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Celebrate the 95th anniversary of the founding of CPC and the "July 1" poem society in 2016,
June 30 at 3 pm, the classic exchange of Chengdu Shu people ponder poetry club held "95th anniversary celebration and 2016" July "poem" reading activities, poetry teachers are passionate, opened the "dream of China "," Poetic China "chapter of the motherland, one after another with passion to express love for the motherland, pray in poetry, celebrate the party! Figure 1 Collective recitation of "My Chinese Dream" recital: Xu Qinglong, Qin Yong, Wan Shimin, Wang Hourong, Kang Tao, Chen Jin Figure 2 "Patio Spring. Snow" recite: Qin Yong Figure 3 "Lotus Pond" recitation: Zhang Siqing Figure 4 "Beauty, the Book of Songs" recite: Kang Tao Figure 5 Poetry Recitation "Lovely China" Recitation: Shu Zhaoyu, Li Kang Figure 6 recitation "My confession book" Recitation: Wang brown Figure 7 "Hand-Seven String" recitation: Wang Hou-rong, with Yan, Wan Shimin, etc. (sword show: Wang Jianwei) Figure 8 collective recitation "Chunghua" recitation: Shu Zhaoyu, Zhang Lian and so on Figure 9 photo taken Image courtesy of Zhong Yu! Open the pile of yellow history, Recalling the bones of the modern history, The party has created a miracle It is the party that leads us to the future, Party building, do not forget the party, May the party thousand generations shine!
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Children's network movie actor + Korean art exchange registration!
Send your child a special gift Give children a permanent memorial The first domestic-based children as the star, with song and dance talent, youth are positive energy as the theme Series network film actor selection activities officially launched! You want to let your child through the selection, training, Become an actor filming a movie, And on-line broadcast access to the entire network Note? Come and join the talented junior! figure 1 The first domestic: children's talent series Network big movie "Gifted boy of the deadline play" summary of the story In order to participate in the talented young talent contest, eight talented juvenile temporary composition of song and dance, under the guidance of professional teachers, after a long training and running, the degree of understanding between them has reached the forefront of the situation, for the game is Imperative. But just before the game, member Li Haoyang suddenly disappeared, did not leave any clues. Li Haoyang parents anxious decided to call the police at the same time, the seven members also by virtue of their respective powers of observation, logical reasoning, hearing and so on, stripping their heads and looking for clues to Li Haoyang. After overcoming all kinds of difficulties, they found Li Haoyang, who had run away from home because her parents divorced and persuaded him to return to the clan. In the end, with the efforts of eight people, the Gifted Junior Team succeeded in defeating other rivals and won the title of talent contest (details are based on the final draft script). Movie theme: Youth inspirational suspense Creators: Beijing Star International Film and Television, Beijing Star Lei International Film and Television Culture The main producer: Huang Wenhua cinemas "pen fairy 2" Web movie: "life-threatening elevator", "passionate students", "love Italy", "Detective" and so on. General planning, producer, producer: Liu Wenli, Bai Bai Lei, Zhao Shouqiang, Liu Jie Director: Yunfeng Wu Beijing Film Academy graduated from the literature "Detective", "Apple's taste" Screenwriter: Qu Yuanwei joint screenwriter: "Legend of Qi Jiguang," a pair of duck floating on water " Proposed broadcast platform: Ikki Arts, Music, Tencent, Youku, potatoes, Sohu, PPS and other mainstream media. Video length: 60 minutes Boot time: August 2016 On-line time: December 2016 The main characters: 12 (including a teacher, parents 2), the main role of men and women is not limited Actor requirements: 5-19 years old, good image, talent, distinctive personality After you sign up, you will have the opportunity to get the following experience 1. Professional Performance Training (7-10 days) (network picture, for reference only) figure 2 2. starred in the main role of the network movie (stars Lei international film and television network movie real shot video) Opening ceremony: image 3 shooting scene: Figure 4 Figure 5 Media reports: Figure 6 First-rate video site broadcast: Figure 7 April-June preliminary election, July-August performance training + filming, The end of the movie on the line, Let your children spend an unforgettable summer vacation, Harvest unusual experience! Once on stage two opportunities At the same time, your children also participated Chinese elite students sponsored by the 2016 outstanding students South Korean art festival Sichuan trials! Organizer: China Tertiary Art Education Professional Committee Supporters: Incheon Metropolitan City Government Han Chinese Cultural Exchange Association Korean Ministry of Culture and Education Figure 8 Figure 9 In the regional trials for more than third place, you can participate in the August 15-20, 2016 in Seoul, Korea, Incheon University held in Korea Youth Arts Exchange show Oh! Figure 10 Is it moving? Register soon! Sichuan region has officially started the selection! Event Details Entry requirements: 5-19 year olds Entries: Vocal, instrumental, dance, body (model catwalk, basic yoga skills), language (reading, hosting, comic skits), martial arts, magic, etc. can be. Entry Requirements: 3 minutes for solo shows and 4 minutes for group programs. In addition to the piano, costumes, make-up, props bring their own, dance accompaniment and background video with their own video. Figure 11 Event Time: May 29, 2016 09:00 Venue: Chengdu. Classic Meeting. Art Theater Venue: Chengdu People's Road section of the first 11 (Chengdu Sports Center Simon) Classic Department of Art Theater - trials venue photos VOICE LIVE HOUSE live concert Figure 12 Music party scene Figure 13 ways of registration: 1. WeChat application: Concerned about the spread of Starlet, in the public number reply: name + phone + registration, waiting for the staff to call to confirm registration. 2. Phone Registration: Call 028-83336895 15756315376 (sms also available) Teacher He 3. E-mail registration: send name + phone to 316654830@qq.com, wait for staff to confirm the application by phone. 4. Team Registration: The instructor can call the above landline or mobile phone contact staff registration. Click on the upper right corner, select "send to friends" or "share to friends circle" In the dialog box, enter the "activities" "registration" and other keywords, Get movie actor selection and China-ROK art exchange activities details. Long press the two-dimensional code image Star Levin spread
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2016 Annual Meeting: Zhen Huan Qi through, together with cosplay
Welcome to the classic annual meeting in 2016 February 29 joyous Hot programs wave after wave figure 1 Beauty hosting Xu Ping + handsome Talent Longfei Even the famous Flying Brother (Chengdu traffic radio FM91.4 anchor) All have come This is not an avatar food tasting home But our annual meeting of the big judges Look, professional attitude figure 2 Famous tenor Tang Zhuya, China's first aerial aerial photography "Tian Jie Yan" Chinese calligrapher Wang Hanquan, Chengdu City Bureau of Finance inspector, but also a national actor two actors Xu Runmin Famous sits judge, the selection result is undoubtedly fair image 3 Figure 4 Chen Jian, chairman of elegant wisdom end year-end summary Humorous as he Figure 5 Alternative singing deep into the people cosplay anti-string role dress Magic singing imitate Phoenix legend This is too humorous, of course, winner of a single award Figure 6 Art Theater - Wang Xiaoyu Solo "Drunken Beauty" It is Li Yugang came NO, it sounds like Li Yugang Chinese music elements and fashion clever integration Aria of drama Conquered a big fan of votes The big man's brother also sing the infinite melancholy Individual awards are also included in the bag Figure 7 Planning and Propaganda Department, body sculpting center, security department, doorman - sketches of skewer "after that those things" Script original, news network video original People are also original, not pirated Entanglement of Bai Suzhen, Xu Xian, Xu Tong (Xu Xian's younger brother), Fahai's four affair In the "New White Snake Legend" to recreate Xu Xian tender tenderness, through the Chuanban Fahai Shy and generous Bai Suzhen came Figure 8 Figure 9 Monkey King and Bones finally fine together Even spiders are all fell in love with our Monkey King, is indeed a dedication Plot funny, character anti-string is also Aspect More men and women through the anchor Not fun, or what, the best fun winner Figure 10 Figure 11 You are also beauty for this, wrong, is actually a handsome guy The General Department of Tang Ge changed usually serious, to pay the brother to change the usual hip-hop image Once again subvert our worldview Handsome guy dancing crazy Look, this position, this dance is drunk Figure 12 Figure 13 Magic dance Hot rhythm All-flushed males Accidental accidental walking is also drunk Figure 14 Catwalk out of the new height Dancers are beautiful and agile Non-you group gold medal Group Participation Award (4) Art troupe leads young men and women in art theater HIGH sing "happy ode" Figure 15 Figure 16 Figure 17 And Liang Gao Shuang renewed Republic of China Beach Love Monkey again "King told me to patrol the mountain" Li Xin and the little girl with food incense Hip-hop patrolling Figure 18 Hilarious little Zhenhuan Qi even more through This scene, this is also drunk Saying, Song Xiaobao style of funny style Food restaurant colleagues also fight Imitation is a model Food restaurant "Zhen Huan Chuan Pieces" Figure 19 Figure 20 This expression, dolls are in the battle to help ... This is not a prize, who won it Best Performance Award? Best Typhoon Award? Best creative award? Best Popularity Award? Guess what is the prize? Comprehensive Department - solo dance "fire of love" Figure 21 Even the big sisters of our department Qi uniform brush out Look, you can see this figure, this face, It is entirely the facade of our cleaning department Hot body, solo rhythm Warm excitement Of course, it is also an honorable winner of a single award Kitchen Products Department - Park Fan "Machine Dance" Figure 22 Figure 23 Cantonese solo "Mount Fuji" Affectionately sung love song of Mount Fuji Classic Huibao An handsome guy And captured a crowd of powder ... ... Figure 24 Please forgive me for not understanding the nighttime darkness during the day Lights dim Scene is too bright The show is too rich More numerous buffet cuisine Greedy your eyes, drooling Figure 25
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Miss 5.7 paragraph Yue Heng "hunting Africa" black and white images, the next photography "Adams": Feng Jianguo!
Fantasy hunting trip - Into the photography master Duan Yue Heng lens Different kind of "African steppe" figure 1 Yesterday (May 7) at 13:00, Sigma (China) Company and its chief contract photographer - Duan Yue Heng In Chengdu Classic Hui Arts Theater held a "Syma's chief contract photographer - Duan Yueheng hunting Africa sharing exhibition and photography exhibition.The exhibition for more than 150 filmmakers demonstrated the vastness of the African steppe Impression, as well as the most appealing image of the charm of the film and introduced the trip to Africa Gonzo and photo experience experience, enthusiasts to solve the problem. At the same time, Sigma also on the scene for the Friends of the movie provides a lot of camera, the trial of the camera Experience, and promotions and other activities. figure 2 image 3 Exhibition site: Classic Meeting. Art Theater Duan Yue Heng Duan Yueheng, a photographer known for his scenery, pays more attention to the details of the equipment. In the colorful photography world, black and white photography is quite precious and still influences the generation of photographers with his unique expression and lasting vitality. His works are all about the charm of black and white images. Duan Yueheng, a renowned Chinese landscape photographer and winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015 TIPF Photo Contest, enjoys a high reputation in the industry. After more than 30 years of career in photography, he has become a leader in Chinese landscape photography . Figure 4 World-class landscape photographer - Duan Yue Heng Yang Weiqiang, head of the classic light and shadow station, took a photo Duan Yue Heng works Figure 5 His collection of limited edition original works by the world's major art institutions and collectors of all ages and collections, works in Canada, the United States, China, Taiwan and other regions held solo exhibitions. And Canon, Sigma, Epson, Ha Nemler and many other companies, signed. Figure 6 Duan Yueheng published "black and white world", "black and white horizon" photo album. Now a member of China Photographers Association, Canada China Photographic Society vice president, secretary general. Figure 7 This time, Mr. Duan Yueheng is the second trip to Africa shooting, peer creation and photographer Mr. Huang Zhiqiang. Choi Shima shot the selection of Sigma products, SIGMA superiority of products is greatly reflected in their "hunting Africa" works, into a different kind of journey to Africa ...... Figure 8 Figure 9 Figure 10 Figure 11 Black and white images, but also the charm of color shooting. Thick black and white color rich sense of depth ... Figure 12 Figure 13 This time, Duan Yue Heng teacher also shared for us His "black and white world" Figure 14 Figure 15 Figure 16 A magnificent magnificent rivers and mountains, Jiangshan so many Johnson, Countless heroes competing waist Figure 17 Figure 18 Figure 19 Figure 20 Figure 21 Figure 22 After reading this spectacular scenery, Can you sit still? Figure 23 Figure 24 Shima (China) Company Leader's speech and product introduction The event, Sigma responsible person as a shadow friend introduced the "black technology" product charm. Sigma, the world's factory - Japan Aizu, Sigma products are divided into suitable for all types of shooting themes high-performance smart lens Contemporary series, the ultimate optical performance for the photography and the aesthetic life of the Art series and freeze-frame moments exciting sports lens Sports series. Missed a beautiful classic black and white movies, Will the next one be "out of date?" Figure 25 Miss Yue paragraph paragraph 5.7 "hunting Africa" the ultimate black and white images, More wonderful next notice! This must not miss the ultimate large format "black and white" 【Famous Chinese photographer - Feng Jianguo】 5.21 similar to the classic Meeting. Art Theater, continue "black and white" Love Figure 26 Time: May 21 (Sat) Venue: Chengdu Classic Department. Art Theater Address: Chengdu Renmin Middle Road, No. 11 Sports Center China's large format pioneer - Feng Jianguo Feng Jianguo - a large format photographers, monotonous black and white, known as China's "Adams", Beijing Film Academy associate professor, "Popular Photography" magazine editorial board. In 1998 graduated from Nihon University Graduate School of Arts, Master's (photography) degree. During the use of 8 × 10 large landline, twice to the Western Silk Road, collecting the wind, the completion of the works "journey to the Western Regions." In 2000 transferred to Beijing Film Academy, speaker large format photography, advertising photography. Figure 27 Nine Yellow River Bay In 2000, Feng Jianguo's large-format black and white photo exhibition "Travel on Western Regions" traveled from Tokyo to Taipei and Beijing, thus shaking the photography world and making many people like his photographs. Large-scale charm attracts many photographers. Or in 2000, Feng Jianguo in the Beijing Film Academy of Photography School opened the "large format photography" course, which for the first time in China's tertiary institutions, affecting a lot of students. Figure 28 Buddhist students, Jiushi, Qinghai, 2005 Since then, he has spent the winter and summer holidays carrying large format (8 × 10-inch) landplans carrying more than a dozen kilograms, seven on Tibet, three under Xinjiang, as well as Gannan, North Chuanbei and Qinghai, all over the mountain landscapes in western China Water, also with the West also formed a mystery. Figure 29 Uighur wedding musicians, Wada, Xinjiang, 2006 In 2003, his book "Photography with Adams" was widely circulated among large-format photo enthusiasts, especially black-and-white photography enthusiasts, and even printed three editions in a short period of time. In April 2006, he used the friendly relations with the Tokyo Photo Gallery to introduce the original photography master Edward Walton into Beijing for the first time, allowing the domestic photographers to enjoy the masters' original works for the first time at close range Respectfully.
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Yi Mei Fitness & PANDA TANGO Argentine tango master welcome ball
Dear members, Love Tango friends and All love art and beauty of friends, Classic Club & Panda Tango Club Invited to two top tango masters Natalia Hills and Alejansro Aquino Come to Classic Department on May 20, 2016. Yi Mei Fitness, Welcome friends from all walks of life come to learn, observe, Face to face with the master Zero distance to enjoy the charm of Argentinean tango! 520 similar TANGO Figure 1 [Natalia Hills - Broadway Principal Dancer and Choreographer] His creative stage show "Eternal Tango" won Tony Awards and Drama Dest Awards; "Dance floor" by the United States National Medal of Arts and the title of the Argentine national culture project; She was invited to perform for Princess Diana; Repeatedly board the New York Times headline; Invited guest NBC radio, PBC radio, National Geographic Channel, etc .; Performing in Buenos Aires Cologne Grand Theater, Hollywood Kodak Theater, New York Walt Theater, Broadway Schubert Theater and other major world famous theater. Figure 2 [Alejansro Aquino - world-renowned dancer] Alejansro Aquino is a great tango music pioneer Osvaldo Pugliese is hand-picked Dancers who perform for them, His work Tango Dancer "Milonga Boulevard" "Tribute to Osvaldo Priestl" Winning numerous awards, World-renowned. image 3 Figure 4 Yi US fitness (Russia) dance shaping center Yi Mei Russian Dance Fitness Center is located in Chengdu City Sports Center, is the classic combination of Union dancers Association together to create a true sense of the city at home and abroad to the urban white-collar lady-based body shaping dance fitness club, rather than the traditional gym. Figure 5 Body center with nearly 2,000 square meters of fashion forefront of multi-functional body sculptures venues, as well as Yan value, professional and excellent domestic and foreign dance instructor team, and equipped with the world's top imported equipment escort for the body sculpting center. Argentinean tango scene Figure 6 Figure 7 Figure 8 Time: 20:30 - 00:00 on Saturday, May 20, 2016 Location: Chengdu. Classic Meeting. Yi Mei dance body center Address: People's Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu City, No. 11 Sports Center Simon inside Note: There is a large parking lot Tickets: 50 yuan Contains a glass of red wine or beer or a glass of drink, fine snacks. Note: Tickets on the spot, with admission tickets for drinks.
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