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【New signing】 Art Gallery Professional painterFred Wessel
Fred Wessel has taught at Hartford College of Art (Hartford University) for 35 years and is now an honorary professor.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 107
【New signing】 Art Gallery Famous painterHan Bin
Han Bin, a famous painter and senior interior designer, was born in Luonan, Shaanxi Province after 1980. He liked painting since childhood. He graduated from the Department of Architectural Environment Art and Design of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in 2004. He has studied painting under the door of Zhang Junchao, a famous pen painter. China National Second-Class Artists, Senior Members of China Decoration Industry Association, Hong Kong Literature Federation-Artists Association of China, Senior Members of China Pen and Painting Association, Best Hand-Painting Master of China Hand-Painting Force, Senior Judge of China Hand-Painting International Industry Association, Senior Interior Interior Residential Designer of China Architectural Decoration Design Association Special lecturer of Xi'an Foreign Affairs College (Department of Design), member of Shaanxi Artists Association, member of Xi'an Artists Association and member of Shaanxi Decoration Association.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 88
【New signing】 Art Gallery Member of China Artists AssociationLiu Yunsheng
Liu Yunsheng was born in Laizhou City, Shandong Province in 1937. In 1963, he graduated from Shandong Art College, majoring in oil painting. Now he is a member of China Artists Association, Sichuan Artists Association, and a national first-class artist.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 141
【New signing】 Art Gallery Spanish watercolor painterJavier Zorrilla
Javier Zorrilla (Javier Zorrilla) works as a watercolor teacher in Madrid's Alda Gallery and his studio. He has won many awards in domestic and international competitions and taught watercolor courses in Spain and other cities abroad. He works in public and private collections around the world.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 104
【New signing】 Art Gallery Larysa Yermak-Dolhova Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and IWS UkraneLarysa Yermak
Larysa Yermak is a member of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists and IWS Ukrane. Graduated from Suzdal School of Art Restoration, majoring in Egg Painting and Oil Painting. She participated in an exhibition at the Suzdal Museum of Wooden Architecture and Farmer's Life in the 1990s. Since 2009, he has participated in Zaporizhzhya annual collective exhibition.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 104
【New signing】 Art Gallery Young artistWang Jinsong
Wang Jinsong, born in Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province, now lives in Chaoyang District, Beijing.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 95
【New signing】 Art Gallery Member of Chongqing Artists AssociationZhangDesheng
Graduated from Art College of Suzhou University with Master's Degree in Design Art, Southwest University teacher, member of Chongqing Artists Association, member of Chongqing Designers Association, luggage designer, currently teaching in Southwest University, director of design department.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 118
【New signing】 Art Gallery Traveling watercolor painterZhang Xueping
Zhang Xueping, Naliang Zi, a Japanese watercolor painter. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University (formerly the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts), and went to Japan in 1989. After graduate students from Domo University of Fine Arts and Academy of Aichi County University of Art (Zhongtui), he has been engaged in graphic design for about 25 years in Japan and China. In recent years, he mainly carries out painting creation activities through watercolor media.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 100
【New signing】 Art Gallery Italian painterClaudio Giulianelli
Claudio giulianelli was born on September 23, 1956 in Rome, Italy. Since the first half of the 1970s, he has participated in some collective art exhibitions in Rome, made some achievements in the critics and audience, and won many famous awards and trophies. He has also participated in several national art exhibitions, first of all the Levante annual exhibition held in Barry, and finally came to the Louvre exhibition in Paris. The most influential newspapers and magazines in Italy published comments on his painting exhibition. In the next few years, he strengthened his creation, and the exhibition also rose to the international level. The works have been exhibited in America, China and several European countries.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 99
【New signing】 Art Gallery Professional artistYu Fang
Yu Fang was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in 1989. He graduated from the Mural Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2011 with a bachelor's degree. He is now a professional artist and lives and works in Beijing.
Release date: Apr 17, 2019 Page view: 96