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[New signing]HeHao,Photography,commercial photographer
He Hao is a commercial photographer, an outdoor adventure photographer, a photographic lecturer, a senior cartographer and a senior editor. Travel, locomotive and outdoor leader. Graphic Designer, Creative Director and Accredited Color Manager of Escherichia Pantone. 500PX Contracted Photographer, Visual China Contracted Photographer. VIVO Contracted Photographer, New World Contracted Photographer, Classic Contracted Photographer. WKa Pictures Founder, officially engaged in photography in 2014.
Release date: Dec 16, 2018 Page view: 701
[New signing]ZhangChengYong,Photography,Shenzhen Free Photographer
Zhang Chengyong, a freelance photographer in Shenzhen, was born in 1976 and is currently engaged in IT industry. I like landscape photography. At present, they are contracted photographers for Tubu and Ctrip. He is good at shooting large scenes in the fields of seascape, regional scenery, architecture and so on. He likes to pour emotions into his works.
Release date: Dec 16, 2018 Page view: 652
[New signing]WangJianLin,Photography,professional photographer
Wang Jianlin was born in Sichuan in 1968. Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Sichuan Institute of Education, he was engaged in fine arts education in his early years. He contacted photography in 1993. In 2000, he began to take photography as his profession, mainly commercial photography. At the same time, he also took pictures of scenery and humanities. In 2009, I began to travel around the world to shoot. During the photographic journey, I slowly realized the outlook on life and photography besides photography.
Release date: Dec 16, 2018 Page view: 692
[New signing]Jesús Amat,Photography,Spanish photographer
From a very young age, Jess Amat had a real passion for the various art worlds. Music is one of his greatest sources of passion and inspiration. At the age of 15, he began to attach importance to music magazines and the cover of his favorite artist. It is also the background and lighting of the stage. From this moment on, he began his own world of music photography.
Release date: Dec 13, 2018 Page view: 778
[New signing]Li牣,Photography,Master of EPS, University of Bass, UK
Li Yao was born in 1994. Common name for photography: Knight lee. Master of EPS, University of Bass, UK. Graduate project manager, a project management consulting firm. He has been in contact with photography for about 8 years, although frustrated, he has always upheld his understanding of photography. He also hopes that the future road can also uphold his heart, along the path of the ancestors of Kaishan, extend more soul and emotional pictures and video recordings. Do not forget the first heart, not benefit the heart, please yourself, influence others. Having lived in Zhuhai and created CAMERAMEN, I hope to influence more people who are interested in photography in their spare time. It has provided maps for National Geography and national tourism.
Release date: Nov 29, 2018 Page view: 678
[New signing]XueLiangQuan,Photography,Member of China Photographers Association
Xue Liangquan studied photography in the Department of Journalism, Wuhan University in 1988. He is now a member of the Chinese Photographers Association, the World Chinese Photography Society, the Chinese Art Photography Society, a consultant of the Leshan Photographers Association, a vice-chairman of the Emeishan Wenlian Federation and a chairman of the Emeishan Photographers Association. He has served as deputy director of the office of Overseas Chinese Taiwan of the Emeishan Municipal People's Government, director of the office of Overseas Chinese Taiwan of the Municipal Party Committee, and director of the proposal Committee of the Municipal Consultative Conference. He was a resident journalist of Health Daily, Sichuan Workers Daily, Sichuan Quality Daily and China Photography Daily.
Release date: Nov 29, 2018 Page view: 790
[New signing]XueKang,Photography,Member of China Photographers Association
Xue Kang, male, was born in May 1954. Member of China Photographers Association, Chinese Art Photography Society and Primatology Society of China Zoological Society. In recent years, photographic creation has gradually shifted from scenery to humanities and then to special topics. The photographic works have won awards and exhibitions in many photographic competitions at home and abroad, and have been included in the relevant photo collections.
Release date: Nov 29, 2018 Page view: 650
[New signing]Pere Sallés,Photography,Spanish artists
Pere Sall s was born in Barcelona, Spain (1948). He started as a jeweler in the art world. He took pictures of his jewelry and began the world of advertising photography. He made very popular jewelry photographs.
Release date: Nov 14, 2018 Page view: 658
[New signing]NiXiangKe,Photography,Member of Sichuan art Photographers Association
Ni Xiangke, male, born in 1962, is a native of Zaozhuang, Shandong Province. At present, he works in CNNC No.22 company. Appointment of people's daily city news online editor, CCTV (Wendao) column editor, deputy director of Chengdu Liaison Office of CCTV digital TV photography channel Member of Zhejiang Photographers Association of China, member of Sichuan Art Photography Association, chairman of Sichuan Station of China scenic spot photography network and reporter of China scenic spot photography network, vice chairman of Chengdu Club of China photography network and special lecturer of China photography network, member of China common Photographers Association, signed photographer of Chengdu classic culture Media Co., Ltd., Jiaxing photographer Member of the Association; has participated in international and domestic photography activities, with numerous awards and certificates; mainly shooting the theme of China nuclear power plant construction, the fourth exhibition and album of "chasing light and shadow" in the series of works, recording the brilliant construction history of Hainan Island Changjiang nuclear power plant.
Release date: Nov 10, 2018 Page view: 689
[New signing]WangXiao,Photography,Member of Shandong tourism Photography Association
Wang Xiaoshan was born in Shandong Province in 1987. Member of Shandong Tourist Photography Association, Photographer of Tianquancheng Magazine, Special Photographer of Jinan Tourism Development Committee, Special Photographer of Jinan Pictorial, Photographer of Jinan City Scenery and Humanities all the year round.
Release date: Nov 10, 2018 Page view: 690
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