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【New signing】 Art Gallery Professional painterSun Lining
Born in 1976 in Xingtai, Hebei Province, he graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Hebei Normal University. Since childhood, he loved painting very much. After long-term exploration of the road of painting, he finally formed his own realistic painting style. In order to ensure the vividness, richness and reliability of the information source of the picture as well as the expression way to stimulate action, he often collects and sketches the material for countless times before painting, searches and understands every detail needed by scanning type, goes deep in part, looks at the whole, and strives for the full picture, details and the completion of the overall effect. The unity of beauty fully demonstrates the artist's realistic ability.
Release date: Apr 16, 2019 Page view: 98
【New signing】 Art Gallery Professional painterZeng Guozhu
Born in 1970, a professional painter, living and working in China and Dubai.
Release date: Apr 16, 2019 Page view: 114
【New signing】 Art Gallery Member of the Union of Polish Visual ArtistsMarcin Szymielewicz
Marcin Szymielewicz (Marsan Szymielewicz), born on April 25, 1978 in Iawa (Iwawa is a town in Poland). He has participated in more than 60 exhibitions and group exhibitions. Graphic design, posters and photography. Member of the Polish Federation of Visual Artists.
Release date: Apr 16, 2019 Page view: 98
【New signing】 Art Gallery Syrian artistHammoud chantout
Hammoud Chantout (Hammoud Chantout) was born in Syria in 1956. He graduated from the Hammoud Art Center in 1975 with excellent results and won the first prize of all art centers in Damascus. In 1980, he graduated with honors from the University of Fine Arts in Damascus. In 1984, he went to Paris and obtained a diploma from the University of Baux-art with honors. The artist has completed 40 solo exhibitions from around the world, including Canada, Paris, Washington, Beirut, Amman, Damascus and Kuwait. On his journey, he won many awards. Today, his works are owned by private collectors, galleries, museums and institutions. He devoted himself wholeheartedly to the works of art and his studio in Paris.
Release date: Apr 16, 2019 Page view: 133
【New signing】 Art Gallery Colombian artistDora Alis
Born on June 6, 1968, in the Quelma Valley, Colombia. In his works, there is a series of Portraits of Innocence, which is the name of his art in 2009. So far, 103 portraits of various technologies and supports are part of the collection. The Portrait of Innocence is a work inspired by African children. Its current goal is to highlight the color and beauty of black children.
Release date: Apr 16, 2019 Page view: 87
【New signing】 Art Gallery Young artistLiu Shuang
Liu Shuang, born in 1981 in Shanghai, a Shanghai-style city that integrates Chinese and foreign cultures, is an internationalized city with both historical background and constantly full of new things and changes. These unique attributes grew up with the growth of many artists in Shanghai. Under the influence of the traditional family culture background and the modern urban atmosphere of Shanghai, the artist quickly showed a strong interest in painting, and at the same time displayed a unique artistic talent at an early age, in addition to this talent in Shanghai fine arts. After a long period of study and training in the attached middle school, he accumulated a relatively deep foundation in painting, and paved the way for his future exploration in painting. In the subsequent joint examination of Shanghai's first art colleges and universities, he won the first place in Shanghai and was admitted to the Oil Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai University. He began his in-depth study and exploration of the Academic Oil Painting Art.
Release date: Apr 16, 2019 Page view: 102
【New signing】 Art Gallery Belarusian artistLidiya Doukhnevitch
Lidiya doukhnevitch, born and living in Belarus. Major in design. The main form of creation is watercolor, especially with plants as the theme.
Release date: Apr 16, 2019 Page view: 156
【New signing】 Art Gallery GermanyNatalia Rudzina
Since 1985, as a painter and graphic artist, she has expanded her field of work. In 1993, a 10-minute television film about her creation, called "Grass Sound", was released. The Gallery succeeded in selling "art salon" (there was only one gallery in Minsk at that time), and later "Slav" in the gallery. There are many paintings in galleries and private collections in Germany, Britain, France, Israel, Japan, Poland, Russia, the United States and Belarus.
Release date: Apr 16, 2019 Page view: 104
【New signing】 Art Gallery Russian artistRimma Fatkulan
Born in 1977. Amateur artists. Russia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Sheleznogorsk.
Release date: Apr 16, 2019 Page view: 97
【New signing】 Art Gallery Member of the American Association Tianjin BranchSun Zhenwu
Graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 1985, specializing in oil painting. He is currently an associate professor of Tianjin Academy of Arts and Crafts. Member of Tianjin Branch of AAA and Tianjin Modern Oil Painting Society.
Release date: Apr 16, 2019 Page view: 87