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Former Deputy Chairman of Shaanxi Calligrapher Association, Director of Shaanxi Calligraphy Development Committee, Dean of Shaanxi Jinshi Calligraphy and Painting Institute, Consultant of Wang Xizhi's Research Jinting Academy, China,

Wang Dingcheng, the same age as the Republic, was formerly the executive vice chairman of Shaanxi Calligrapher Association, the director of Shaanxi Calligraphy Development Committee, the president of Shaanxi Jinshi Calligraphy and Painting Institute, the consultant of Jinting Calligraphic Association of Wang Xizhi, the researcher of Shaanxi Culture and History Museum, and the special professor of China Academy of Calligraphy (Japan). He has published Wang Dingcheng's Song Ci (Guangdong People's Publishing House), Yuanqu Moyun (Hong Kong Oriental Art Publishing House), Analects of Confucius (Lingnan Art Publishing House), Premier Wen's Proverbs (China World Book Publishing House) and so on, and commemorated Liu Gongquan in Xiyue Huashan, Wang Xi's former residence in Zhejiang, Famen Temple of China, Beijing National Surveying and Mapping Building, Yaoxian County. More than one hundred famous scenic spots such as Leshi, inscriptions and plaques have survived; the works have been collected by the Great Hall of the People, the Palace Museum of Taipei and many museums at home and abroad; and the special editions of hundreds of newspapers, magazines and TV stations, such as "Chinese Calligraphy", "Art Gallery" and "Unity Overseas Edition" of the CPPCC.

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