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2016 third Chinese cheongsam contest (Sichuan division) in the classic Department of "beautiful" held!
To promote the Chinese national essence, the "2016 Third China Cheongsam Contest (Sichuan Division)" sponsored by China Cheongsam Association, China National Cheongsam Association, Global Association of Film and Television, and China World Federation of Cheongsam Societies was held on the afternoon of August 26, 2016 at Classic Meeting. Art Theater held! Cheongsam, you are a beautiful scenery You are a graceful poem figure 1 figure 2 cheongsam, You are not only flirtatious looking through the bridges, More is that lilac tree sinister sin Chan Chan, That charming, that looking back, that cohesion, that pray, First, a look, it is a century, a thousand years. image 3 Figure 4 cheongsam, As the most influential and most widely circulated Chinese traditional garment in the world, It is one of the representative works of China's splendid and traditional costumes Figure 5 Cheongsam for the Republic of China since the 1920s the most popular women's clothing, It is the quintessence of China's five thousand years of national essence, With Chinese women's clothing culture symbolism. Figure 6 And every time we visit Pang Ma Ma abroad There must be a cheongsam Chinese traditional costume culture is shining. Figure 7 Figure 8 Figure 9 Competition is divided into four groups: Angels, Belle group, ladies group, noble group Figure 10 Figure 11 Surging crowds, three or four hundred people onlookers Catwalk, dance, group performance Various forms Figure 12 Contestants are wearing cheongsam competitions Scoring by the judges Highlight the Chinese cheongsam culture profound Figure 13 Cheongsam, the perfect outline of a woman's curve Rich Chinese elements Combined with the draft Let more people love a blossoming cheongsam flower
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Chengdu classic exchange listing to become Sichuan Art Network • Art Creation Appreciation Base
Figure 1 Chengdu Classic Department formally listed as Sichuan Art Network · Art Creation Appreciation Base On August 17, Sichuan Art Network signed an agreement with Chengdu Classic Culture Communication Co., Ltd., which formally became the Sichuan Art Network · Art Creation Appreciation Base. figure 2 image 3 Located in the center of Chengdu Stadium Ximen classic Department, is a collection of art theaters, art exhibitions, classic audio and video broadcast, art masters forums, dance fitness, food and beverage, coffee West Point, Garden Lounge in one, a comprehensive entertainment Square. Figure 4 classic art forum forum In May of this year, the Classic Department and Chengdu Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the "National Grand Theater" magazine carefully crafted high-end art and public lecture platform "Classic Art Forum" inviting music, performance, dance, instrumental music, painting and calligraphy, literature, etc. Masters in the field of great influence on art theory, popularization of art. The Forum holds a half every month, there are already "language magic master" Qiao Zhen, "Liang Zhu" songwriter Chen Gang, soprano singer, famous dancer Shen Peiyi and a large number of top famous speakers on the scene, by the community and the majority of the arts Lovers rave reviews. After the listing was established, Sichuan Art Network and Chengdu Classic Club will conduct in-depth cooperation and exchange in such aspects as carrying forward the theme, spreading positive energy, promoting classical culture, enhancing public aesthetic art and guiding healthy life. According to Chen Jian, The two sides will work hard to promote the spread of classical arts and create a place for the public to enjoy the arts, enjoy the arts and learn the arts so that the arts can truly enter the public life. Expand reading In order to optimize the construction of public cultural system, promote universal popularization of art in Sichuan Province and promote the organization and management of grass-roots cultural and artistic activities, publicity and promotion, artistic creation, image creation and construction of artistic theory, and better serve artists and arts institutions, Artists and their works of art enter the market, live in depth and serve the community. Sichuan Art Network since 2016 to implement the "Partner Program", and co-operation units to build "Art Network Sichuan Art Appreciation Base." After the listing is established, Sichuan Art Network will provide cooperation, art creation, training, exchange and appreciation services. Both parties will also conduct in-depth exchanges in public cultural and artistic activities, artistic creation, construction of art theory and development of cultural and creative products And cooperation.
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The world's unique "Ye Lin colorful ink painting" - the world's limited sale!
Li Ye Lin original - "Ye Lin ink painting" Li Ye-lin was born in Guang'an County, Sichuan Province in December 1939 and is now the honorary president of the Chinese Academy of Calligraphy and Painting and the vice-president of the Chinese Painting Academy. He engaged in creative exploration of painting art for over 50 years and used the tools and materials of Chinese painting with original techniques, Unique style, blend of Chinese and Western paintings of the essence in one, creating a "wild forest color ink painting" new paintings, unique in the international art scene. And Wu Guanzhong, Fan Zeng, Huang Yongyu and other art masters have a considerable historical status. figure 1 Ye Lin ink painting because of its unique and unique style of painting and painting techniques, well received by the world's leading collection agencies and art collectors have a strong concern and attention. Yeh Lin Museum of Art business model In order to meet the needs of the general art lovers to bring "beauty" back to home, the classic Huiyin Art Museum has selected more than 100 works of Mr. Ye Lin according to the international advanced art management methods: 1. Sequestration of the original painting is not for sale and, if appropriate, donated to the National Art Museum, using the most advanced technology and equipment in the world, copied into a limited number of highly imitated replicas with the same original rice paper material as the original painting. 2. Each copy of the original high imitation copy the world's limited edition sales of 599, and each copy of the original high imitation copy the artist's own autograph and seal, and each have a unique number, and a national notary . This is compared to the rest of the international high imitation replicas unique. 3. Classical Hui • Yeh Lin Museum of Art uses the international popular art appreciation, in the "beauty" to bring home, so beautiful works of art can enter the concept of every household, each limited edition high imitation replica has a very Great ornamental value and matching collection value. 4 by the classic exchange of Chengdu Culture Communication Co., Ltd. issued a formal collection certificate and self-distribution box. The company is located in: Li Ye Lin beautiful paintings Figure 2 "late return" 40 × 45cm Price: 3800 yuan Figure 3 "Jing free" 90 × 67cm Price: 9800 yuan Figure 4 "Lake" 137 × 68cm Price: 11,800 yuan Figure 5 "quiet" 90 × 67cm Price: 9800 yuan Figure 6 "Zheng Yan" 69 × 46cm Price: 5800 yuan Figure 7 "Reflected Japanese Lotus" 137 × 68cm Price: 11,800 yuan Figure 8 "Homeway" 69 × 46cm Price: 5800 yuan Figure 9 "animal husbandry" 90 × 67cm Price: 9800 yuan Figure 10 "autumn forest" 137 × 68cm Price: 11,800 yuan Figure 11 "Morning Fog" 137 × 68cm Price: 11,800 yuan Figure 12 "Autumn Pastoral" 69 × 46cm Price: 5800 yuan Notable features Classic Department • Yehliu Museum of Art compared to other art organizations has a significant feature: collectors can buy their own artworks independent marquee. By art museum professionals to simulate the collectors' family environment, for your favorite designer limited edition high imitation installed a beautiful picture of your satisfaction, let you bring the "beauty" home. Yeh Lin Art Museum Figure 13 Classic Meeting official website: www.cajdh.com Address: No. 11 Renmin Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu Sports Center (Classic Department • Ye Lin Art Museum) Tel: 028-86619933 15208219996
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Chengdu International Tango Festival - 7.31 Classic Meeting. Yi Mei Fitness was held!
Organized by the Chengdu Municipal People's Government, Chengdu Municipal Office of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs, Chenghua District People's Government, Chengdu Media Group co-hosted the annual feast - 2016 Chengdu International Friendship Youth Music Week will be held from July 27 to August 2, 2016 Rong held. As a sub-project of the music week, the Chengdu International Tango Cultural Festival hosted by Chengdu Classic Club and Panda Tango Club will be held in Chengdu at the same time. July 29 to 31 every night in Chengdu, three different landmark venues will host a grand ball on different topics. At this time, top tango, top tango or domestic famous tango DJs will bring live performances, tango shows and classic tango music to top dancers from Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, the United States , International dancers from Britain, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries and regions as well as top domestic tango experts in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanjing, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen Set free tango training camp, let everyone feel the charm of the stage tango, and Argentine dancer depth exchange ...... figure 1 The Chengdu International Tango Culture Festival farewell party hosted by Chengdu Classic Club Panda Tango will be held on July 31 at the classic Hui Yi Fitness Center. At that time, Argentina's top tango troupe, the four famous Tango DJs from the international dancers from Uruguay, Germany, the United States, Britain, Portugal, Australia, South Korea, Singapore and other countries, as well as from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanjing , Chongqing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places of the domestic master pool classic collection. July, a unique tango feast, An unprecedented tango to enjoy, Just in Chengdu classic exchange, Wait for you! figure 2 Tango introduction The tango culture festival in chengdu invited international top dance troupe - Argentine peaceful tango dance troupe, composed of a female singer and 10 top dancers, will bring wonderful tango lessons to everyone and dance with you . Original Argentine Tango, in July Chengdu International Tango Culture Festival · Classic Department. 【Activity planning】 image 3 【7.31 classic farewell party】 venue introduction Figure 4 Venue: Chengdu Sports Center classic Hui Yi US fitness center Address: Qingyang District, Chengdu, People's Road, Section 11 Tel: 028 - 86612052 Tickets: 280 yuan / person Tickets include: Argentinean stage tango exchange class; party drinks, party all kinds of delicious snacks Classic Collection is a well-known and elegant art collection in Chengdu, located in Chengdu Sports Center, covers an area of nearly 10,000 square meters, is also one of Panda Tango club teaching. City Sports Center is located in the center of Chengdu downtown business district, close to Tianfu Square, Chengdu is one of the landmark buildings. Oversized dance floor, tango show in Argentina, the global dancers dancing, drinking wine ... Imagine tango needs are here! The imprint of history, the cultural heritage, the rhythm of Chengdu, the style of tango, and friends from all over the world have precipitated into the memory of Rongcheng that we built together. Classic exchange, exchange classic, we have shared the joy of tango, will be remembered here classic memories; we together create a tango cultural event in Chengdu, will be torn under the tango culture, the classic imprint. 7.31 Sichuan dinner party Address: Chengdu Renmin Middle Road, No. 11 Sports Center Simon Classic Meeting Consumption: AA system Charges Argentine Tango exchange class: included in the ballot ticket Classic farewell party tickets: 280 yuan / person 7.31 Sichuan dinner party: AA system Tips All activities started on time, please be sure to pay attention to the time. July flow, look forward to working with all friends who love Tango Passion Tango trip together! Figure 5
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Shining "Chinese Symbols" - Interview with famous photographer Zhou Mengqi "Panda Culture" Gold Story!
Shining "Chinese symbols" - Interview with famous photographer Zhou Mengqi behind the gold medal story A few days ago, at the presentation ceremony of the G20 World-class Grand Prix at the G20 World Photography Awards, the famous giant panda series produced by Zhou Mengqi, a famous photographer in our province, made remarkable achievements. Among them, "Giant Pandas" came from China , More than 1,000 photographers from the United States, France, Poland and Mexico, and more than 10,000 participating photography works, winning the gold medal of "Beautiful China. Natural Scenery Group". Another four giant panda works by the "beautiful China. Natural Scenery Group" selected award. Figure 1 "Beautiful China. Natural Scenery Group" Gold Medal - Zhou Mengqi "Giant Pandas" Figure 2 Welcome G20 "Beautiful China. Beautiful Hangzhou" 郞 Poetry Cup Global Photo Awards Presentation Ceremony Figure 3 "Giant Panda - Into the Dream" won the prize in "Beautiful China. Nature Scenery Group" Unlike many pandas in the photographer's lens. Zhou Meng chess pat the panda, also move is also static, but also the United States is also pure, and swimming nature of spirituality, perfect combination with the environment. Time created a deep skill of photographers, do not show off the technology and camera lens, but a solid interpretation of the creator's perspective, with plain state of mind and nature speaks. The creatures, stories and emotions in his shot are closely linked, giving him extraordinary potential and making more people attractive to his images. Figure 4 Zhou Mengqi "Giant Pandas" won the beautiful China. Natural Scenery Group Gold Award For more than 20 years, he has continued to pay attention to the giant panda and its habitat. With his immense patience, compassion and sincerity, Zhou Mengqi captured the rare ecological moments of giant panda primitives rare to many readers. Zhou Mengqi believes that many people abroad in China know that Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an and even Chongqing in China know little about Chengdu. However, as soon as the giant panda is said, they are getting closer to their emotional distance from Chengdu. "The giant panda, which has lived on the earth for 8 million years, fully reflects the eternal theme of harmony between mankind and nature, and no animal on Earth has received the attention and love of mankind like a giant panda." Figure 5 "Giant Panda - mother and son" in the "beautiful China. Nature Group" won the election award As a member of China Photographers Association, China News Photo Society and China Art Photographic Society, Zhou Mengqi has won such honors as "Outstanding Members of Deyi Shuangxin" and "Outstanding Photographers of Earthquake Relief in 2008" by China Photographers Association. He has published individual photo album "I am your friend, giant panda", "Chinese giant panda", "cute giant panda", "I am a giant panda" and so on. Among them, "China Giant Panda" was awarded the gold prize of national art book, which was published in several languages in China, Britain, Italy, Germany, Japan and other countries respectively. In 2012, Zhou Mengqi was invited to Switzerland to hold a photo exhibition "Giant Panda and Its Hometown." In 2013, the main venue of the Chengdu Global Wealth Forum selected a giant image of his three pandas. In 2014, his "Pomeranian - The video was exhibited at the China National Art Museum. In 2015, his photo album "I am a Giant Panda" was awarded as the prize for best Chinese science popularization in the world. It was chosen by the State Council Information Office as an exchange book for the Chinese embassy in China. His panda theme was published in various publications such as "China National Geography", "China Science Expedition", "China Railway Geography" and "Western China." Panda faces become a distinct coordinate, - Let the world locate China in the first place, find Chengdu! Figure 6 "Giant Pandas - Get Together" won the prize in "Beautiful China. Natural Scenery Group" Zhou Mengqi believes that "Giant Panda Culture, as one of the three major international cultural brands in Chengdu, has distinctive features and world-wide attention and popularity." Giant Pandas have always appeared in various media as the city's business cards in Chengdu, and often appear outside Economic and cultural exchange. Figure 7 "Giant Panda - love" in the "beautiful China. Nature Group" won the election award The clever layout of the panda's clever black and white beauty is simply a mysterious black-and-white Tai Chi figure that is in line with the Chinese Taoist theory of yin and yang. The naive, unconstrained and open-minded nature of the giant panda perfectly matches the connotation and temperament of the urban spirit of "harmonious inclusion, wisdom and integrity" in Chengdu. "Looking at Pandas to Chengdu" Every year, people from all over the world come to Chengdu with pandas, so as to get a deeper understanding of the urban style of classical and fashion, tradition and modernity, and enhance Chengdu's attractiveness and reputation. Now, this piece of "Giant Panda - a GOLDEN" gold medal works are being stored in the first photographic gallery in Sichuan - Classic Meeting. Light and Shadow Station, "2016. Classic Collection Department of Photography" exhibition boutique, has attracted many photographers and hobbies The admirers enjoy. (Text / 45 degrees half a corner)
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