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【New signing】 Art Gallery Self-taught painterNarine Kirakosyan
Narine kirakosyan is a self-taught painter. The works are exhibited in different exhibitions. The works are on display in various exhibitions. In June 2016, the "points of view Tour" exhibition was held in Cagliari, Italy. In July 2016, the "journey of ideas" exhibition was held in ovido, Umbria, Italy. "Homage to Frida" exhibition held at the prime minister's office in begamo, Italy in 2017. "Salute Frida" exhibition at Cervantes college, Milan, Italy, 2018.
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【New signing】 Art Gallery Dutch painterSandra Bartels
Sandra Bartels, a Dutch painter, is good at painting animals with soft wax. Her love for animals comes from the heart and deepens when she travels to different places: Africa, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Sweden, Norway, Bonaire. After working in the advertising industry, she began creating realistic animal portraits in soft tones in 2016. In addition to drawing commissioned pet portraits, she also painted wild animals. If you want her to paint a portrait of your pet, understanding the pet's personality and capturing their expressions is the most important part of a realistic and expressive portrait.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 190
【New signing】 Art Gallery Self-taught artistJosé Valladares Moreno
Jos é Valladares Moreno was born in Aranjuez, Madrid. His painting was basically self-taught, but he also received painting guidance from the late Ruben torreira. Most importantly, he seeks to convey emotion and love to art, trying to make realism the final pioneer. His works have been found in private collections in Brazil. He was recently selected as a member of the third international realist salon.
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【New signing】 Art Gallery Master of Fine ArtsMeng Yun
Meng Yun studied in the attached middle school of the Central Academy of Fine Arts from 1999 to 2003. He was admitted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts from 2003 to 2007. He graduated from the First Studio of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2007. In 2018, he graduated from the First Studio of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a master's degree.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 110
【New signing】 Art Gallery the perpetual member of Hong Kong Artist SocietyYick Yeung
After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1971, Yang Yi held an open exhibition in the Exhibition Hall of the General Hall, and then majored in oil painting with Mr. Ma Jiabao in the same year. The works have been exhibited at home and abroad and in Hong Kong for many times, and have won high praise. Some of the works are also collected by fans and the Lingnan Oil Painting Museum in Guangzhou. He is currently the President of the Alumni Association of the Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts, Vice President of the International Association of Contemporary Painters, Vice President of the Majiabao Memorial Painting Association, Executive Board and Permanent Member of the Hong Kong Federation of Painters.
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【New signing】 Art Gallery Member of Tuyen Quang Literature and Arts AssociationLe Cu Thuan
Le Cu Thuan was born in 1981 in Nguyen Kwang, Vietnam. He graduated from Vietnam north art and culture school in 2001 and Vietnam University of Fine Arts in 2006. He is a member of Tuyen Quang literature and Art Association, Vietnam literature and Art Association, Vietnam Art Association and art master group.
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【New signing】 Art Gallery Professional painterJimmy Fali
Jimmy fali (Jimmy) was born on August 13, 1954 in a Pakistani family. In the process of growing up, he broke the barriers of caste and belief, and really defined multi-ethnic Republic through his art and altruism. In 1976, he became a professional painter, but he did not stop here, his achievements are far more than the creation of artists.
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【New signing】 Art Gallery Doctorate in sculptureGrzegorz Gwiazda
Grzegorz Gwiazda was born in 1984 in limibach, valmia. He studied in Poznan and Warsaw art schools, and later went to Milan Art Institute and won a scholarship. In 2009, he graduated with honors from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (ASP), where he studied sculpture from Professor Adam myjak. In January 2014, he received a doctor's degree. Since 2009, he has been working in the graphics and Sculpture Department of the Warsaw Institute of special education and the Institute of Art Education (IEA ASP). And began to work with the Barcelona Academy of art in 2015.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 129
【New signing】 Art Gallery Professor of plastic artsHernan javier munoz
Hernan Javier Munoz (Hernan Javier Munoz) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on April 5, 1983. In 1996, he entered the Art School "Rogelio Yrurtia". In 2000, he graduated as a professor of plastic arts. In 2001, he began working at the OA-monuments y Obras de Arte agency under the Ministry of Environment and Public Space in Buenos Aires. Here he restored the works of art and sculpture of his city.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 191
【New signing】 Art Gallery Master of Science in Sociology, University of AmsterdamGezien van de Riet
Gezien Van de RIET is a very talented and motivated artist. He has obtained a master's degree in sociology from the University of Amsterdam and has taken a minor course in art history. These experiences are the reason why she later went to Bolivia. There, she interacted with the indigenous people, and many of the oil paintings and gouache paintings she created benefited from this experience. Later, she went to night school at La Paz art college, where she held her first painting exhibition. She is often interviewed by domestic media, radio and television, and was commissioned to make a mural by a new hospital near La Paz. She returned to Europe as a painter and was guided by Diederik kraaijpoel. She used to be a teacher and painter, and an important publisher of Art (post) modernism Her painting skills include oil painting, tempera painting and crayon painting.
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