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[New signing]FengXueMin,Photography,Member of the Japanese Photographers Association
Feng Xuemin was born in Shanghai, China, in 1953. In 1970, young intellectuals from farms in Yunnan went to the countryside. 1982 Shanghai Pictorial Photographer.
Release date: Aug 10, 2018 Page view: 789
[New signing]LiJinYuan,Photography,Now a member of the Chinese Copyright Association of China
Li Jinyuan, born in October 1954 in Lezhi county, Sichuan Province, is a member of the Communist Party of China, with a college degree. He has worked in the army for 22 years, and has been engaged in full-time journalism for 16 years. He has published more than 4300 news, literature and photography works in the news media of the people's Liberation Army, the Central People's radio, China International Radio, and the banner of war, and has won the honors of four times and three times. From 1976 to now, we insist on using the concept of "news sensitivity" to guide amateur news photography and photography creation of all kinds of subjects. More than 40 works have won the national "city throwing Cup", National Children's "red memory" and other awards. In August 2015, he was appointed as the Chief Photographer of the book of Tibetan sheepskin by Jiangsu Phoenix literature and Art Publishing House, and nearly 50 works on the theme of Tibetan customs were published in this book. Currently, he is a member of China Photographers Association, China photography Copyright Association, Sichuan Photographers Association, Sichuan Writers Association, and expert judge of Sichuan Radio and television radio listening program.
Release date: Aug 04, 2018 Page view: 699
[New signing]GuoGuangHui,Photography,Members of the Chinese Photographers Association
Guo Guanghui, a member of China Photographers Association, International Photographers Union (GPU), China Photography Copyright Association, a contracted photographer of the Capital of Photography, a member of Sichuan Photographers Association, a director of Chengdu Photography Artists Association and a vice-chairman of the Wenlian Association of Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu City, began to love photography in 1990 and graduated from the basic class, improvement class and "Chinese Photography" of Beijing Photography Correspondence College. 》 Advanced magazine seminar. He is good at landscape photography and humanistic photography. He has won many awards in photography contests at home and abroad. He participated in the Sino-British cultural exchange and Pingyao International Photography Exhibition. He has also been used in photography magazines and websites both inside and outside the province.
Release date: Jul 13, 2018 Page view: 725
[New signing]YangChengLong,Photography,Members of the Chinese Photographers Association
Yang Chenglong, male, member of China Photographers Association, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of Sichuan National Cultural Image Art Association and Chengdu Wuhou Photographers Association. In 1983, he began to study photography. He liked to shoot natural scenery, humanistic documentary, and to focus his lens on ordinary people, who were both ordinary and extraordinary. Since its publication in 1996, it has published hundreds of photographic works in newspapers and websites such as China Photographers Association Network, China Photography Newspaper and so on. Its works have won prizes in national, provincial, municipal and county film competitions for many times.
Release date: Jul 11, 2018 Page view: 731
[New signing]WangDaJiang,Photography,Deputy director of the art of photography
Wang Dajiang, Vice Director of Art, Capital of Photography, Visiting Professor, Sichuan Branch, Beijing Photography Correspondence College.
Release date: Jun 29, 2018 Page view: 648
[New signing]ZhangTongSheng,Photography,Director of the Art Committee of the Chinese Photographers Association
Zhang Tongsheng, a famous photographer, the 7th and 8th Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Photographers Association, the Director of the Art Committee of the Chinese Photographers Association, the Member of the National Committee of the Chinese Literature and Art Association, the Vice-Chairman of the Photography Association of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the Director of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the Executive Director of the Chinese Russian Friendship Association, the Member of the Royal Professor, Doctoral supervisor, Neishen University, Professor, Department of Photography, Beijing Film Academy.
Release date: Jun 29, 2018 Page view: 682
[New signing]WuChaoHong,Photography,Members of the Chinese Photographers Association
Wu Chaohong was born in March 1958 and was the second student of China Photography Correspondence College in 1984. Member of China Photographers Association, Sichuan Photographers Association, China Financial Photographers Association, China International Photographers Association, and Deputy Secretary-General of Sichuan Entrepreneur Photographers Association. "China Rural Finance" magazine invited photographers. In 2012, Hong Kong Tianma Publishing House published and published the picture album "Hongshou West".
Release date: Jun 21, 2018 Page view: 678
[New signing]XieShaoGang,Photography,Deputy Secretary General of Sichuan entrepreneurs Photography Association
Xie Shaogang, member, director and member of the Sichuan Photographers Association and Chengdu Photography Association in 1982. He is currently the Deputy Secretary-General of Sichuan Entrepreneur Photography Association and the director of Sichuan Scientific Exploration Association. The founder of Chengdu's early series Red Rose Art Film House is responsible for artistic portraits and wedding photography. He has been engaged in portrait, advertising and amorous photography for 20 years in Shenzhen, and participated in the planning of "Shenzhen Biennial of Design and Creativity" and international large-scale product exhibitions.
Release date: Jun 13, 2018 Page view: 682
[New signing]HeJun,Photography,Members of the Chinese Photographers Association
He Jun, current: Vice Chairman of Sichuan Photographers Association, chairman of Sichuan Women Photographers Association. In more than 20 years of photographic organization, hundreds of photographic exhibitions have been organized for all levels of photographic teams in various provinces and cities.
Release date: Jun 13, 2018 Page view: 663
[New signing]WangDaJun,Photography,Chairman of the Sichuan Photographer Association
Wang Dajun, male, born in Chongqing, former vice chairman of China Photographers Association, chairman of Sichuan Photographers Association, President of Sichuan pictorial news agency, chief editor of Sichuan pictorial and new trend weekly, is now the consultant of China Photographers Association and executive chairman of Chengdu International Photography and Cultural Exchange Association.
Release date: Jun 13, 2018 Page view: 924
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