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[New signing]YangYongHong,Photography,Members of the Chinese Photographers Association
Yang Yonghong, member of China Photographers Association, member of China Photography Copyright Association, 25 issues of Sichuan Branch of Beijing Photography Correspondence College, 26 outstanding students of the class, and 10 best photographers of Sichuan Youth Photographers Association Photography Capital.
Release date: May 31, 2018 Page view: 632
[New signing]LiPing,Photography,Member of the Chinese Art Photography Association
Li Ping, native Liaoning, University culture. Member of China Art Photography Association, Deputy Secretary-General of Sichuan Art Photography Association and Technical Director of Chengdu Kangba Guangying Culture and Art Co., Ltd.
Release date: May 29, 2018 Page view: 693
[New signing]MeiYuanJiao,Photography,Member of the Sichuan Photographer Association
Mei Yuanhao, a member of Sichuan Photographers Association, was a member of the 86-year "Comprehensive Investigation Team of Photography in China of 50,000 Miles" and has worked in the "Color 2000 Advertising Company" in San Francisco, USA since 1990. He returned to China in 2007 to invest in factories and resume his photography career after retirement in 2015.
Release date: May 29, 2018 Page view: 581
[New signing]QiaoJianWen,Photography,Member of the Chinese Art Photographer Association
Qiao Jianwen, who joined China Photography Copyright Association, China Art Photographers Association, Sichuan Photographers Association, Sichuan Art Photography Association, Chengdu Science and Technology Photography Society and Chengdu Folk Photography Association in 2013, is now a contracted photographer in the capital of photography.
Release date: May 25, 2018 Page view: 605
[New signing]WeiZongYu,Photography,Member of Sichuan Art Photography Association
Wei Zongyu, born in Chongqing in 1968, now lives in Chengdu. Visual Chinese contracted photographer, member of Chengdu Folk Photography Association and member of Sichuan Art Photography Association.
Release date: May 24, 2018 Page view: 624
[New signing]HuangMei,Photography,The director of the civil aviation Photographer Association, the Deputy Secretary General of the Sichuan Women Photographers Association, the Deputy Secretary of the Development Department of the Sichuan entrepreneur Photography Association, the Deputy Secretary General of the Sichuan national cultural and Art Research Association and the standing director of the Sichuan youth Photographer Association.
Huangmei was born in Chengdu, Sichuan in 1966. Good at news, humanistic documentation, scenery, delay photography. Director of China Civil Aviation Photographers Association, Deputy Secretary-General of Sichuan Women Photographers Association, Vice-Minister of Development Department of Sichuan Entrepreneurs Photography Association, Deputy Secretary-General of Sichuan National Culture and Art Research Association, and Executive Director of Sichuan Youth Photographers Association.
Release date: May 23, 2018 Page view: 617
[New signing]AiXinJueLuo·HuaRong,Photography,Member of Sichuan Photographers Association, director of Sichuan Photography Association.
Aixinjuelu Huarong, the 13th grandson of Nuerhachi (Manchu), is the founder. He is a member of Sichuan Photographers Association, a director of Sichuan University Photographers Association, a signing photographer of classic collection, one of the first batch of signing photographers of Chengdu picture library, and a visiting professor (Teaching PS) of Correspondence College of Sichuan Photographers Association, He was selected as one of the top ten photographers in 2008 in the "100 Chinese and foreign photographers signing plan" of China Association of collectors. He took the lead in preparing color potions to develop color photos in 1969. The next year, the first black-and-white TV set was successfully installed.
Release date: May 16, 2018 Page view: 664
[New signing]ChenMing,Photography,Members of Chinese Photographers Association, members of Chinese photographic Copyright Association, member of Sichuan Photographer Association, member of Sichuan National Cultural Image Art Association, vice president of China Aviation hair development Photography Association
Members of China Photographers Association, China Photography Copyright Association, Sichuan Photographers Association, Sichuan National Culture and Image Art Association, Vice-President of China Shipping Chengfa Photography Association, and classical contract artists; have been interested in and engaged in photography for more than 10 years, and have been exposed to and participated in photography for reasons of working nature, and like humanistic documentation and self-help. However, landscape photography, in the field of work engaged in excellent works published, in the mass photography magazine, China Aviation Daily and other excellent works published.
Release date: May 08, 2018 Page view: 631
[New signing]YouZhiJian,Photography,Member of Sichuan Photographers Association, member of Sichuan News Association, Secretary General of Chengdu Folk Photography Association, classic signing artist.
Member of Sichuan Photographers Association, Member of Sichuan Journalism Society, Secretary-General of Chengdu Folklore Photography Association, and Classic Exchange Contracted Artist;
Release date: May 08, 2018 Page view: 621
[New signing]FengHui,Photography,Vice president, professor level senior engineer of Chengdu Folk Photography Association, documentary photographer
Vice chairman of Chengdu Folk Photography Association, professor level senior engineer, founder of jiehui reading City, and anchor of mobile photography course of Himalaya radio. In recent years, photography creation has been focused on mobile photography and urban micro history research, mobile thematic photography and urban style display, and the themes are mostly urban street history, culture and ordinary people's stories. The representative works are "Chengdu street" and "Diary of middle school". City photography and related articles have been published in newspapers and magazines for many times, and mobile photography has won awards in various competitions. He is the author of Chengdu street walking notes. "Chengdu in the image" has been published to interpret the historical photos of Chengdu over the past hundred years.
Release date: May 07, 2018 Page view: 623