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The classic sink signed artist Zhang Jian founded the only "taxi museum" in Chinese history and set up a franchise store in the classic exchange!
The past life of a rental transport "from the Qing dynasty" taxi "," Zhang created the only Chinese history. Figure one When I took the 240,000-word funny taxi's history phrase, "Taxis from the Qing Dynasty", I lamented why there was such a heavy "taxi" culture in Chengdu for more than two hundred years. Past and Present. Zhang Jian, the author of this book, is so familiar to local people in Chengdu! With so many identities, such as visual artists, photographers, writers, and cultural historians, he can both pick up the camera and capture the vicissitudes of old Chengdu. He can even pick up the handwriting pen to record the process of urban changes. Can be described as "unprecedented"! Zhang Jian books The history of the taxi tax in Chengdu, the specific area of Chengdu as the center, the panorama of the industry carding record Chengdu Qing Jiaqing since the "operating sedan," "wagon", "rickshaw", "passenger chicken bus" , "Tricycle", "taxi" and then to the current "shared bicycle" which is now booming. It is by far the first general and historic discourse on the taxi industry. The book also recorded brother's sister, "living beings" and the typical "taxi" model worker. Through this book, Zhang Jian reveals the particularity of the industry, records the general public in the community, the status of the industry and changes in transportation and rental tools as history changes. There are many people curious, three hundred and sixty lines, why did he choose to record such an ordinary industry? In fact, this is related to his occupation. Zhang built in the urban public transport system, renting senior executives of transportation companies for many years, from the sensitivity of occupations and the complex of old Chengdu. He is good at catching the materials and collecting them to form a "taxi" general history and "brother" Sister "struggle history. Chicken bus, cheap rental in ancient China From the beginning of 2014 he began writing, until the end of 2016 the final, which lasted 3 years this work was finally completed. One of the hardships, one can imagine! It is necessary to work, but also writing, but also collect material, very test endurance. Fortunately, his insistence in exchange for the support and encouragement of friends and relatives, but also from the support of historians. In writing, "brother" "sister" also provided him with a wealth of material. So, he completed the history of China's only complete record of the rental, which is a cross-century important event! Manpower tricycle driver Yang Jiming handwritten autobiography Not only that, he also presided over the founder and founder of Chengdu's "brother" "sister" book club, photography association, planning to set up a "taxi library", but also became "Chengdu City Taxi Museum" founder, founded the country The only "Taxi Museum" which shows a variety of rental vehicles and a variety of rental bills, which is commendable! On the 17th of this month, Zhang Jian also held the "Chengdu Book of Taxes 2017 Chengdu - Taxi History of Chengdu" in Chengdu Library, attracting many elder sisters and art lovers! Figure V The "History of Chengdu Taxi" written by Zhang Jian was formally approved by Chengdu Academy of Social Sciences in 2016 as the "Social Science Planning Project" of the year. Zhang Xinquan, winner of the first Lu Xun Literature Prize Evaluation: I also hope that all walks of life can have a general history like this, so that people outside the industry can have a window of understanding and listening to the sentiments, laws and stories of the industry. Yuan Ting-tung, a famous scholar of Bashu culture, commented: This historical "Chengdu rental traffic history" has filled a gap in Chengdu's research. Nowadays, we strongly encourage and promote innovation. This is an innovation. Seventh, the ninth Mao Dun Literature Award Ren Fukang evaluation: Some books have meaning, but no meaning; some books are interesting, but meaningless. "Taxis coming from the Qing Dynasty" are both meaningful and interesting. They are indeed rare. A bizarre thick one book, to do one thing, recap Chengdu "to help others walk" old memories. Often read through the "history" reading, the bottom of the multi-system floating words. Such as his copy of the book, folklore, comic strip, are all stained spectators straw. However, the author of the book own unique skills, starting from the Qing Dynasty, sentence well documented, everything in kind voice. To abstract the world of art Zhang Jian, worthy of "versatile artist" title! Zhang Jian, native of Chengdu, with abstract art Ming Dynasty. Member of China Photographers Association, member of Chengdu Federation of Literary and Art Circles, member of Chengdu Artists Association and member of Chengdu Writers Association. His gaze and lens rhythm with nature, using the ideological framework of photography, documentary photography to a new height. Demolition of the wall dream space three Zhang photo works Zhang Jianli used the lens to artistize the people's life as a blind eye to the reproduction of beauty and created a series of photographic masterpieces such as "Demolition Wall", "Tree into the City" and "Wandering Earth", which are expressed in abstract language , Documentary photography to show. Demolition of the wall of the color of the eight Zhang Jian photography works His photography works like oil painting, like ink painting, with "cool visual art" appearance, amazing countless people. The "wandering soil" embodies the beauty of light and shadow, the rhyme of ink and wash, the dazzlingness of oil painting, and dignified and full of vitality, possessing the natural beauty of the soul. Figure IX "Demolition of the wall" reflects the transformation of the city in the process, many stand a hundred years old wall was demolished, torn down, exposing the traces of history and years of vicissitudes. These old walls have a long history and leave a wide range of traces in people's lives. Through the gorgeous colors and poetic flow of the screen, the perception of the ups and downs of the breath and the cycle of rhythm. Zhang Jian photography As a visual artist and abstract photographer, Zhang Jian has published "Sands Impression - Zhang Jian Contemporary Documentary Works Series" and the new book "Watch - Abstract Art of Zhang Jian". Zhang Jian has a wide range of hobby, writing poetry, painting and collecting. He has exhibited at the 28th International Photographic Exhibition, etc. As a writer and historian, he has published a collection of works "Living elsewhere". He published "Collection of Impression Tree Series Books" by the State Press and Publication Administration. Divine Comedy No. 22 Zhang photography works Zhang Jian won the second prize of "International Palace Exhibition" and the "Chengde International Photography Exhibition" and other awards. In June this year, the "Watch - Zhang Jian & Fu Liming Art Exhibition" was held in the Xu Liaoyuan Museum in Chengdu, attracting many Chinese and foreign art masters and art lovers to come to the exhibition for their praise. Figure XII Figure XIII Figure XIV Classic sink global network platform Top quality artists excellent masterpiece, to achieve "beauty to 10,000" Figure XV Zhang Jian, whether it is a photographic work or a masterpiece of history and culture, is of historic significance. Figure XVI Watch - Zhang Jian & Fu Limin art solo exhibition He won various awards such as the Eighth Sichuan Bashu Literary Award in 2015 and the "Top Ten Outstanding Photographer Award in China Photography". Works Participated in the "Sino-German International Art Exhibition", Berlin, Germany "Five-time Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art," "Impossible to Trace" China (Zhang Jian) & Belgium (Christine) Contemporary Video Exhibition, Beijing "China's two sessions" Works exhibition, the third edition of the Sichuan Provincial Artists Nomination Exhibition and other international and domestic solo exhibitions, exhibitions, thematic exhibition dozens. Cymbidium No. 39 Zhang Jian photography works His works of art by the State Press and Publication Library, Hualien County, Taiwan, Shanghai Xuhui District Art Museum, University of Electronic Science and Technology, the German Consulate General in Chengdu, Chengdu Tianfu Conference Center and other domestic and international university art museums, cultural centers, consulates, convention centers , Institutions and domestic and foreign artists, cultural celebrities, art lovers collection. Figure nineteen His works of art are undoubtedly beautiful, in line with the classic Department of outstanding art masters boutique "beauty to 10,000" concept. Derived from his photography works into scarves, clothing, beauty as the first choice. Pillow, phone case, decorative painting has become the necessary decorative elements of the home. Figure twenty Zhang Jian has now signed up to become a famous classic visual artist, photographer, writer, light and shadow inn famous pavilion exhibiting a series of his photography masterpiece, in the classic sinking global network platform, you can also see specifically for Zhang Jian build Independent personality Museum of Art, such a large-scale famous Museum of Art, Classic Department has built 200 domestic famous art museum. It is said that the first batch of classical collection signed about 1500, and build online art gallery, display, exchange, interaction. Figure XXI Zhang Jian Art Museum In addition, the franchise store, but also to see his fine masterpiece sales, for many art lovers appreciate and collection, and put the home decoration. But also independent online box, there really is more convenient to have more convenient, you can also learn online photography skills. Wall Color 2 Zhang Jian Photography Price: 3000.00 "Wedding Tree 4" Zhang Jian photography works price: 3000.00 "Wall color 1" Zhang Jian photography works price: 3000.00 In the world of classic "Global Network Platform", there are many fans of the artist, looking for a chance to listen to more "artisanal sharing" of the art masters! Note: The article Mr. Zhang Jian photography authoritative classic sink. Infringement must investigate!
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When Meng pet national treasure "Panda" encounter flowers, this is to ... ... Focus on his lens!
PANDA Set thousands of pet in one, no doubt, "lover"! By the people of the world loved. Figure 1 Zhou Mengqi photo Panda is the darling of the world Giant Pandas have lived on Earth for at least 8 million years and are reputed as "living fossils" and "national treasures of China." They are also the ambassadors of WWF and the flagship species of biodiversity conservation in the world. Giant pandas, body color is black and white, with a round cheek, big dark circles, chubby body, signs within the character walking way, so that the people of the world fell in love with this unique mystical species! Figure 2 Zhou Mengqi photo Depending on the length of time, the tenacity of habits, the many demeanor of interest, the symbiosis of harmony and harmony, the giant panda perfectly interprets the best biological samples of the Earth's natural harmony. Meng pet, cute, proud, naughty Mountain climbing, wading, playfulness, fitness By selling Meng giant pandas around the world, it is quite "favored" in photography. Since the birth of photography, photos of giant pandas have left a lot, but also a lot of award-winning. But can take pictures of giant pandas and their fairy shape, captured the hearts and minds of the public photographer is none other than Mr. Zhou Mengqi. Zhou Meng chess camera hundred pandas Zhou Mengqi, a famous panda photographer, once worked as a field photojournalist who walked through the artillery fire and took part in the war to aid the United States and aid the United States. He shot a large amount of field historical facts on the battlefield of the more self-defeating combat gun and forest bullet and captured the memorable Moment, and held in Nanjing, Yangzhou and other places "Laoshan frontline personal photography exhibition." The sensitivity of the news has had a significant impact on his later career in photography. Figure 3 Zhou Mengqi photo The lens in his hand was a documentary filming not only the folk customs of ethnic minorities such as Qiang and Yi in Tibet, but also the changes of urban humanities and the beautiful scenery of the motherland. But more importantly, he has been following the giant panda and its habitat for twenty-five years. With immense patience, compassion and sincerity, he has captured the precious moment of the original ecology of the giant panda that many modern urban people have rarely seen. Figure 4 Zhou Mengqi photo Nearly 10,000 panda photography works, 25 years of perseverance, he won a number of honorary titles and awards. Low-key, introverted, and constantly strive for excellence, did not forget the beginning, shooting panda. Nowadays, he has become a signature artist of the Classic Meeting, and the "Panda Art Experience Hall" has also been opened in the Exhibition Hall of Light and Shadow. There are photos of nearly 100 giant pandas and people who love giant pandas in the exhibition hall! Figure 5 Zhou Mengqi group photo with children who love panda When the panda meets flowers ... Figure 6 wild boar forest photo One day, met a rose, The classic wild boar Lin to Meng Meng da expression package Presented a bright red rose! When giant pandas encounter flowers, Is there more greedy? Both want to "contract" the whole piece of bamboo Want to "sit" flowers valley Figure 7 Zhou Mengqi photo Look! More than usual naughty, more than a bit of interest! Smart casual, naughty cute Simply shouted, "This is too cute!" Figure 8 wild boar forest photo Panda, a protected animal, IUCN Red Book "Endangered Species." Like a beautiful rose, flowers scattered at any time ... .... Panda, as China's "National Treasure" and "Messenger of Friendship," was chosen as the emblem of the emblem by the China Wildlife Conservation Society and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Second-year French junior high school students In my mother's Chinese friend's house, I inadvertently saw a photo album of pandas, and I was immediately attracted. I really like these pictures, ah, the original panda is so cute, they are like us, will climb the tree, will laugh and slapstick, they are so like to eat bamboo. How are these pictures taken? This photographer was awesome! While shooting pandas, he also captured the living environment of pandas, an incredible green world, lush bamboo forests, clear water and many professional people protecting these rare pandas. If I could gently touch them, how wonderful it should be! This book is really interesting, I hope we can work together to protect them and their world. I love panda! - Melanie Warren Giant panda black and white, Like a mysterious Tai Chi map, Its path of survival is also a good interpretation of the "Tao of natural." Chinese Taoist philosophy. Figure 8 Zhou Mengqi photo Panda leisurely comfortable naive, Unbridled, tolerant open-minded nature, Chengdu is the embodiment of the spirit of the city, and highly consistent Tianfu culture. Mr. Zhou Mengqi panda photography won many awards. His "China Giant Panda" album was awarded the gold prize of the National Art Books, and was published in several languages in China, Britain, Italy, Germany and Japan respectively. Figure 9 Zhou Mengqi photo His "I am a giant panda" was awarded the prize for best Chinese science popularization in the world. In 2015, it was selected by the State Council Information Office as an exchange book for the Chinese embassy in China. His panda artwork is also featured on the cover of the book Lonely Planet! (Shown below) Figure 10 Panda as the most representative element of China, Panda culture profound. Zhou Mengqi said: "I will use my camera, using photography Expression of the beauty of panda art, passing the peculiar panda culture, And share with the world. " Figure 11
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Hot! Accor event actually so lively: poetry literati, music lovers come together to relive the classic!
figure 1 Autumn in September, fruit fragrance! Poetry is about, love charm. Elegant gathering This is a grand gathering of art lovers, regardless of age, art, talk about poetry, indulge in music! Reading and singing, music and dance, games and delicious mobilize everyone's stunning visual, developed taste buds! Relaxed atmosphere, one after another applause, so that everyone in the song and laughter spent an unforgettable weekend. September 24, poetry and art lovers, music lovers meet the classic Department, a total of poetry love! Calm in the quiet and elegant atmosphere of Niran coffee open-air garden, together with "relive the classic" into the vocal world. The elegant gathering is the classic poetic art Salon joint classical singer Salon jointly organized by the line activities to unite their friends, unite the strength of friends, review the classic, to create a harmonious and friendly environment, warm and friendly environment for mutual help and progress . figure 2 A group of advocating elegant artists, the dissemination of classic culture, rich talent talent, Qin Simin scholarship, hospitality friends, on the stage, release of youthful colors! image 3 A cup of tea, a song, a dance, are all the feelings of the place, generous hair. Classic review poetry about Night half-three look forward to dawn, winter twilight hope spring. If you want the Red Army to come. Ridge on the hillsides everywhere. Xu Lili teacher singing Jiangxi folk song "azalea", let us review the classic, aftertaste history of the Red Army heat. Figure 4 Xu Lili Guo Hsiao and his teacher regretted the original poem of Yang Jilang, a poet in Taiwan, so that everyone could feel the profound and profound Chinese literature and enjoy the beauty of poetry. "Farewell to Cambridge" Xu Zhimo's first poem, win universal praise, everyone praise. Elegant senior reciting artist Qin Yong magnetic affectionate recitation, take us into the world of Xu Zhimo ... Figure 4 Qin Yong "Motherland Oh, you love my milk, raised me; and I, will also be my flesh and blood, guarding you!" This song "for the motherland and song," Yan Wenjun teacher enthusiastic recitation, deep Deep love for the motherland is the home-country complex that everybody here and even every Chinese people should have. This is definitely a professional recitation Fan children! Figure 5 Yan Wenjun "Turn All The Lights", the first dance performed by the classic collection of several art enthusiasts, although there is no professional dance skills, but hard-working, it can be said is commendable, commendable. Especially in the classic Zhou Yujin, Hu Hai sister two dance teachers lead the hey burst the audience! Should be enthusiastic, Zhou Yujin beautiful teacher has displayed the dance "Wing Chun", Chinese style dance, so everyone praise this dance skill really amazing! Figure 6 "Turn All The Lights" Mr. Yu Guangzhong, a Taiwanese poet, is known as the "poet of homesickness." His profound and well-known "homesickness" is the "Chinese complex" written by overseas wanderers. Liu Yingjie teacher affectionately recite "Homesickness", whatever the reason ...... Figure 7 Liu Ying Jie "Beauty Man" brought to the teacher Jian "Spring of the North", singing intoxicating, infected with the scene everyone, want to jump to the stage performance! Figure 8 to health Here is the stage to challenge yourself, as long as you dare, you enjoy the show! Shuyun fragrant, happy to share! Here, you enjoy the "warmth of life, a small world of poetry, leisure and comfortable; Poetry Court altar, a piece of literary wonders, Heiner rivers" of harmony and joy. When the "Sophora japonica flower" is a famous older generation Sichuan opera singer, each solo concert in every major city in the country took this folk song as a "pressure table". This time, teacher Yan once again brought the classic songs of Sichuan folk songs. "Lilac the same color, the same fragrance of cloves," the first Dai Wang Shu "Rain Lane", with a touch of sadness, poignant and beautiful, Qin Yong teacher recite classic famous articles, we indulge in this hazy and deep beauty Among them. "Prairie Flower Moonlit" prairie vast, singing intoxicating, singing echoed in the vastness of the weeds, Guo Xiao enthusiastic with the same diminutive, passionate, not only with recitation, but also with songs to infect all the people ... ... Figure 9 recitation dance Impromptu, Xia Xiaohe original Psalm "Qinghai Lake Love", and Qin Yong teacher's recitation, can be described as complement each other. Guo Xiao Tong recite "childhood", Chen Xiaohui recite "Happy Snow", so interesting! Beichuan puppet Wang Chunfang shows us the song of Beichuan children with a song! Figure Xia Xiaoxin Qin Yong Games fun, happy to share Light poetry, dance, these are not enough! Then the game is a better interaction! With the words "Red", "Flower" and "Autumn", all the poetry writers and music lovers revisit classic poems with the theme of "flying flowers", "Falling red is not a heartless thing, "When the petals leave the flower, the fragrance remains," "let the autumn wind take away my thoughts and take away my tears." These are the songs we have read and once enjoyed the indulgent hot song. Figure 11 Improvisation What's in the zoo, panda, tiger, parrot ... interactive game, everyone is having fun! Digital games, test everyone's ability to respond, it is easy for everyone, of course, must be to improve your attention, if you accidentally "thunder and thunder", then is your time to show off. Figure 18 game interaction Collective photo, stay in good time with the lens! After many years, maybe only the photo is the most witness to the original unforgettable! Look, a smile, even for the first time together, but also because of the common like to walk together. Figure 19 photo Any life, happy hour Any life, paper 鮳 rivers and lakes! Classic Huizhaixiang restaurant launched the paper fish posing, combined with the traditional Wanzhou grilled fish and Korean paper on the grilled fish, healthy, environmentally friendly, hygienic and non-greasy, promote digestion and enhance appetite, color and taste, a good life Like, by the old, middle and young generations of sought after and loved. Figure 20 Scented paper bonito, mellow rich red wine, an array of self-service dishes, simply appetite can not stop, blitz! From time to time toast to the song, turned out to be these lovely people, the love of the place, the song has the joy and the song, infected everyone, sings and sings, a very interesting scene ... ... around the circle, marching cheerful The pace, sang "unforgettable tonight". After dinner, a group of more like dancing friends, dancing in the art theater with a cheerful melody. Figure 21 Liu Lujing Happy moments are always short. Leisure Afternoon time, delicious dinner time spent happy, classic Meeting of the second elegant meeting ended. It was a great time to meet new people. As a guest host, there are many deficiencies, I hope we can show a more perfect event. Next time will be! Figure 22 Participate in elegant gathering group Friends rating: Zhizhong teachers, experts: Threesome must have division, Thanks for your selfless teaching trip! Chinese culture is my root, Poetry, calligraphy and painting photography ... ... Hit me in the soul! You and I are my children and grandchildren. Also hope that the days have educated us, Mo leisure I am idiot stupid; I will be determined "Three lights five chicken more" hardworking Return the enthusiasm that helps me to love. Lights dim soon Acquaintance is the edge, get together is a blessing; today can know and ask so many teachers, experts; great harvest! We all get together, enjoy life, enjoy happiness, enjoy life; I am on your body, learned to recite, singing performance skills; learned a kind of optimism and respect for the noble character of others ... What a precious wealth and benefits! thank you all! Sincerely thank you! Of course, more should be grateful to the planning and organizers, is your hard work, we have the opportunity to meet together. This is the first time that inevitably there is a deficiency (for example, the choice of venues can be more suitable indoors). And failure is a ladder. With these loyal lovers, teachers, and experts today, there are teachers, experts and enthusiasts who can not come because of an accident. I firmly believe that the next time it is even more exciting! Tomorrow more brilliant! Thanks again every teacher and expert! Thanks host and all the staff! Hope to see you all! Lights dim soon 【Classic Hui Poetry Art Salon】 Classical poetic art salon group has been established from the present one year, 354 existing group of friends. Gathered a group of artists and art lovers from north to south and even from north to broad, involving reading, literature, photography, painting, dance, food and other fields. This group adhere to the "congregational friends," welcomes like-minded friends to join, product poetry, appreciation of the United States, chanting canon, singing ancient and modern, happy heart. Classical Hui poetry art salon group hope to create a "warmth of life, a poetic world, leisure and comfortable; Poetry Court altar, a piece of literary wonders, herespicious" atmosphere of harmony and joy. Whether you advocate elegant artists, the dissemination of classic culture, rich talents, Qin Simin scholarship, hospitable friends ... ... everyone is the master, the stage waiting for you, release the charm of color!
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Famous literary critic, Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Radio, Film and Television former party secretary, director He Daxin invited lectures, set off a "cultural soil" hot topic
Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Radio, Film and Television former party secretary, director, Xinhua News Agency, Sichuan branch of the former party secretary, president, famous literary critic He Daxin. Southwest University of Finance and Economics doctoral tutor, visiting professor, in the academic field has a high accomplishment, for the classic convergence of the concept of mainstream culture is very recognized, and was invited as "classic art forum" speaker 31, Sharing the theme of "exploring the cultural soil" to the general public has given rise to some hot topics in "cultural soil theory." He Daxin lecture site During the interview after the lecture, He Dagang held a highly positive attitude toward the "Classic Art Forum" hosted by the Classical Department. He said: "I think the" classic art forum "held in Chengdu for so long since the influence of a wide range of influence, mainly in the following three points: First, it is in the cultural life of Chengdu, built an elegant temple in the past, on Classic art, often seen on television, teaching materials, but in this way to meet with the public, affecting the public, I think from the establishment of elegant palace in terms of this way, this form is particularly good .In two, this approach is Combining economic factors with cultural factors and combining artistic accomplishments, cultural influences with business operations, I think this is a road to exploration. How to go along this path and succeed? I think it is a piece of Third, it is the elegant culture of Chengdu, the popular way of influencing the public, the invited masters are excellent artists, the dissemination of elegant art, affecting the public cultural cells, art cells, to improve the quality of the city's cultural quality, art Quality, I think it is a good thing.
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World-class master of landscape photography - Lu Ling Long 7 • 29 Light Film Inn exclusive limited-time works Appreciation of the
July 29, world-class master of landscape photography, "Godfather of photography", a well-known Chinese adventurer photographer - Lucy Long will be held at the Classic Meeting. The work of appreciation will be from the cold meals, works Appreciation, autographed photos and mind-set private sharing sessions, and Lv Deling teacher share classic feast five parts, during which there will be 50 never exhibited works in the light and shadow inn special display. Western adventure photography first person Lv Ling Long figure 1 Lv Ling Long: Chengdu, born in 1952. He has been engaged in professional photography for nearly 40 years and is a full-time photographer devoted to photographing natural persons in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. He joined the China Photographers Association in 1982 and is one of the founders of the Association of Young Photographers in Sichuan Province and Chengdu Young Photographers' Association. He is known as a world-class landscape photography master, adventure photographer, "the first person in the western adventure photography." figure 2 He is currently a contributing photographer for China National Geographic. Has published the album: "Holy City Daocheng. Aden - the last piece of pure land on the blue planet", "Namjagbarwa Grand Canyon", "Sun Valley", "Western China Sun tribe - Shiqu," "Nine Top Mountain - Chinese ancient Qiang civilization light "," Kham red "," waiting for the sun "," great incense Bala "and so on. In the early 1980s, he successfully held solo photography exhibitions for many times. His works have won a series of awards at home and abroad and 140 works have been collected by the Sino-American Cultural Exchange Center. image 3 He was the first person to introduce Daocheng Yading, Brahmaputra Grand Canyon, Shiqu and Niuwei Mountain to the world. However, in his own opinion, he is just a shepherd on a plateau. "Great Shambhala" Sichuan Tibet image book Shambhala, the Tibetan transliteration of words, nowadays people's minds, it is where the United States. These three Chinese characters can only arouse dreamlike imagination: the snow-capped mountains, grasslands, lakes, sunshine, cattle and sheep, and the honest people who are grazing cattle and sheep ... In short, it is far away from us, full of A lot of mysterious world like a fairyland. Since the Tibetan word "Shambhala" has been translated into various languages through transliteration, there are so many people in the world who are beginning to look forward to this place - the most beautiful and most beautiful Sichuan-Tibet scenery! Figure 4 White-lipped deer in the moonlight Limited luxury collector's Edition large album "Great Shambhala - Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Ganzi articles" by adventure photographer Lv Linglong shooting. Photo album cost more than 10 million, the time span of 30 years, the scale of the pictures selected hundreds of thousands. The album featured 383 pictures that fully represented the Shambhala core. The picture captures the three-dimensional nature of the Hengduan Mountains to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. For the first time in the album, the natural resources of the 18 counties in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Ganzi will be made available on the whole from three perspectives: snow mountain gorges, flora, fauna & environment, grassland wetlands and rivers. "Big incense Barra" Lv Linglong's album "Great Hong Barra" won the world printing industry "Oscars" Benny Gold Award. At the solo exhibition in Shanghai, the "First Person in Western China" went out of the mountains and chatted with the people in the city about the obsessions with which he was obsessed and the stories behind the stirring photos. He said: "I am 31 years old because I love this land." Price details see table Figure 5 Tel: 028-86662262 / 15328022152 Welcome to contact us Address: Qingyang District, Chengdu, People's Central Road, No. 11 Sports Center Classic Meeting · Light and Shadow Inn Tips 1 purchase tickets need to register name, address, telephone number. 2. Scan two-dimensional code concerned about the classic Department, purchase tickets admission. Tickets scarcity, ticketing is limited, tickets as soon as possible! 4. The tasting will have the opportunity to meet with Lu Ling Long teacher at the same table!
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