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The gap between you and the great man: only one day! See how they play, unique artistic experience!
How did one great day spend? Darwin's day Figure 1 Tchaikovsky's day figure 2 This shows that social, learning, exercise essential! So, how is your day spent? The company is located in: More than 130 people from the Qingyang branch of the People's Insurance Company of China, spent one day doing so: In the Chengdu Sports Center of the classic exchange experience of the "one-day study" art courses, Through the classic Department of the company 7000 square meters of various teaching areas Wholeheartedly experience more than 20 life aesthetics and art knowledge, Hunting value in a short time, low prices selected to learn their favorite things, Improve the comprehensive life aesthetics, improve the quality of life and mental state. image 3 What is "one day study"? The art lovers can take only one day's time while experiencing multiple arts training and study intensively. The project is rich and colorful, tailor-made and selected according to your interests. A nutritious meal is provided at noon. The learning programs are accurate and very effective Sex. Floral | Full house, fragrant and pleasant Flowers bloom, romantic full house. Home floral can also be beautified the home environment, people pleasing, spring. In the classic exchange day school "flower guide", young teacher Wei teach you how to do fresh creative home floral. From the coffee table decoration, table flowers placed to decorative items, so that you from the color with the Department of flowers, interior decoration style, placement, and floral arrangements, floral arrangements, reflecting the perfect combination of nature and people to form a unique flower Language, make the living room more livable. Figure 4 flower guide Modern free-style small-scale home floral, famous flower, immortal flower, bougainvillea, gardenia, bamboo, carnation, rose ... ... oblique shear, so that more absorbent area, preservation longer, through the group arrangement, Showing a simple and extraordinary taste of flower arrangement method! Sand bottle painting | small world, big dreams Figure 5 sand bottle painting A layer of painting, colorful sand through a variety of colors, many adults and children in this small bottle of the world, filled with their own expectations and dreams, blue, green, red, composed of a small world of blue sky and green grass. Under the guidance of the little Xu teacher, the mermaid, the elderly and the sea, the dwarfs can pile up a variety of images through the colorful sand in glass bottles. Figure 6 sand bottle painting Mobile Photography | Light and Shadow, View the World In today's beauty era, the phone is undoubtedly the most popular camera tool. No beauty, still can be large. As the most popular mobile phone photography class, look! Light and shadow inn full of people, onlookers how to use mobile phones to shoot a good picture, a good work, using cell phone photography observation of people and things around, with a new perspective to enjoy life. By Mu teacher taught to the phone composition, skills, angle shooting, minute shots of the large can beautiful turn the circle of friends. Figure 7 mobile phone photography Cooking | gourmet world, can not live up to it All the world taste, the food can not live up to it! Hot summer, how to have a cool summer, first of all, eat is very important. A delicious and delicious, but also sought after by slimming sisters of course, cold dishes it! Zheng Fei, a master of the Department of Classic Food, today we teach how to season the taste of Pakistan's "spicy Rabbit", sauteed sesame seeds, Laoganma bean curd, peanuts, green onions ...... these are essential, and then topped with fragrant Oil, this taste is simply never! Citing the presence of everyone put it down, have asked the secret recipe and precautions. Figure 8 spicy rabbit Afternoon a delicious theater music package, color and taste. Feel the art of wonderful music while enjoying delicious food, which is not only a delicacy but also a journey of enamored interest. Figure 9 Nutritious lunch Latin dance | Free dance, sparkling Latin dance at leisure, leisure, relaxation, and most of them are also most people like Salsa, under the guidance of the text sub-teacher, go hand in hand, beat the beat, accompanied by a dance on the dance floor dancing posture, the liberal party The air filled with joy and joy. The company is located in: This is an unforgettable day, the day of harvest, through this event, the customer of the CPPCC Qingyang Branch experienced the life of the hundred flavor here. Figure 10 Figure 11 from the PICC Qingyang Branch customer screenshots In addition to regular floral guide, spinning, classic music tasting, visit the Panda Art Experience Museum, baking guide, coffee tasting, cooking guide, cell phone photography, costumes, makeup guide, wine tasting, vocal guidance, Popular courses sand bottle painting, blue and white porcelain, Latin dance (salsa), modern dance, bring you a unique fresh artistic experience. Figure 12 modern dance Figure 13 blue and white porcelain Flower, to convey the longing for life and looking forward to; coffee, is a manifestation of quality of life; make-up, is to achieve a beautiful life span; dance, showing the passion of life; baking, is a kind of warm love baking ... Figure 14 wine tasting People's Insurance Company of China Qingyang Branch focus on customer and employee quality improvement, training, learning, enhance teamwork, such a good company, is undoubtedly a high standard of high requirements. Choosing the Classic Harvard Day School is undoubtedly the right choice to learn more about aesthetics through a one-day short art experience. Figure 15 Figure 16 Customer Experience The same day to provide such a comprehensive art project, but also to help a lot of art to help out, "Classic Meeting" in the end is what agency? It is reported that "Classic Meeting" is the first cultural industry experience center in the world based on classic culture and art, and using art to create a healthy lifestyle. It is a center for exchange of culture, exchange of art, exchange of visual arts, exchange of fashion, exchange of health ...... "Elegant environment + art experience + skills learning + dating platform + affordable" has attracted many art lovers come. The future of the classic Meeting Plaza planning 4-8 million square meters, covering more than 3 million population cities, 10% of the art education area, children's entertainment and entertainment mainstream. Figure 17 Classic Department of planning At present, the "Global Network Platform" and "Line Experience Center" of the Classic Meeting have been fully completed. The multi-functional one-stop cultural industries such as art theater, classic audio and video broadcast, exhibitions of the Great Artists, famous pulpit, art gallery and restaurant coffee The center is large and will be stationed in the northern part of Guangming and overseas markets in the future.
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Race talent! The first CCTV Star Youth Talent Competition Sichuan Division, rushed registration ......
June 25, 2017 at 10 am, organized by the Chinese Young Scientists Working Committee, the National Rural Education Center-based off-campus education counseling base, the China International Cultural Promotion Association, the Federation of Literary and Art Circles in Sichuan Province, the Sichuan Children's Channel, Sichuan Television Advertising production center, Chengdu Classic Culture Communication Co., Ltd. jointly hosted the "2017 First CCTV Starlight Youth Talent Competition" Sichuan Division news conference and start-up ceremony in the city sports center classic exchange. figure 1 Great momentum! Star Youth Talent Competition lineup strong Mr. Zhang Ying, Director of Sichuan Literary Creation Office, Mr. Zhang Ying, Member of Chinese Opera, Member of Sichuan Literary Federation, Mr. Jin Naifan, Director of Sichuan Television Advertising Production Center, Mr. Li Qingxuan, President of Organizing Committee of Sichuan Division of 1st CCTV Starlight Youth Talent Competition, Mr. Zhang Fuxiang, a famous painting and calligraphy expert, Vice President of China International College of Thai Chamber of Commerce, Professor Jiang Chaoxiong of Sichuan University Jincheng College, Sichuan Modern Art Promotion Association, Mr. Weipeng Wei, Secretary General of Sichuan Shu Business Association, Sichuan Mr. Yang Jialin, Chairman of Spirit Media Co., Ltd., and Ms. Li Li, Executive President of Chengdu Classic Media Co., Ltd. attended the press conference and the launching ceremony. Figure 2 Li Li (right), Zhang Fuxiang (second from right), Jin Naifan (third from right), Li Qingxuan (fourth from right) This event was vigorously moderated by People's Daily Online, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Sina.com, Phoenix.com, Sohu.com, Tencent.com, NetEase.com, headlines of today, Sichuan Online, Dacheng.com and Sichuan TV. At the same time also have been Chengdu Commodities Delong Furniture Co., Ltd., Sichuan Zhongneng Baolu Technology Development Co., Ltd., Sichuan Shu Yan Culture Communication Co., Ltd.; Dujiangyan Chongyi Chen Lianhua Lake, Liangshan New Media Co., Ltd., Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Chengdu Hao Yuan Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Beijing Renren Network Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises support. The opening ceremony of Sichuan Division invited Sichuan Daily, Huaxi Dushi Bao, Sichuan TV satellite channels, Sichuan TV women and children channel, Sichuan TV news channel and other media, Huaxi Dushi Bao "Top Ten Reporters" Lake also participated in this Activities. Surprise! Enrollment contest talent, warm build youth display platform Youth talent learning for young people's mental upgrading, personality training has an important role in promoting. The contest to push new people as the main policy, tap culture and art rookie, to help the vast number of young artists with artistic talent into the stage of literature and art, to achieve their dreams, to the sacred art palace. Through the talent show, inspire the stage performance of young people, will be happy, healthy and harmonious young talent image displayed in front of the audience, to create the most professional young talent class contest. image 3 Competition produced by the best players, may sign a movie company, conservatism conservatism, becoming a signing singer, the formation of bands, etc., but also to push the CCTV three sets of various variety shows, as well as to participate in the national six major ministries and CCTV organized by the Public welfare activities, more with stars, artists perform on the same stage. Press two-dimensional code, "2017 first CCTV Starlight Youth Talent Competition Sichuan Division registration" incredible! Expert delegation, talent contest hopeful The expert judges of Sichuan Division of this contest are composed of Mr. Jin Naifan, head of the original battle flag repertory theater, national level performer of the Chengdu Military Region's Battle Banner Art Work Group, winner of the National Golden Record Award, Mr. Jiang Cairu, famous erhu player in China, , Member of Chinese Dancers Association, vice chairman and secretary general of Chengdu Dancer Association, Ms. Cuijia, member of Chinese Artists Association, director of Sichuan Artists Association, Mr. Fan Yang, president of Sichuan Quyi School. Competition consists of juvenile group 5-17 years old, youth group 18-35 years of age two groups, with vocal class, instrumental music, dance class, language class four talent categories, and take sub-venues sea election mode, the national division At the same time, to ensure "fair, fair and open," professional judges expert comments, through the preliminary round, semi-finals, finals, selected outstanding players, for young people to take off the wings. Figure 4 Zhang Fuxiang inscription "juvenile, strong in China, Zhang Fuxiang (right) At the press conference, Kim Na-fan and Lee Ching-yee delivered speeches respectively and wished the competition a complete success. Wei Pengfei spokesman firmly believes that this competition will promote the construction of youth culture in our province and promote the prosperity of Sichuan literature and art. Scene, painting and calligraphy master Zhang Fuxiang more ink ink "young strong, strong in China!" Message youth rise! Show fun! Talent show contractor party, ushered in the climax The organizer of this event is a classic club for singing and dancing, hoping the event will be a success! By the "classic Harvard University" teacher Lin Zimo brought the Italian famous song "Santa Lucia", the United States vocal astonished audience. And Chen Xiao Xiao teacher interprets the traditional Chinese song "Full West Building" is affectionate. And when "Deng dream circle teacher jazz dance performance is completed, the scene reached a climax hot, there are many parents immediately to help their children named. Figure 5 Chen Xiao Xiao teacher singing "Full West Building" Even more surprising is that the staff of the classic exchange of art troupe Minghua Hua and Zhang Huafang, brought the dance "beautiful other grid" moving touching, professional level is simply amazing people amazing! So powerful! Classic Exchange in the end is the origins? Chengdu Classic Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is the world's first classic culture and art as the foundation, is committed to the elegant culture into a "people really willing to consume culture", is currently building the world's first category of the most complete artist, the largest number, the highest visibility , The largest network of enthusiasts, the most sought-after artists and enthusiasts, and a host of high-profile offline art experience centers. Members of the classic exchange of perennial bathing in this classic art hall, with rich artistic temperament, a unique artistic talent. Once won the singer championship of Sichuan University Jincheng College Marin, live registration and affectionate singing on stage; more "Little Hanhong," said Ye Ming scene brought the beautiful song! Figure 6 small Hanhong "Ye Ming singing Figure 7 Jincheng Institute of Sichuan University Marin singing Dream sail, raise the sail of art, move forward, display skills! Welcome to love art, talented young people to register! Star stage open, catch the star train, leading to the elegant art palace. Figure 8
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This National Day song and laughter, 9.25 "Trio" literary party stunning debut!
Red Star flamboyant Yang, Kyushu magpie Chao Fengxiang. Happy home dance national dance, leading the prosperity of the Han and Tang Dynasties. Young child hold high their fists, soldiers clenched hands grab. Mouthands face smiles, Golden Rooster Corning Choi Wan floating. Dragon Feifang welcome National Day, Pengcheng Miles He Zhongqiu. figure 1 In celebration of the 67th anniversary of the National Day, a platform for art enthusiasts to build a rich spiritual and cultural life, the classic joint with the Chengdu Youth Art Troupe, Chengdu Shu Yin Pinyi co-host "Sing Youth, Celebrate the Motherland Celebrate the National" Trio " meeting. Event Time: September 25, 2016 14: 30-17: 00 Venue: Classic Meeting. Art Theater figure 2 image 3 Trio ring National Day song Recite in the poetry of Tang poetry Singing or singing in the music world More happier than Wearing fashion walk in the T station Figure 4 Figure 5 Dancing can also be elegant Wonderful show ... "Sing Youth, Sing the Motherland" - Celebrate the National Day "trio" literary party Program Time: 2016.9.25 (14: 30--17: 00) Moderator: elegant host - Xu Ping Chengdu classic art troupe Moderator: elegant host - Xu Ping Chengdu classic art troupe The first chapter: singing youth 1. Chorus song "We are educated youth" Chengdu Youth Art Troupe 2. Chorus "Corps heart" Chengdu Youth Art Troupe 3. Recitation of Li Kang, "Poplar Praise" Chengdu Shu people ponder poetry club 4. Dance Ksenia "Swan Lake" electoral Chengdu classic art troupe 5. Fashion "cheongsam embroidery" Chengdu Youth Art Troupe Poetry recited "Yang Kaihui" Chengdu Youth Art Troupe * Game Interactive: Poetry Solitaire (classic gift to send gifts) The second chapter: poetic China 7 recitation Zhou Xiqiang "Patio Spring. Snow" Chengdu Shu people ponder poetry club 8. Dance "Golden Age" Chengdu Youth Art Troupe 9. recite Qin Yong "Spring River Moonlit Night" Chengdu Shu Yin prayers 10. Female solo "Yellow River" Chengdu Youth Art Troupe 11. Recite Shu Zhaoyu "Former Chibi Fu" Chengdu Shu people pray poetry club 12. Fashion "Blue and White Flower" Chengdu Youth Art Troupe * Game Interactive: Poetry Solitaire (classic gift to send gifts) The third chapter: praising the motherland 13. collective recitation "Chunghua" Chengdu Shu people ponder poetry club 14. Dance "sing songs to the party to listen to" Chengdu Youth Art Troupe 15. recite Chen Jin "motherland ah! I want to burn "Chengdu Shu people ponder poetry club 16. Female solo "Shandan Dan bloom red Yan" Chengdu Youth Art Troupe 17. Recitation Duan Ying, Qin Yong, "Chinese roots" Chengdu Shu Yin Pinyi 18 chorus "to build a Chinese dream" Chengdu Youth Art Troupe * WeChat big screen lottery (classic gift to send gifts) Chengdu classic art troupe Established in 2014, Chengdu Classic Art Troupe adheres to the guideline of "promoting the classic and developing the classic" and introduces the healthy and excellent classic song and dance art home and abroad to a large audience. Gorgeous, colorful, magnificent classical music, dance, through the actors' superb acting, show the unique charm and style, forming a unique and unique classic art troupe. Classic Meeting. Art Theater The art theater where the Classic Art Troupe is located has a large stage, high-definition LED, top lighting and sound equipment. Through various performances such as vocal music, instrumental music and dance combination programs, it combines with lighting, video and professional performance facilities to form fine theater performances. Theater can accommodate two hundred spectators, you can come in this comfortable, warm, elegant environment of this gluttonous feast, has completed more than 400 performances field. Figure 6 Since its establishment, the Troupe has won top and top casts both at home and abroad since the establishment of the Troupe. The actors and actresses from Russia perform elegant and romantic ballet. Zhou Ying, winner of the Golden Bell Awards, A grid of charismatic songs, let you revisit the past, popular music singing through the heart, refreshing, straight to your inner world; art troupe dancers Aura, showing an extraordinary dance; instrumental live interpretation, so that the audience even more Into the beautiful scene of people forget. Figure 7 Night performance of art theater begins at 8:00 and ends at 12:00. The audience is divided into upper and lower half; the first half to the classic music and dance, through the live performances of the performers of the troupe, showing the story behind each song, to create a unique classical music and dance party, as if this is A top family concert; singing, dancing, instrumental music and a combination of forms to enrich the program, perform more vitality, and try their best to create the elegant performance of "Daya", giving people a real enjoyment. Figure 8 Chengdu Youth Education Troupe was founded in October 2012. Its head is the father of Wang Tao, a famous Chinese clarinetist, and Wang Maojun, the father-in-law of Gymnastics Champion Liu Xuan. Ching Ching Troupe The mass, non-profit arts group spontaneously organized by the intellectual youth from Chengdu to the countryside and currently has more than 100 members. Members have a strong educated youth complex, a sense of teamwork and dedication, a certain artistic accomplishment and singing, dancing, fashion foundation. Since its establishment more than two years ago, training and training usually combined with the combination of performance and competition, as well as the second hometown of remote Yi Township, Xichang City, Barchang Township, walked grassroots performances, rich and colorful activities, members gain a lot. Figure 9 dance "claw flower" Chengdu Youth Art Troupe Figure 10 double ballet "White-Haired Girl" selection Chengdu Youth Art Troupe Mission: healthy and happy. The educated youth friends of Chengdu Youth Art Troupe enjoy a positive, healthy and happy life through performances and activities organized by the troupe. They also continuously improve their artistic skills with the training of excellent teachers. Through colorful performances, the troupe expresses the aspirations and wishes of educated youth in the form and content of being loved by educated young people, bringing joy to everyone and making them more healthy and cheerful in their later years. Figure 11 Chengdu Shu people ponder poetry club Chengdu Shu Yin Yin Poetry Society was established in 2009, take a take others to do, by us to recite, for others to listen to the artistic creation of the road. Shu Zhao Yu as president. Figure 12 Figure 13 Figure 14 Figure 15 Welcome to art lovers: Poetry, reading, fashion, dance, chorus 9.25 classic sink waiting for you oh Address: Chengdu Renmin Middle Road, No. 11 Sports Center Simon (Classic Meeting) Tel: 028 - 86626655
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Sold out court enhanced boutique dance drama "Zhu Xi" once again come to Chengdu, 11.25-26 on the same Jincheng Art Palace
2016-Chengdu classic exchange dedication dedicated art feast Large-scale dance drama "Zhu Xi" "Zhu Xi" is designed by the Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble conceived four years of effort to create the art boutique, drama writer Luo Huai-zhen screenwriter, young dancer, director of the national level Tong Rui-kai main creative team row, Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble chief actor, actor Zhu Jiejing , Wang Jiajun starring. Dance drama "Zhu Xi" Synopsis In front of the introduction Zhu Xi, a symbol of happiness and beauty of rare birds, known as the "auspicious bird." The company is located in: figure 1 figure 2 In a long time ago in the farming period, Zhu Rong and mankind co-exist harmoniously. image 3 Figure 4 In the depths of human memory, Zhu Xi is a kind of passionate birds, they are reserved, elegant, clean, noble, but also sensitive, fragile and suspicious. Melodious music, graceful dance, every action, every demeanor is so elegant, as Wan Zhu generally noble, pure, beautiful! Figure 5 Figure 6 At that time, how close and friendly Zhu Zhu and human beings were. Figure 7 Figure 8 Figure 9 Introduction to the screen I do not know since when, "auspicious bird" fade out of human sight. Figure 10 Figure 11 In the rapid run of modernization and urbanization, humans inadvertently neglected the deteriorating environment of Zhu. Figure 12 The wild blue water and the quiet and natural habitat of the wild Zhu 鹮 multiply have become narrower and harder and harder. Figure 13 In less than 100 years, the wild crested ibis population has declared on the verge of extinction. Figure 14 Figure 15 The dance drama "Zhu Kui" pays close attention to environmental protection and regards the rare bird of war as the theme of Zhuohu. He addresses the problems human beings have encountered in the course of development, calls for a green concept of sustainable development and pursues truth, goodness and beauty. So far, over one hundred performances have been completed both at home and abroad, and the reputation of "China Swan Lake" has been harvested domestically. " Dance drama "Zhu Xi" Chengdu station In order to have lost, call for permanent treasure! Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble lasted four years and meticulously build the most powerful lineup, the most touching story, the most beautiful dance, the most magnificent stage shock your soul, release your soul, interpretation of life can not afford the light! In December last year, "Zhu Xi" has successfully staged 100 games. However, the Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble did not stop its pursuit of excellence in fine art and started the revision of "Zhu Xi". 2016 年 11 月 25-26, after a lapse of six months to modify polished more sophisticated mature "Zhu Xi" will be "Chengdu Jincheng Art Palace" once again presented to the audience. The company is located in: Figure 16 Promotions Performance fare: 880,680,480,380,280,180,80 Time of performance: 2016. 25th, 26th, 19:30 Venue: Jincheng Art Palace Booking Tel: 028-86612052 Ticket Website: www.damai.cn Organizer: Chengdu Classic Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Co-organizer: Chengdu Oriental Charm Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Organizer: Sichuan Jincheng Art Palace Ticket distributor: barley network 1010-3721 Promotions 1. All the audiences holding 880 tickets will have a chance to sign a photo and participate in the lucky draw at the classic classics festival "Zhu Xi" starring famous dancer Zhu Jiejing in Chengdu on 19 November at 3pm. The company is located in: 2. All the spectators who attend the performance tickets can take one photo session at the classical Huiguangyizi Station or one dance at the Bodybuilding Center or watch the performance at the classical art theater once.
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"Good old" You come to race, "Sunset Cup" talent show!
igure 1 Color halo "night" in storied make dye "Xia" figure 2 2016 Chengdu "Evening Mug" Cultural Invitational Tournament was sponsored by Chengdu Young Artists Troupe and was held at Chengdu Classical Exchange Art Theater from September 12th to September 14th. The competition held a total of three days, the participants are over 55 years of age. More than 50 participating teams, nearly 2000 people participate in choral (12th), dance (13th), fashion (14th) competition. Activities in the group competition, the performance form of chorus, dance, fashion-based, performance content is positive and healthy, in order to carry forward the core values of socialism, displaying outstanding traditional culture, good deeds reflect good, praise the people in the process of achieving the Chinese dream of happiness Life and other content. Organizers: Association of Chengdu Senior Citizens, Chengdu Cultural Center Undertaker: Chengdu Classic Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Chengdu Youth Art Troupe Special sponsor: Chinese famous singer - Tan Weiwei Co-organizers: Chengdu TV "live more young clubs" This literary invitational tournament was specially supported by the famous Chinese singer Tan Weiwei as the runner-up of "Super Girl Voice" National Finals in 2006 and the Best Original Song of Taiwan Golden Horse Awards in 2009 with the song "Met". April 23, 2015, won the cool music Asia Festival - the Mainland's most watched artist of the year. It is in this year, harvested beautiful love. Chen Yifei in Tibet Gangren Boqi Hill to Tan Vivian successful marriage, Tan Weiwei excited tears, the two sweet kiss. In order to repay Sichuan patriarch, in particular, support this Chengdu "Evening Cup" art competition. image 3 Figure 4 Chorus Figure 5 Dance Figure 6 fashion The purpose of this activity is to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the elderly friends, enhance the sense of gain and happiness of the elderly friends, show the healthy outlook of the elderly and inspire the enthusiasm of the elderly to actively participate in the building of a harmonious society. Scoring mechanism and awards setting Experts will be hired as judges, according to the characteristics of various types of competitions to set the standard score. In the fair, open and impartial principle of judgment. Through the selection of layers, choral choirs are selected: First Prize (1), Second Prize (1), Third Prize (3); Dance Awards: First Prize (1), Second Prize (2) (4); fashion awards: first prize (1), second prize (1), third prize (3). Bonus set to: first prize 3000 yuan, second prize 2000 yuan, third prize 1000 yuan. Figure 7 judges seats About Chengdu Youth Art Troupe Figure 8 Chengdu Youth Education Troupe was established in October 2012. Its head is organized by Wang Maojun, the father of the well-known Chinese clarinetist Wang Tao and the eldest son of gymnastics champion Liu Xuan. Ching Ching Troupe The mass, non-profit arts group spontaneously organized by the intellectual youth from Chengdu to the countryside and currently has more than 100 members. Members have a strong educated youth complex, a sense of teamwork and dedication, a certain artistic accomplishment and singing, dancing, fashion foundation. Since its establishment more than two years ago, training and training usually combined with the combination of performance and competition, as well as the second hometown of remote Yi Township, Xichang City, Barchang Township, walked grassroots performances, rich and colorful activities, members gain a lot. Figure 9 Figure 10 Chengdu Youth Art Troupe Mission: healthy and happy. The educated youth friends of Chengdu Youth Art Troupe enjoy a positive, healthy and happy life through performances and activities organized by the troupe. They also continuously improve their artistic skills with the training of excellent teachers. Through colorful performances, the troupe expresses the aspirations and wishes of educated youth in the form and content of being loved by educated young people, bringing joy to everyone and making them more healthy and cheerful in their later years. Figure 11 Figure 12 Off-site photo Figure 13 Figure 14 Figure 15
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