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[New signing]Le Ba Cau,Fine Arts,Vietnamese artists
Le Bakau was born in Vietnam and graduated from Vietnam University of Fine Arts.
Release date: Dec 29, 2018 Page view: 33
[New signing]Katya Gridneva,Fine Arts,Russian painter
Katya Gridneva, born in 1965 in Ukraine. When she was a child, she liked drawing, but when she was selected as a gymnast in a famous sports school in Russia, that talent was put on hold. When she fell from a bar and was injured, her career suddenly ended. In 1993, she was admitted to the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts and recognized her artistic talent. From then on, she began her painting career.
Release date: Dec 29, 2018 Page view: 36
[New signing]LuBiKa·AoBeiLuKeWa,Fine Arts,Slovak painter
She live, work and create in Košice - Slovakia . Motto : "Painting is a way of life for me, the only real freedom I have." All her efforts are directed towards the creation of her own art style, which We would characterize as stylized painting by acrylic and oil on a structured substrate when the structure becomes part of the image. Abstraction and stylized abstracted motifs of nature - especially trees, to which She is continually coming back - are dominant in her work. Most of her images are the materialization of her inner life, a show of what She feel and the way She live. In her pictures She experience joy, passion, love, sorrow, sadness ... all her emotions.
Release date: Dec 29, 2018 Page view: 37
[New signing]Lina Santos,Fine Arts,Realistic Representativism Contemporary Art Painter
Lina Santos is a realistic and representational contemporary artist. Born in Porto, she currently lives in Paledos. After several years as a businesswoman, as a teacher, her teaching experience is very short. As a French/Portuguese teacher, she began to teach herself art in 2008 to improve her painting skills. She took courses in 2009/2013. In 2011, she held her first solo exhibition in Parades City Hall, and regularly held several solo exhibitions, collective exhibitions and art expositions. She is part of the direction of Argo, the Gondoma Art Association.
Release date: Dec 29, 2018 Page view: 36
[New signing]Evelyn Dunphy,Fine Arts,Member of the New England Watercolor Association
Member of American Artists Union, International Realist Association, American Marine Artists Association and National Association of Women Artists.
Release date: Dec 28, 2018 Page view: 33
[New signing]QiaoZhi·HaErQinKe,Fine Arts,Old Realist Painters
He has liked drawing since childhood. He has been in charge of the school newspaper since the first grade. When he was a teenager, he worked in an artist's studio, where he acquired his first professional painting knowledge and skills. During his service in Sevastopol's Black Sea fleet, he was mainly engaged in visual propaganda art. Most of the works are privately collected around the world. In his works, he adheres to the tradition of the old realist school, plus impressionism. In May 2018, he participated in a panel of experts at the International Youth Creativity and Educational Innovation Festival.
Release date: Dec 28, 2018 Page view: 49
[New signing]XieErGai·LiMoSheFuSiJi,Fine Arts,Member of the Federation of Belarusian Artists
Sergei Rimoshevski was born in 1964 in Grodno (Belarus). 1980 -1984 Art College named by Glebov A. K. (Pedagogical Department) 1986 -1991 Monumental-Decorative Department of the Academy of Arts (Minsk, Belarus). 1991-1993 Work on church murals in the Republic of Poland. 1996 Member of Artist Union of Belarus. Lives in Minsk (Belarus), married, has two children. His works are in collections of the National Art Museum of Belarus, the Contemporary Art Center of Belarus, as well as in private collections in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the USA, Canada, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Russia.
Release date: Dec 28, 2018 Page view: 40
[New signing]WeiDuoLiYa·KaLaPeiTi,Fine Arts,Free painter
she started to go by the art path 5 years ago, when she participated in her  husbands (Martin Llamedo) workshop and since that moment she did not stop to create her art. her initial profession is Fashion Design and Product Management with 13 years of experience, but meanwhile always she have been passionate with art.
Release date: Dec 28, 2018 Page view: 53
[New signing]Mien Do Dinh,Fine Arts,Member of Vietnamese Art Association
Du Guoyu graduated from Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Arts and is a member of Vietnamese Art Association. He participated in many domestic exhibitions.
Release date: Dec 28, 2018 Page view: 40
[New signing]Olga Beliaeva,Fine Arts,Russian Watercolor Painter
Olga Believa was born in Yaroslavl, Russia. Although she is a graduate with a degree in mathematics, painting has always existed in her life to varying degrees. A few years ago, the artist who lived in her heart finally won - she left her previous job and entered a new world - a world of free artists.
Release date: Dec 28, 2018 Page view: 34
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