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【New signing】 Art Gallery Brazilian painterFelipe Salsano
Felipe Salsano was born in Brasilia in 1987 and raised by a single mother who was completely blind. To be a mother's eye, he kept describing the world to his mother as he grew up. Since childhood, he has shown strong interest in painting. This continuous visual analysis activities enhanced his perception, influenced his style, and created works with rich details and content.
Release date: Apr 18, 2019 Page view: 692
【New signing】 Art Gallery Russian freelance artistAndrei Riabovitchev
Andrei was born in 1968 in Aphseronsk, South Russia. He moved to Moscow to study engineering then found his way into the animation industry. He had always loved art as a youngster and has been working as an artist ever since! Andrei has worked his way through all the different stages involved in making an animation film. His work as Character Designer can be seen in ‘Prince Vladimir’ and ‘Quest for a Heart’. In 2008, Andrei moved to the UK and began working in the film and VFX industry. Here he has worked on many interesting projects as a Senior Concept Artist, including: ‘Seventh Son’, ‘Wrath of the Titans’, ‘X-Men First Class’,’ Wolfman’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ Parts 1 & 2.  Andrei also developing his personal project illustrated story The Hunter.
Release date: Apr 18, 2019 Page view: 661
【New signing】 Art Gallery Russian artistAndreeva Julia
Born in 1975 in Mytishchi, Moscow region. In the family of scientists.
Release date: Apr 18, 2019 Page view: 552
【New signing】 Art Gallery Belarusian artistAlik Oleynik
I was born on December, 19 in 1965 in Belarus. In 1973 I moved to Krasnodar region and since 1986 I have been living in the city of Krasnodar .Being a school boy, I traveled a lot and liked fishing. Later I was engaged in mountaineering. I think that everyone who has ever been in mountains would like to become an artist. During the certain moment my desire has poured out in practical activities. Since 1989 year I have been practicing in professional art. There are many of my pictures in private collections and galleries of Russia, Germany, USA.
Release date: Apr 18, 2019 Page view: 837
【New signing】 Art Gallery Spanish artistAdolfo Córdoba
Birth: April 9, 1963 in Cómpeta (Málaga)                  STUDIES: 1.988 - He takes painting classes from the painter José Luis Montero Mesa, where he learns to see color through Impressionism and Expressionism.   1.990 - Goes to the painting workshop of maestro José Robles Muñoz to acquire new concepts and realizations within the New Realismo Malagueño.
Release date: Apr 18, 2019 Page view: 679
【New signing】 Art Gallery Croatian artistAlfred Freddy Krupa
Alfred Freddy Krupa (1971) graduated in 1995 at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb (est. 1907 as the Royal College for Arts and Crafts). Krupa also studied Art History (non-degree research) at the University of Zagreb (1997,1998) and in 1998/99 as the postgraduate research student at the Tokyo Gakugei University(東京学芸大学).
Release date: Apr 18, 2019 Page view: 690
【New signing】 Art Gallery a master member of the American Oil PaintingWu Jian
Graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts (now the Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University). He enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts of San Francisco University of America in 1993 and later taught there. In 2000, he received a master's degree in fine arts. Since 2014, Wu Jian has become a full-time painter, focusing on art teaching and personal art creation in his studio. Wu Jian has held many individual exhibitions in the United States, participated in oil painting exhibitions and competitions held by galleries and galleries, and won many awards. His book "Chalk Painting Techniques" was published by China Youth Publishing House in 2005. His works were collected and published by Tianjin People's Publishing House in 2007 and 2009. Many of Wu Jian's works have been collected by collectors in the United States and other countries. Wu Jian is a master member of the American Association of Oil Painting and Propylene Painting, a member of the American Portrait Association and a signatory member of the American Association of Oil Painting.
Release date: Apr 18, 2019 Page view: 696
【New signing】 Art Gallery Member of Qingdao Oil Painting SocietyXue Jie
Xue Jie was born in Qingdao, Shandong Province in 1966. He graduated from Qingdao Institute of Education in 1992 and is a member of Qingdao Oil Painting Society.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 685
【New signing】 Art Gallery Professional painterCui Bo
Cui Bo was born in Northeast China in 1979. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Hebei Normal University in 2007 with a master's degree. Professional painter and visiting professor.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 660
【New signing】 Art Gallery Member of China Artists AssociationXue Jiahui
Xue Jiahui, Senior Teacher of the Second High School in Qingyuan County, Liaoning Province, China, Member of China Artists Association, National First-Class Artist, Honorary Chairman of China Contemporary Art Association, Honorary Chairman of Chinese Traditional Culture Research Society, Dean of Songzhuang International Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, and Art Consultant of China International Art Network. He has been awarded the titles of 100 outstanding Chinese painters, outstanding artists of the people, the most influential contemporary Chinese painters and calligraphers, the national inheritors of intangible culture and art, and world famous calligraphers and painters.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 549