the concept of classic bloom!
Family, is the harbor of life; Family, is the existence of happiness; Family is the cell of society. Chengdu happy home, the most beautiful in the family! figure 1 Across the promenade, oncoming is a warm and harmonious family portrait, his face filled with a happy smile. Rongcheng "the most beautiful family, shining with a helping hand, loyalty and justice, kind and pragmatic, honest and self-cultivation of the precious quality, but also settling down after a year of tempering the face of suffering calm and calm, but also inheritance of fine family style, promote new fashion . The city's most beautiful family Yao Rongcheng At half past two on September 26, the "Most Beautiful Home" Awarding Ceremony & Classic Concert in Chengdu in 2017 was held at the Chengdu Women and Children's Center Theater. Wu Xu, secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of Sichuan Women's Federation, Wu Kai and other provincial and municipal leaders of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Federation of Trade Unions attended the ceremony, Chengdu City Civilization Office, Municipal City Administrative Committee and Municipal Women's Federation and other organizers, The relevant person in charge of the member units, the director of the municipal and city departments, the leaders of all districts (cities) and counties, the chairman of the Women's Federation and outstanding female representatives from all walks of life, as well as Chen Jian, the chairman of the Classic Exchange Department of the organizer, attended the activity. Figure 2 Wu Xu, Party Secretary and Chairman of Sichuan Women's Federation, Chairman Wu Kai of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and Wu Kai, Chairman of Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, This event aims to pass the "Most Beautiful Families" awards ceremony and classical concerts, to pass the public review, online voting, expert assessment, from the five million most beautiful families stand out of the top ten "cults" family, the top ten "filial piety Ten "diligent and honest" families, ten "safe and harmonious" families and ten "low-carbon and environmental-friendly" families in total of 60 most beautiful families, giving prizes and paying tribute to elegant art And repay the most beautiful families, form the most beautiful family model, promote a good family style, develop family culture, lead the broad masses of women, children and the general public, closely associate personal ideals and family happiness with the country's prosperity and national rejuvenation, and actively participate in the promotion with full enthusiasm With a new round of innovation and development in Chengdu, the vast majority of families enjoy the opportunity to make outstanding achievements in life together and jointly enjoy the chance of a dream coming true and enjoying the opportunity to grow and progress together with the motherland and the times. image 3 This is a reward ceremony, it is an evening of elegant art, so that art into the general public, let them experience the influence of elegant art, feel healthy life aesthetics. The award ceremony also invited City City beautician - sanitation workers on behalf of 100 people and city enthusiasts - 50 volunteers came to the scene, to witness with everyone the "most beautiful family" in recognition. Figure 4 dressed in orange clothes is sanitation workers Beautiful bloom award ceremony tree fresh air Wu Xu, secretary of the Party Committee of Sichuan Women's Federation and chairman Wu Xu, expressed congratulation on behalf of the Provincial Women's Federation. Wu said: "Since 2013, more than 30 million families in Sichuan Province have participated in the 'Most Beautiful Families' selection activity, and Chengdu's 'Rongcheng Happy Family' has formed a unique work brand in the province. Chengdu's search for the 'Most Beautiful Family' initiative The innovative use of fiber-optic television as one of the voting channels was highly acknowledged by Shen Yueyue, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee and chairman of the All-China Women's Federation. "She hoped that by looking for the" Most Beautiful Family " , Can spread the story of "the most beautiful family" in Sichuan and the whole country, and make the social atmosphere more beautiful. Figure 5 Wu Xu, Secretary of Party Committee of Sichuan Women's Federation, Chairman Wu Xu delivered a speech Liu Xia, secretary of Party Committee of Chengdu Women's Federation and chairman of delegation, gave a welcome speech on behalf of the organizer and thanked all the relevant units, guests and cast members for their support to this event. Liu Xia said that looking for the "most beautiful family" activities in a normalized manner aims to promote a good family style, develop a family culture and lead the trend of the times. We hope that under the inspiration and initiative of the "most beautiful families" around us, the majority of families will actively practice the core values of socialism and foster the community spirit of "making good and beautiful from the bottom up" and will promote family harmony to promote community harmony and family civilization to bring about social Civilized symphony, build a harmonious living community of high quality, so that "life city" world-renowned, different wonderful! The company is located in: Figure 6 Chengdu Women's Federation party secretary, chairman Liu Xia welcome speech Excellent family heritage, traditional virtues promote. The 2017 "Most Beautiful Family" in Chengdu was awarded by the "Most Beautiful Family" in the past as the honored guest of 60 families who won the honor of "The Most Beautiful Family" in 2017 in Chengdu. Organizers hope that in this form, will carry forward the most beautiful style of the baton has been passed on, so that the spirit of the most beautiful family endless. Figure 7 the most beautiful family in the past for 2017 the most beautiful home in Chengdu Award The most beautiful family portrait, a photo-taking, the family portrait carefully photographed by the organizers as a tribute to the "most beautiful family" and feedback, pooling love and hope, warmth and harmony ...... Figure 8 Li Li, Assistant to Chairman of Classic Department, presents family portrait to the most beautiful family representatives Let us work together to create a family of "cults," "family harmony," "diligent and honest," "good and weak families," "safe and harmonious" families, "Delegates read Proposal, Strive for the Propagator, Participant and Demonstrator of the" Most Beautiful Family ", Form a Good Social Atmosphere for Rebuilding the Family Instructions, Revitalizing the Family and Carrying Positive Energy in the Whole Society, Constructing" Happy Chinese Family Model City "to contribute important force! Elegant art wonderful Evening Meeting classic This high-end art classics music party, founded by the classic collection of professional art troupe dedication, gift "the most beautiful family." From the classic art troupe transnational soprano, the chief political opera signing singer - Zhou Ying presented a song by Xu Pei East composer, Xiao Guang lyricist "I like snowflakes heaven", so that everyone revel in the song wonderful! Chen Hongyu brought the Russian classical classic "Puppet March" from the ballet "Nutcracker", rotating jump, cheerful music rhythm, let us feel the unique style from the exotic! Figure 9 Chen Hongyu Plum a break human intestine, plum two feeble, plum three get in turmoil ... ... Classic Art Troupe violinist Li Xin, Yao Yongdong pianist Yao Yao brought classic play "plum three get", violin and piano ensemble Melody, sad and sad. Figure 10 violinist Li Xin Pian Yi Yao East Home, is a shelter, is a place giving warmth and hope, bit by bit happiness, real happiness, always warm and melt. A "fallen leaves", Luo Qianli led us to review the warmth of the home. The first Chinese music top prize "Golden Bell Award" winner, a national actor, the Oriental Jasmine Girls Guoyuan Regiment, Chengdu Musicians Association vice president Ma Shazi brought the song "dream of open Lotus," for the Chengdu new women Singing song of style! Sands Musicals "One Day," "Me and You," "Camel Flower", "Drinking Songs," "My Sun," "The Edge of the Sky," "The Yellow Ribbon Under the Old Oak Tree," ... Ensemble Ensemble Enjoying Violin and Piano , Beautiful dance, wonderful song! From the high level of the classic arts outstanding team for the dedication to keep people in various positions, presented a fantastic elegant art feast! Figure 11 Zhao Xiangyu concert "I and you" Figure 12 Zhou Ying and Ching Yin Opera Chorus Lin Mo-mo teacher chorus "drinking song" Figure 13 Classic Dance Team Figure 14 Bayan Lymphonist Liu Haiyu's "Yellow Ribbon under the Old Oak Tree" Government-enterprise cooperation in urban cultural innovation chapter As a comprehensive cultural and artistic body in the Greater Southwest China and even the whole country, Classic Meeting brings together classical and glamor. It integrates science and culture prospectively and hatches a series of innovative and creative cultural products, all-encompassing, brilliant and brewing In the future, a storm of a cultural industry that involves the whole country and even the whole world ... The classic era of opening up a new era for the cooperation between the government and enterprises has aroused great attention from the government and has actively organized this grand event. It has also been actively involved in the construction of "a state that fully embodies the concept of new development in Chengdu. Center city "action, in order to actively create the world's music capital and world cultural city contribute an important force. Figure 15 Actors photo After the awards ceremony, Wu Kai, chairman of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and the Federation of Trade Unions, a delegation from Chengdu Federation of Women's Federation and Liu Xia, visited the Classics Department and conducted a survey on the "Most Beautiful Families" in Chengdu in 2017 Cum classical concert highly affirmed and praised, and expressed strong support for the classic remittance culture innovation. Figure 16 Classic Department leaders and Chengdu City Women's Federation leadership photo
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Chengdu Women's Federation to carry out "the most beautiful family day school" activities with the most beautiful day, the happiness images of the whole family
Pei Chengping gray hair, early in the morning bus ride to Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the classic Department of Cultural Center, the same day, Chengdu Women's Federation in the center activities, there are more than 10 kinds of fun free courses Pei Cheng-ping can participate. The event also attracted a family of three Xu Xiaobo, Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu, where he and his wife took a day off and drove more than an hour to attend the event. "Activities are all family-related courses, morning I studied cold dishes in the cooking class, spent the afternoon learning flower arrangement." Pei Chengping said. And Xu Xiaobo and his wife with 8-year-old son took part in the cell phone camera course in the morning, in the afternoon to participate in clothing with courses, they also think the course is very practical, children are also very happy class. Pei Chengping and Xu Xiaobo are one of the "most beautiful families" judged by the Chengdu Women's Federation in 2017. "In the past to participate in a number of awards, awards presentation certificate, and then no activity .Today, this activity dedicated to 'the most beautiful family', it made me a lot of ground." Pei Chengping said she and Xu Xiaobo have said Being able to participate as "the most beautiful family" "not only proud but also many other good families." Chengdu Women's Federation home and family-related responsible person introduced in 2017 "Chengdu Rongcheng home - the most beautiful family day school" activities will be carried out for two days, Chengdu 60 "the most beautiful family" was invited to two batches of free trial of "Healthy Living Day school "activities. "One-day study" activities take the form of one-stop art experience. Members of the "Most Beautiful Families" are free to choose more than 20 elegant art and healthy life classes such as flower arrangement, sand bottle painting and coffee tasting, as well as ballroom dancing, visiting photography bases and the experience of the Panda Cultural Experience, to enhance artistic accomplishment. In addition, the Chengdu Women's Federation will also photograph the "Most Beautiful Family" family portrait at the scene and present it as a beautiful simulation oil painting artwork to the "Most Beautiful Family." figure 1 It is reported that the event jointly sponsored by Chengdu Women's Federation, Chengdu Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Chengdu Civilization Office and Chengdu Urban Management Committee, together with Chengdu Classic Hui Culture and Communication Co., Ltd. jointly carried out. We hope to give feedback and tribute to "the most beautiful family" with elegant arts and culture courses, build a platform for learning to enhance and interact with each other, enhance our sense of honor and pride, and inspire them to exert the enthusiasm and passion of role models so as to promote the active creation of excellent families We will continue to promote family virtues and civilizations, cultivate and practice the core values of socialism. figure 2 "With the most beautiful day, experiencing the charm of art and staying in the happy picture of the whole family, this is the most sincere tribute and gift to Chengdu's most beautiful family."
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Paper 鮳 rivers and lakes | This restaurant by the "delicious mouth" sought after, as low as 3.8 fold new!
September will heat to fade Summer heat gradually No spicy Chengdu began to boil! The streets, diners rampant, couples out of pairs Catch the taste of the tongue everywhere - the taste of rivers and lakes Fragrant Speaking of "the taste of rivers and lakes," really is not happy or not Chengdu, this is "delicious mouth" sought after by the Chinese cuisine as a model - Classic sink · Zhuxiang restaurant Figure 1 Zhuxiang restaurant In Chengdu Sports Center proud! New products, "Paper Lake", just listen to the name with overbearing. Solemnly say that this is the true taste of rivers and lakes. Paper 鮳 rivers and lakes See is the color, smell is fragrant, eat is taste, Listen to the story! figure 2 To make a customer satisfied with the fish on the grilled fish, Is the happy pleasure of each heart! Paper 鮳 rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes people happy things Laughter, smile 泯 feeling sad image 3 Classic sink · Zhuanxiang restaurant carefully crafted This characteristic grilled fish Combining the characteristics of Korean paper grilled fish and traditional Wanzhou grilled fish, From the main and auxiliary food selection, seasoning mix, baking methods and other innovative changes, Has become popular in Sichuan and Chongqing paper fish swing! Figure 4 Paper 鮳 rivers and lakes "abandoned the traditional way of baking carbon, Paper instead of charcoal, combined with no heavy traditional restaurant heavy smoke, Making it less nutrition loss, more fresh fish, With incense, cool, spicy and other taste, and not greasy, Promote digestion, enhance appetite. "Paper Lake" will be the health of food in the first place, With health, environmental protection and delicious features, By the old, middle and young generations of sought after and loved. Figure 5 A delicious paper grilled fish, you must have adequate seasoning Soybean oil, ginger, garlic, green onions, onion, onion, watercress ... Citrus, pepper, pickled pepper, pepper, pickled cabbage, ginger, minced garlic Simply outside the mystery, there is heaven and earth! Figure 6 Single about delicious mouth buddy, the couple about the other half Let's date together Figure 7 ▲ quiet outside the environment Not expensive, good environment, More importantly, there are uppercase discounts Shock your double chin! And look down: September 1 new strong push! Paper 鮳 rivers and lakes, great value benefits Original price of 78 yuan, 88 yuan, 98 yuan Surprise discount ... ⊙ September 1 3.8 fold ⊙ September 2 4.8 fold ⊙ September 3 5.8 fold ⊙ 6.8% on September 4 ⊙ September 5 7.8 fold ⊙ September 6 8.8 fold ⊙ September 7 9.5 fold # Delicious struck, taste temptation # During the launch of new products, in order to repay new and old customers, all Chinese dishes 7 fold Just as good youth, delicious and pleasant time Pre-order call: 400 006 0098 Paper on paper baking fish, paper grilled grass carp, hot ginger pliers fish, paper on the beef Bullfrog paper, paper brain grilled brain ... ... full range You choose to go it alone, almost Pakistan appropriate board Figure 8 More meat and vegetables with side dishes, Pork, Halo broth, ham, lunch meat, spicy beef Package you eat, eat fun. Figure 9 Cilantro beef, spicy brine chicken feet, oil halogen rabbit head, Pickle chicken legs ... ... Delicious cold dish Stimulate your taste, spicy your nerves This tour is so enjoyable. Figure 10 See here, saliva is "flying down three thousand feet" Heart time, a delicious meal is his expression of your love Share it, talk about "rivers and lakes" those smooth things! ! ! Thousands and millions of good wishes to give you! Tanabata happy!
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Onlookers! What is the most beautiful family in Chengdu? Why are they all here to learn ... ... Classic Department of Daily Wide acclaim!
figure 1 Family Is a winter warm sun, a ray of summer breeze ... Is warm, hope! They, stand out from tens of millions of families in Chengdu, they are - Chengdu most beautiful family - filled with the fragrance of Zonta, exudes a warm heart of the heat. figure 2 Here, they use the most beautiful day, experience the charm of art, stay in the family's happy image ...... ∨ tribute to the most beautiful family ∧ Practice Virtue and Build Happiness Chengdu From August 23 to 24, the "Rongcheng Happy Home - The Most Beautiful Family Day School" in 2017 was successfully held in Chengdu Classic Culture Center. Chengdu 60 "The Most Beautiful Family" was invited to experience in two batches free of charge "Healthy Living Day School" activities. The company is located in: Figure 3 Chengdu Women's Federation party secretary, chairman Liu Xia speech The event was jointly sponsored by Chengdu Women's Federation, Chengdu Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Chengdu Civilization Office and Chengdu City Urban Management Committee. Together with Chengdu Classic Hui Culture Communication Co., Ltd., the project aims to thoroughly implement the guidance of the Central Government on "paying attention to family, tutoring, Wind "and other series of instructions and spirit, and actively implement the eleventh party congress in Sichuan Province, Chengdu, the thirteenth Congress, the relevant requirements, with elegant arts and culture curriculum feedback and tribute to" the most beautiful family "to build learning Promote and exchange platform, enhance the sense of honor and pride, inspire them enthusiasm and passion to play an exemplary role, drive the majority of families to actively create excellence and excellence, continue to promote family virtues and civilizations, and nurture and practice the socialist core values . Figure 4 Chengdu Women's Federation party secretary, chairman Liu Xia and "the most beautiful family" experience photo It is reported that 2017 "Chengdu happy home looking for the most beautiful family" activities through the offline registration, recommendation, online display, voting, as well as in China Telecom IPTV set column publicity, etc., from the 3000000 family of ten gave birth to " Ten families with "harmony and harmony", ten families with "diligence and integrity", ten families with "benevolence and help and weakness", ten families with "peace and harmony" and ten families with "low carbon and environmental protection" 60 Chengdu City "The Most Beautiful Family" aims to establish a typical demonstration of "the most beautiful families," exerting force on examples, practicing family virtues, and spreading good family spirits, making families a starting point for delivering positive energy in the community and boosting social civilization with family civilization. To lead the family to build a happy family, happy Chengdu, a beautiful example of China's contribution to the city! Figure 5 Day learning scene ∨ day the most beautiful time ∧ New Aesthetics of Life, Art Station of Carving Time Classic Exchange, as the first cultural and industrial experience center in China and even in the world based on classic culture and art, and using art to create a healthy lifestyle, leads the development of "science and technology" and "cultural and creative" and thoroughly implements the principle of "carrying forward the classic and resisting the vulgar "Spirit, to Chengdu," National Center City "ambitious goal, creating a series of cultural and creative projects ... ... In June of this year, the classic heavyweight launched a new aesthetic project entitled "One Life for Healthy Living". The one-stop art experience and high-class art course won the praise of tens of thousands of experience. Today, 60 members of the "Most Beautiful Families" are free to choose among the typical experience zones in the district. They are flower arrangements, sand bottles, coffee tasting, chess & bridge, mobile phones, costumes, baking, Korean dance, yoga, Latin American social dance , Vocal instructor and more than 20 elegant art courses such as healthy nutrition lunch, aerobics, visit to photography base and the experience of Panda culture, so that art lovers advocating healthy living enjoy hunting and learning their favorite art in one day Categories, not only enhance the artistic accomplishment, but also create a harmonious atmosphere of happy family. Sand bottle painting Red, blue, orange, yellow, green ... ... a needle, a touch, a turn, sand in the bottle to create a small world! In the sand bottle painting teacher Xu Jing guidance, adults and children partner in the bottle outlined the seagull, blue sky, clear water and a peaceful scene. Figure 6 sand bottle painting Floral guide Chunhua Qiu Shi, Dong Mei Xia Dutch! Today, weaving teacher Wei Qing cleverly how to beautify the home environment for everyone, insert the seasonal flowers, the type of flower, use, cutting, flower arrangement, with a lot of stress, the use of flowers with Sen Department home floral. Figure 7 floral guide Dress with Within the repair, external repair. A person with clothing colors, styles, fabrics and their size, height, color is closely related to the large dress dresses, small scarves, watches and other accessories, with a good, even the superb is superb. Today's dress with teachers based on the presence of "the most beautiful family" experience "Four Seasons", with different scarves, reshape the beautiful. Figure 8 dress with Cooking guide Vinegar oil, peanuts, bean paste, chili oil, shallot ... ... put it into the cooked chicken pieces, after mixing well, tasty, appetizing, greedy saliva DC. A cold chicken so that the presence of those who dunks, while eating chicken asked a little cooked, seasoning order, how to make spices. Figure 9 cooking instructions Mobile phone photography Photography art is the externalization of independent spirit, sublimation of the vivid soul. Today, our teacher Mu will share with you how to take a good picture, take a circle of friends, for example, from the composition, viewfinder, perspective and other aspects. Figure 10 mobile phone photography Latin American social dance Senior sub-Wen teacher led the experience in the rhythm of music, take the joy of the pace. With years of teaching experience Wenzi teacher, brought out the most beautiful batch of dancers, loved by everyone. After class, there are beginners to experience interest, and enroll in Latin dance. Yoga Today, with devotion to practice more than 20 years of yoga teacher Luo Deng sit together, meditation, ascetic ... ... Shujin, detoxification beauty, repair heart health. Figure 11 Yoga Just the right mix of raw materials, raw materials, quality and research, as well as mixing strength, which is to make a delicious yogurt cheese cake must pay attention to; nutrition with a healthy lunch, and adults and children to consider the taste, delicious health nutrition Lunch brought back a warm card package memories; wine color, vintage, fermentation, tasting is a profound art; how to choose coffee beans, grinding, brewing, as a quality of people is to focus on life details ...... Here is your "skill station" gas station, is your art training to enhance the "U-Mei Station" is your carving time "art station." Figure 12 Baking Figure 13 Makeup Instructions United States moment "Stay happy, benefit a lot of praise." Ju Mei beat, stay in the most beautiful image! In the classic Huiguangying inn, each household "the most beautiful family" have access to a professional art shed, stay in the family happy time. The exquisite simulation oil painting "Family portrait" is their salute and gift ... Figure 14 family portrait Truth to pay, to be sure! Special thanks to the "best home" experience: Special thanks to Chengdu Women's Federation for organizing this meaningful, healthy and elegant culture and art course, teaching scenery, entertaining. I experienced cooking, baking, sand bottle painting, floral arrangement and coffee tasting with my 82-year-old father and a woman. I also learned homemade dishes: red chicken, diced rabbit, The authenticity of the cake; the uniqueness of sand bottle painting; the practicality of flower arrangement art in life and the tasting of different types of coffee ... Experience class not only allows us to broaden our horizons, but also to recognize more excellent families, learn from each other, Learn from each other ...... And like-minded friends, really reap a lot, benefit greatly! Figure 15 vocal guidance The company is located in: I am a family of people in Qianniu District, where I am very honored to be invited to participate in the "Daily Living of the Most Beautiful Families in Chengdu" organized by Chengdu Women's Federation. The beauty of family is reflected in unity and friendship; The beauty of society is embodied in civilization and harmony. The beauty of life, reflected in the health and creativity. Attend this event, let me and my family together, experienced a lot of very interesting process, but also felt the pleasure of mutual help between people, families and families. Today's activities, a lot of small home, into a whole, I learned a lot of knowledge, but also witnessed every one of the "most beautiful family," their unique beauty! Thank you, Chengdu Women's Federation and organizers of activities, but also thank you for all the most beautiful family! Figure 16 check-in I Jintang Yang Chao family, and my wife took the granddaughter to participate yesterday, Chengdu Federation of Women's Federation, "Chengdu's most beautiful family - the most beautiful family day school" activities. I think the planning of activities is very creative. It is not only close to daily life, but also rich in artistic enjoyment. The curriculum is very practical and exciting. The whole activity is well-organized and well-executed. We have benefited greatly from it. Thanks to the Women's Federation, you worked hard! The company is located in: Relevant leaders of Chengdu Women's Federation said: "Chengdu Rongcheng - looking for the most beautiful family" activities lasted six months, after the public selection, online voting, expert review, and ultimately from the 3000000 Chengdu family to produce 60 most beautiful families. The reason why we meet today classic classics, because the classic pursuit of elegant art, spread positive energy, its philosophy, services, projects and the work of our Women's starting point and the end result coincide. Today, our most beautiful families sit down in classics to exchange ideas, learn from each other and experience the pleasure of body and soul in elegant arts and culture courses to form such a positive energy and a good atmosphere. With this positive social energy, we lead the general public, families and women Children, let them participate in the elegant art, play a leading role in the demonstration, the formation of a good social effect, make the society more harmonious! " Figure 17 Aerobics Day art experience, so Chengdu "the most beautiful family" to experience the infinite charm of art, life-long benefit! The government-enterprise work together to build the "Rongcheng happiness home - the most beautiful family day school" activities, will be formed in the whole society to spread a good family style, promotion of good art, elegant style.
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Fireworks in March, a good time - Classic Meeting Day, healthy living with my trip
figure 1 In Chengdu city center, a stadium dedicated to creating a unique and elegant place for friends who love classical arts and culinary culture, a strong artistic atmosphere has attracted a large number of art lovers. Today, more than 20 nuclear industrial geology bureaus of Sichuan Province are present. All-female women walk into the Classic Hui Art Experience Center and experience the "One Day Study of Healthy Living in New World of Classical Art" project. Heard, after the group to experience this project, today is the second batch of experience to come to experience the characteristics of courses. Here you can not only taste the delicious delicacies, the exquisite French pastries, but also enjoy the classic pieces of Taiga, making beautiful moments in the United States. Xiao Yue, a woman with a strong interest in art, came to this charming place with her colleague friend and started to make meaningful meaningful day. Under the leadership of the staff, they experienced mobile phone photography and make-up guide , Costumes, baking tutorials and other custom tailored courses, to experience a "do it yourself" kind of fun. figure 2 Too full of mobile phone photography "addiction", photos can be high-force grid The company is located in: Figure 3 mobile photography guide The company is located in: Figure 4 cell phone photography practice Women for the sake of tolerance, this is the correct way to open the beauty When you see the dazzling array of cosmetics, patchwork placed in the make-up box, prompting a small Yue envy: as a delicate woman must pay special attention to their makeup, "Make-up thick wipes total affordable" This is the beauty of the correct opening Way, but also let her the usual plaintiff female man ashamed endless. She said: "Never look so much on their own appearance, have never experienced a" slightly Fenfu Dai's good experience. " Today, with the professional teacher to learn make-up for her extraordinary life adds a lot of good. Originally blandly facial features, showing a "barren" scene under the long-time "ignored." However, under the makeup, makeup, eyebrow makeup, eye makeup, blush, lip makeup refinement, make her a glow. vitality. She said, "I am pleased to tolerate," so Jiao life, lead me competing "demon." Figure 5 Makeup Instructions Figure 6 makeup guide practical aspects Fashion is not just a "show", or a "look" A person, "Neixiu" is important, but "appearance" is more important, good management of their own image is very important. The so-called repair inner and outer repair. When I heard the costumes with the teacher to explain to us costumes, the small Yue realized that although they are somewhat focused on wearing, but in what kind of occasions to wear what kind of dress, he did not deliberately to pursue, like wearing comfortable. But today I am here to realize that I need to change this concept, to give my people a pleasant visual experience and to meet the most beautiful one. When it comes to clothing, small brooches, costumes with large, this is a knowledge. Dress with the teacher according to each person's color, dress with a suitable scarf, the United States to enlarge, highlighting their own characteristics, let everyone release the confidence charm. Fashion is not only internal, but also external. Figure 7 scarves with (no) vs scarves with (with) Food in the left, West Point on the right, do not have a good time Food is on the left and West is on the right. Undoubtedly, the natural enemy of a woman's weight loss is "West Point". In order to "taste the world west, do not take this good time", it is the first reaction after seeing the West Point. When she saw the tools on the table used to make the West Point, her whole body cells began to be active. In order to make the delicious West Point today, I also spent a lot of time thinking to the beauty West Point for advice Make a properly-flavored, sweet cranberry cookie. Look, more beautiful girls are beautiful. It is also a good thing to look at the cookies that I hand-baked, get the approval of my friends. Taste the cranberry cookie, heart soothing, not to mention the hands clutching full of "happy cookies," to bring his favorite. Figure 8 baking guide practical aspects Figure 9 baking guide West Point teaching links Fragrance bursts, happy aftertaste, enduring "fragrant 饽 饽" Figure 10 "Tail snow plum plum" delicious pig hand, refreshing chicken legs, "full of gold" fish crispy peas, onion beef, classic twice-cooked pork, organic bean sprouts duck breast, assorted seafood and other delicious end served on the table, full of a table , Fragrant. Xiaoyue colleagues and friends, who have become two desks, chewed out the spicy and delicious happiness in a jerk and joy came into being. Fast-paced life, let them in the downtown area rarely calm down, taste a delicious, usually to fill their stomachs and eat, ignoring the gourmet itself to bring us a better experience. Today, in the classic Huizhaixiang Restaurant, you can enjoy the culinary delights of Sichuan cuisine, the delicacies of Cantonese cuisine, classic home-cooked food, and the exquisite small dishes. Some people say that "happiness at the age of 10 is steamed and the food is fresh; the happiness at the age of 20 is a stir-fry and the eating is fierce; the happiness at the age of 30 is braised and the food is aftertaste. , The Buddha is always fragrant jump the wall will be "time cooked into a taste," the classic food sinks cuisine is an enduring "incense sticks." Figure 11 Enjoy a delicious lunch "Time is right, years of peace, spend a good spring together" High-speed development of the city, the need for elegant, comprehensive art venues, with a strong artistic atmosphere influence the urban population, prompting people to develop healthy and tasteful way of life. Classic Huicheng offline physical experience center, bringing together the art theater, the classic art gallery, light and shadow post, Yi Mei body, neon coffee, food restaurant, to create a series of brand projects, such as "Classic Art Forum" to build artists and Public communication bridge, so that art can be spread, the classic can be inherited. Classic Meeting, Meeting Classic, Yung Tai Yat fun, masterpiece exhibition masterpiece, Yang classic beauty. It is a new benchmark for health and quality, a world of art lovers who are advancing with the times, where you can experience the life of a hundred flavors. Time is right, years of safety. March fireworks, take good time, walking in the marketplace, where the classic quiet here, the elegant style of the site, spend a total of good and comfortable spring, Jinxi? He Xi value daughter! "Classic Art New World Healthy Living Day School", with me all the way forward. Classic Meeting "one day study" decorate life with colorful, leisurely and leisurely cultivate sentiment, artistic harmony with feelings. Classical art world health life day study Class Schedule contact us Tel: 028 - 86626655 WeChat: ufg-melody ufg-classic Address: Chengdu People's Road, Section 11 (Classic Department) Official website: www.clatia.com E-mail: 245841473@qq.com
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