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【New signing】XiaoKe,Photography,Engaged in photography for 25 years, the teacher from Mr. Tao Yu Guang.
Emying Film Studio Special Photographer, Langjiu Group Product Photographer, Sichuan Gymnasium Special Photographer, for many years to shoot tourism and image promotional films, works: Neijiang Tourism, Chongzhou Publicity Film, Dayi Publicity Film, Anren Ancient Town Publicity Film, Wufengxi Publicity Film, Wuhou District Publicity Film, etc.
Release date: Feb 07, 2018 Page view: 659
【New signing】TianJieYan ,Photography,China's famous aerial photographer, vice chairman of Sichuan Photographer Association
Vice chairman of Sichuan Federation of literary and Art Circles
Release date: Feb 03, 2018 Page view: 686
【New signing】YuanRongSun,Photography,Member of Sichuan Artists Association, member of China Photographers Association, signed photographer of National Geographic of China, Professor of Art Department of Southwest Jiaotong University Architecture and design school.
He has been nominated by Fuji Film Cup National Photography Baijia and Kodak Cup Chinese Photography 1999 Professional Reverse Photographer. His works have participated in the 18th and 19th National Photography Art Exhibition, won the Gold and Silver Prizes of National and Sichuan Photography Art Exhibition, and have been exhibited in many countries in the world.
Release date: Feb 02, 2018 Page view: 740
【New signing】LiangJiangChuan,Photography,A member of the Chinese Photographers Association, chairman of the technical committee of the Sichuan Advertising Photography Association
In 1990, he went to American Color 2000 Photography Company to receive professional training in photography and image quality control system. He was the first photographer in China to receive professional image quality control abroad. Good at character, scenery, advertising products and wildlife photography. In recent years, he has focused on digital photography. His works are characterized by delicate light, broad composition and strong and concise image temperament. He is regarded as a representative photographer of the "new scenery school".
Release date: Feb 02, 2018 Page view: 728
【New signing】ZhaoXiuWen,Photography,A member of the Chinese photographer association and a professional photographer
From 1989 to 1992, he studied in Japan and majored in photography in the Department of Art, Kyushu University of Technology. In 1992, he was employed as a photographer by Abe Advertising Photography Company, Fukuoka City, Japan.
Release date: Jan 31, 2018 Page view: 678
【New signing】LiShuFeng,Photography,Vice president of the Chinese Academy of Arts and research, vice chairman of the Chinese Photographers Association, director of the editorial board of the Chinese photographers magazine
He has hosted the 6th, 7th and 8th National Symposium on Photography Theory, and has been the editor-in-chief of the New Photography Ideas Series. He has served as the judge of national and international film exhibitions for many times. He has established the "Photographer Big PK" activities at home and abroad to carry out comparative studies of imaging genetics and photographers'cases. He has also established the China International Biennial Photography Exhibition and the International Photographer Xiangsha Bay Photography Week in China. He is the editor-in-chief of Encyclopedia of China Photography Volume (3rd edition), deputy director of the Editorial Board of Plastic Arts of Renmin University of China, and member of the Arts Committee of the Chinese Art Museum. He has written "Visual Century - Macau Photography", "Photographic Watching" and "Introduction to Photographic Art". In 2008, he won the Golden Image Award of Chinese Photography (Theory Comment Award), "Seeing and Seeing - Photography Xiaozao" won the first prize of the Literature and Art Comment Award of the Chinese Federation of Nations. In 2013, he was awarded the Excellent Expert of the Ministry of Culture, and in 2014, he won the title of the national leader in the press and publishing industry.
Release date: Jan 31, 2018 Page view: 807
【New signing】YuYunTian,Photography,Chinese Photographers Association, director of the Chinese photographic Copyright Association, the first Chinese Photographic Art gold medal winner
Director of China Photographers Association
Release date: Jan 29, 2018 Page view: 754
【New signing】WangWenLan,Photography,Senior advisor of China Daily, consultant of the Chinese Photographers Association.
He has participated in the "Fourth Five-Year" Movement, the Tangshan Earthquake, the Laoshan Front, flood relief and other sudden news interviews, as well as the Party Congress, the National People's Congress, the CPPCC, the visits of heads of state to China and other major national and Asian Games, Olympic Games and other news reports.
Release date: Jan 29, 2018 Page view: 715
【New signing】ZhangJian,Photography,Zhang Jian, writer, visual artist. A member of China Photographers Association, a member of Chengdu Federation of literary and art circles, a member of Chengdu Writers Association, a member of Chengdu Artists Association, a taxi Culture Museum, a founder of Rongshi library, and a collector of taxi culture, literature and history.
Zhang Jian, a writer and visual artist.
Release date: Jan 16, 2018 Page view: 816
【New signing】YuLinBin,Photography,The current chairman of the Federation of Xiaojin County, Aba Prefecture of Sichuan Province, member of China photography Copyright Association, member of Sichuan Photographers Association, member of Sichuan province National Cultural Image Art Association, western image club members, director of ABA Photographers Association, Xiaojin County Photographers Association Chairman
Yu Linbin, Tibetan name zelangduoji, male, Tibetan, 53 years old, Bachelor of Chinese, CPC member, was born in Xiaojin County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province on August 22, 1967. At present, he is a member of China photography Copyright Association, a member of Sichuan Photographers Association, a member of Sichuan Writers Association, a special photographer of "Horizon", a contracted artist of classic collection, a member of Sichuan Ethnic Culture Image Art Association, a member of Western image club, and a director of ABA Photographers Association; a member of China prose society, a director of Sichuan prose society, and Aba Tibetan and Qiang Research Association Member, Xiaojin Jiarong folk custom research association.
Release date: Jan 16, 2018 Page view: 663