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The president of Jingdezhen ceramic University, the Thirteenth National People's Congress, the design expert of the Chinese graduate education guidance committee, the special allowance for the State Council, the vice chairman of the Jiangxi Artists Association and the Chinese master of ceramic art

The provincial government of Jiangxi provincial Party committee has awarded "outstanding contribution talent", and the ceramic art of Jiangxi province has been passed on, and the first batch of Jiangxi provincial cultural celebrities were awarded the Jingdezhen City figures in 2015. More than 60 academic papers have been published in the core publications such as "literary Contention", "art and design", "Chinese ceramics", "art and art research", "decoration" and so on. It publishes 4 academic monographs, 5 personal pictorial books, and 16 main books of art and design. The works "age and harmony" and "peace of life" are placed in the main hall of the 2014 APEC summit in Beijing. The Tokyo and paper museums in Japan, the Cambridge Museum in the United Kingdom, the United States West Virginia University, the UNESCO headquarters of the United Nations, the Greek Asian Museum, the The Grand Palace in France, the United Nations Headquarters in the United States, the Lewis Museum in Canada, the overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, the Hongkong Chinese art company, the Chinese Art Museum, and the Shanghai art. Exhibitions and joint exhibitions were held in the museum and Nanjing Museum.