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【New signing】 Photography Gallery International famous photographerJOSE ALMÉCIJA
His photographs show us an inclusive way to deal with all kinds of art, especially in the world of plastic arts and painting, which has the deepest foundation.
Release date: Apr 21, 2019 Page view: 1625
【New signing】 Photography Gallery PhotographersXing Yuanming
Freelancer, like photography. Full-time photography creation after retirement.
Release date: Apr 21, 2019 Page view: 1745
【New signing】 Photography Gallery The 7th China Photography AwardsZheng Zhi
He has been engaged in commercial photography for 39 years. He has won 40 awards and more than 100 awards at all levels in film exhibitions at home and abroad, especially in advertising film exhibitions. Now he is a member of China Photographers Association, American Professional Photographers Association, Director of Liaoning Photographers Association, Honorary President of Zhongshan Photographers Association. He has been appointed as Visiting Professor of Shenyang Aviation Industry Institute, Visiting Professor of Fine Arts Branch of Liaoning Economic Cadre Management College, and Professor of Photography of Shenyang Vocational and Technical College. In the 1980s, he studied painting and photography in Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. In the 1990s, he was engaged in photography in Liaoning Pictorial Press. He was awarded the 7th China Photography Golden Image Award, the 7th China Photography Golden Image Award, the PPA "World Outstanding Professional Photographer", the Pingyao International Photography Exhibition "Excellent Photographer", the 11th National Exhibition Golden Award, and the Chinese Photographers Association as the judges of the 2014 "Birch Cup" China Creative Photography Exhibition. Appoint. Member of Commercial Photography, China Photographers Association.
Release date: Apr 21, 2019 Page view: 1609
【New signing】 Photography Gallery Famous Chinese freelance photographerGe Jialin
Born in 1938, graduated from Engineering University in 1961, engaged in science and technology photography, film photography, stunt photography, art photography and advertising photography for more than 50 years. He has worked in scientific research, scientific and technological information, film studios, and was the director of photography and Photography Department of Sichuan Academy of Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting. Photographic Society of America. lnc. Photographer, Hong Kong China Tourism Pictorial Special Photographer, freelance photographer.
Release date: Apr 21, 2019 Page view: 1736
[New signing]LiuWeiMin,Photography,Member of Shandong Photographers Association
Born in May 1963, he is an architect and senior engineer. He began to study photography in 2015. He is now a classic contract photographer, a contract photographer in Shandong Photo Gallery, a contract photographer in Yaduo, and a member of Shandong Photographers Association.
Release date: Dec 24, 2018 Page view: 706
[New signing]ChenLei,Photography,professional photographer
Chen Lei was born on May 11, 1982. 1x.com Member, 35photo.ru Member, 500px (Visual China) Contracted Photographer, Tubu Contracted Photographer, Panoramic Network Contracted Photographer, Huitu Network Contracted Photographer, 123RF Contracted Photographer, 7MX Contracted Photographer, Revue Creative Contracted Photographer.
Release date: Dec 16, 2018 Page view: 817
[New signing]LiHengJi,Photography,Award-winning visual artist and photographer from Indonesia, Jakarta
Li Hengji was born on August 21, 1974. He is an award-winning visual artist and photographer from Indonesia, Jakarta. He began to study photography and visual arts seriously in 2009, and many of his works appeared in some famous international journals. For example, black and white magazines 1X. COM and TOME. COM.
Release date: Dec 16, 2018 Page view: 704
[New signing]SunJun,Photography,Freelance Photographer
Freelance photographer, mainly like scenery shooting.
Release date: Dec 16, 2018 Page view: 685
[New signing]LengBingChe,Photography,Travel Photographer and Landscape Photographer
Cold and clear, doctors, photographers, enthusiastic travel photography and landscape photography. Oriental IC Contracted Photographer, Tubu Contracted Photographer, Black Sheep Wall Contracted Photographer, Shashaye Contracted Photographer, Gravity Video Contracted Photographer, Tiger Course Network Contracted Lecturer, China National Tourism Co-Photographer, Creating Suelta Vision. His works have been exhibited in China National Tourism and the theme film exhibition of City Hunter. He has cooperated with Beijing Metro in exhibiting several works, video teaching of Tiger Course Network and offline film exhibition.
Release date: Dec 16, 2018 Page view: 666
[New signing]WuHongJun,Photography,Member of Jiangsu Photographers Association
Wu Hongjun, member of Yangzhou Photographers Association, member of Jiangsu Photographers Association, invited photographers for 500px Chinese edition, signed photographers for Visual Ado, and signed photographers for Tuzewang. He loves creative landscape photography, and his works have been acquired and collected many times. In the shooting object, location, light, composition and other aspects have their own ideas, post-production has a personal style, emphasis on personality, unique.
Release date: Dec 16, 2018 Page view: 707
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