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【New signing】XiaoQuan,Photography,The best portrait photographer in China
Born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, in 1959, he flew for four years in the Navy Air Force and was called "the best portrait photographer in China". In 1991, Sanmao's photo album Birds of Paradise was published. At the end of the same year, a personal film exhibition, Jazz Photography Gallery, was held in Taiwan. In 1992, he held a solo exhibition in Switzerland, and in 1993, he participated in a joint exhibition of four photographers curated by Ruan Yizhong in France. In 1994, Zhang Yimou's film "Shake Ah Shake" was photographed in Shanghai. In 1995, it was Yang Liping's film Sun Bird, Ren Picture Photography, Yunnan. In 1996, he published "Our Generation". Photo album, and in 2000, he published "Beautiful Women in My Lens".
Release date: Apr 06, 2018 Page view: 1071
【New signing】LiYuLong,Photography,As a member, China Photographers Association China Evening News Photography Association, Sichuan province news photography association, Sichuan Photographers Association, deputy secretary of the Chengdu Folk Photography Association, vice chairman of the Chengdu Tianfu long travel photographers association and the secretary general, the classic exchange contract photographer
Members of China Photographers Association, China Evening News Photography Society, Sichuan News Photography Society, Director of Sichuan Photographers Association, Deputy Secretary-General of Chengdu Folk Photography Association, Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General of Chengdu Tianfu New Area Tourist Photographers Association, and Classic Photographers signed contracts; in early 1992, he attended the fifth training course of Sichuan Branch of China Photography Correspondence College. One of the founders of Chengdu Photography Corner was awarded the title of Excellent Student at the end of correspondence college. At the end of 1994, he stepped out of the door of the government and entered the media industry. He has worked as a photographer in Sichuan Food Daily, Shu Daily and Chengdu Evening News for more than 20 years. Good at news photography and folklore, folklore and documentary photography. After the May 12 Wenchuan Earthquake, sick people rushed to the front line to take a lot of precious photographs. In October 2008, they were named "5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake" Sichuan Province Earthquake Relief and Relief Province.
Release date: Mar 26, 2018 Page view: 621
【New signing】LaoBeiPiao,Photography,Honorary president of Sichuan news photography society, consultant of Chinese press photography society, member of Chinese photographer association and member of Chinese art photography society!
Liu Xiaofeng, male, Han nationality, born in January 1947, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, honorary president of Sichuan News Photography Society, consultant of China News Photography Society, member of China Photographers Association, member of China Art Photography Society! Members of the Agricultural and Labor Party, graduated from the Department of Watercourses and Ports of Chongqing Jiaotong University with a university degree.
Release date: Mar 20, 2018 Page view: 615
【New signing】LiXueQun,Photography,A member of China Photographers Association, a member of the Chinese female photographers association, a photographer signed by the Xinhua news agency in Beijing, a member of the Sichuan Photographers Association, the Deputy Secretary General of the Sichuan female photographers association and vice president and Deputy Secretary General of the Wuhou Photographers Association.
Member of China Photographers Association, Member of China Women Photographers Association, Beijing Contracted Photographer of Xinhua News Agency, Member of Sichuan Photographers Association, Deputy Secretary-General of Sichuan Women Photographers Association, Vice-President and Deputy Secretary-General of Wuhou Photographers Association,
Release date: Mar 17, 2018 Page view: 684
【New signing】LiYong,Photography,The member of the Chinese Photographers Association, the director of the Chinese art photography society, and the Deputy Secretary General of the China aviation photography association. Vice chairman of the Sichuan youth Photographer Association (the first chairman of the wheel). Chairman of CAC industrial flying Photography Association
Li Yong is a member of China Photographers Association of Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd. (General Manager of Chengdu Chengfei Conference Services Co., Ltd.), director of China Art Photography Society and deputy secretary-general of China Aviation Photography Association. Vice Chairman of Sichuan Youth Photographers Association (the first rotating chairman). Chairman of China Aviation Industry Chengfei Workers Photography Association.
Release date: Mar 17, 2018 Page view: 651
【New signing】LiuKangMing,Photography,Famous photographer
He joined the army in November 1969 and successively served as a soldier, squad leader, platoon leader and company commander; an engineering technician and engineer; a communications staff officer at the battalion level and a communications staff officer at the deputy regiment level; in 1996, he served as the head of the people's Armed Forces Department and a member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee of Xindu County, Chengdu City. Retired in May 2000 (as a regimental Colonel). In July 2001, he was employed as the technical director of Chengdu Telecom advertising company, Chengdu Telecom telephone directory company and telecom printing company. In 2002, we set up our own communication maintenance company. After 2010, he became a full-time player. I have been to Xisha Islands in the South China Sea for more than ten years. I have driven more than ten routes to Tibet. I've driven more than half of Turkey and the United States Highway 66. I've been to Texas to shoot birds, Alaska to shoot bears, Cuba and Mexico to shoot hummingbirds, Bolivia, Peru and Argentina to shoot flamingos, Namibia and bozwana to shoot animals, and Antarctica to shoot penguins. His works have participated in Guangzhou Art Biennale, Sichuan, Taiwan
Release date: Mar 17, 2018 Page view: 679
【New signing】LiuJianJun,Photography,Classic Hui signing artist, member of Sichuan Photographers Association, member of Southwest Military Photography Association, Deputy Secretary General of Sichuan entrepreneur Photography Association, Sichuan Provincial National Culture and Video Art Association Expert Committee.
Classic exchange contract artist, member of Sichuan Photographer Association, member of Southwest Military Photography Association, deputy secretary-general of Sichuan Entrepreneur Photography Association, expert member of Sichuan National Culture and Image Art Association, special reporter of West China Metropolitan Daily, special reporter of Sichuan Political and Legal Committee Legal Publicity Center, member of CPC, graduated from University (Chinese Language and Literature). In October 1971, he joined the army and successively became a band player, office officer, director and propaganda director of the Chengdu Military Region Battle Flag Cultural and Industrial Corps.
Release date: Mar 17, 2018 Page view: 604
【New signing】LiPing,Photography,certified architect
Li Ping, Dongze, born in July 1959 in Chengdu, is a registered architect and a member of the Communist Party of China. He joined the army in 1976 and graduated from Chongqing Academy of Architectural Engineering in 1986. He first worked as an assistant engineer, engineer, architect, senior engineer, registered architect in the Academy of Architectural Design, and then engaged in administrative work. I loved photography since childhood, and I began to love photography creation in 2010.
Release date: Mar 17, 2018 Page view: 893
【New signing】HuangJiZhou,Photography,A member of the Chinese Photographers Association and the Chinese folklore Photographer Association
Huang Jizhou, male, Tibetan, was born in Xiaojin County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province in February 1966. He is a member of China Photographers Association and China Folk Photographers Association. He is currently working in the Siniangshan Scenic Area Administration Bureau. Since 1985, he has been engaged in amateur photography. Since then, he has not stopped his journey and pursuit of photography. In 1989, the photographer stayed in the Siniangshan scenic spot, where he had been photographing for more than 30 years. He had published such albums as "Oriental Alps-Siniangshan" and "Oriental Sacred Mountain-Siniangshan". In July 2006, in Chunxi Road, Chengdu, which is the most popular area in Sichuan, an exhibition of "Oriental Sacred Mountain - Siniangshan Scenery Photography Art" was held. In May 2008, he published a picture album of Siniangshan, Wolong and Jiajinshan, a classic habitat for giant pandas in Sichuan.
Release date: Mar 17, 2018 Page view: 692
【New signing】HuangBaoYi,Photography,Member of China art photography society, member of the American photographic society, member of the international photographer Union, member of Sichuan Photographers Association, director of Sichuan national culture and Video Art Association, vice chairman of Chengdu Digital Photography Association.
Huang Baoyi, Chengdu native, member of Chinese Art Photography Society, member of American Photography Society, member of International Photographers Union, member of Sichuan Photographers Association, director of Sichuan National Culture and Image Art Association, vice-chairman of Chengdu Digital Photography Association, and classic photo conveyor. More than fifty awards of gold, silver and bronze have been awarded in photography competitions at home and abroad, and the first PSA CHANA gold medal photographer has been awarded. His works have been published in China National Geography, China Photography and other media.
Release date: Mar 17, 2018 Page view: 811