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[New signing] QiaoJianZhong,Music,Musicologist, researcher and doctoral supervisor of the Music Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Arts, former director of the Music Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Arts.
Musicist, researcher and doctoral supervisor of the Music Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Art, and former director of the Music Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Art.
Release date: Aug 03, 2018 Page view: 642
[New signing]LuRiRong,Music,Xi'an Conservatory of Music Professor, master supervisor, deputy director of National Music Committee of China Musicians Association
Lu Rirong: Professor of Xi'an Conservatory of Music, supervisor of master's degree students, deputy director of National Music Committee of China Musicians Association, vice president of China National Orchestra Society, president of Shaanxi National Orchestra Society, art consultant of Shaanxi Opera and Dance Theatre National Symphony Orchestra. In nearly half a century of art education career, Lu and Japan integrated teaching, performance, creation and command into one. More than 150 erhu etudes, 20 solos, ensembles, plucked tunes, 20 national orchestral tunes and more than 10 works have been compiled, making important contributions to the establishment of "Qin Erhu School" and "Chang'an Music School". Among his students are Zhao Jiping, a famous Chinese musician, and Ji Xiping.
Release date: Aug 02, 2018 Page view: 601
[New signing]GuanMing,Music,He is a first-class composer of the state, a member of the Chinese Musicians Association, a standing director of the Chinese Ethnic Orchestral Society, and vice president of the Erhu Society of the Chinese Musicians Association.
Guan Ming (1939 -) was born in Tanghe, Henan Province. He is a first-class composer. He is a member of the Chinese Musicians Association. He is the executive director of the Chinese National Orchestra Society. He is the vice president of the Erhu Society of the Chinese Musicians Association. He is also the deputy director and conductor of the founding research room of Shaanxi Opera and Dance Theatre. He is also the vice president and secretary-general of the Shaanxi National Orchestra Society.
Release date: Aug 01, 2018 Page view: 711
[New signing]CaoJin,Music,Famous composer, director of literature and art, member of Chinese Musician Association, executive director of Chinese Volunteer Association, rank of PLA University.
Cao Jin, a famous composer, literary director, member of China Musicians Association, executive director of China Volunteer Association, rank of PLA University. In 2013, he was awarded the honorary title of "virtue and art" artist in the whole country; he was awarded the second-class and third-class merits once and seven times; the song "The motherland will not forget" and "The Regretless Choice" won the Eighth National "Five-One Project" award. He successively wrote songs such as "Love in the Army" (Dong Wenhua singing), "Stretching Your Hand into a Great Wall of Love" (Cai Guoqing singing), "Song of Malan City" (Li Danyang singing), "Watermelon Lantern" (Sun Hao singing), "The First Day of July" (Zhang also singing), and "No Regret Choice" (Dai Yuqiang singing).
Release date: Aug 01, 2018 Page view: 901
【New signing】YiJiaYi,Music,The famous flute performer, educator, Professor of Sichuan Conservatory Of Music, master tutor, vice president of the society of China bamboo flute, bamboo flute and President of the Sichuan Institute, a visiting professor at China Conservatory of Music.
Professor Yi Jiayi was awarded the third prize of Sichuan Higher Education Achievement, the title of famous teacher of Sichuan Conservatory of Music, and the Outstanding Gardener Award of the Ministry of Culture in 2012. In recent years, several CDs and DVDs have been published, such as The Fruit of Autumn, Love of the Eagle, and The Sound of the Flute. Published several papers such as "Essence, Qi, Spirit in Wind Music Playing", "New Sound of Flute Source-Music Reform, Creation, Performance", "My Opinions on the Construction of National Orchestra", "Review and Prospect of Chinese Bamboo Flute Teaching in the Twentieth Century". Published also are "Flute Playing Techniques", "Chinese Flute and Xiao Playing Standard Catalogue", "Hulusi, Bawu Playing Standard Catalogue", "Chinese Bamboo Playing Standard Catalogue". Many monographs, such as Flute Performance Guide, Selected Classic Chinese Flute Music, Basic Principles and Courses of Ten-hole Bamboo Flute, etc.
Release date: Jan 18, 2018 Page view: 779
【New signing】HuXiao,Music,The master of composing and composing technology theory of Sichuan Conservatory Of Music, the deputy director of the composition department of Sichuan Conservatory Of Music, and the master's graduate tutor.
From 1998 to 1999, with the recommendation and support of the Board of Directors of the Asian Christian Higher Education Association, he went to the University of North Texas and the University of Maryland to study composing. During his stay in the United States, at the invitation of the American Association for the Exchange of Music and Art between East and West, he completed a new work, "Requiem: The Praise of Life - for the Cello and Symphony Orchestra." At the end of 1999, the American National Symphony Orchestra premiered at the Kennedy Center for Art in Washington. After the performance of the work, it was widely praised. The Washington Post and other news media interviewed him and praised the work as "an infectious Lyric poem, showing its own charm with moving and lively characteristics." At the same time, his works are also performed in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Poland, the United States and other countries and regions. Hu Xiao created a wide range of music works, including orchestral, chamber music, solo and other forms.
Release date: Jan 18, 2018 Page view: 673
【New signing】LiKaiXiang,Music,Sichuan Conservatory Of Music Professor, director of Department of Sichuan Conservatory Of Music, vice president, China violin Orchestra Society of Sichuan Province outstanding outstanding young experts, Sichuan province "DeYiShuangXin artists".
He was awarded the 7th "District Yongxi Excellent Music Education Award" by the Ministry of Culture, the "Excellent Instructor" Award by the Ministry of Culture, and the "Third Prize for Higher Education Teaching Achievements" by Sichuan Province. During many years of education, a group of high-level students were trained. In 2001, they were sponsored by DAAD as visiting scholars to Germany for further study. He has been to the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Singapore and other countries, as well as Taiwan and Hong Kong for academic exchanges and visits. It has extensive cooperation and exchanges with famous composers, conductors, performers and professional music groups at home and abroad, and has been highly praised by experts and colleagues at home and abroad. Judge of the 2011 CCTV Piano and Violin Competition and the 5th Hong Kong International Violin Competition in 2015.
Release date: Jan 18, 2018 Page view: 702
【New signing】LiuDangQing,Music,He is a music producer, a member of China Musicians Association, a member of China pop music association, a founder of the Chinese opera music company, a general manager of music production company, and a vice president and Secretary General of Sichuan Pop Music Association.
Music producer, member of China Musicians Association, member of China Pop Music Association, founder of Taoge China, general manager of Yousheng Music Production Company, vice chairman and secretary-general of Sichuan Pop Music Association. In 1989, he won the second prize in China's first National Staff Singer Competition and was recommended by the famous singer Wang Kun to join the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe. In 1991, he was recommended by Li Guyi to join the Chinese Light Music Orchestra as a professional singer and music producer, and was active in the Beijing performing arts industry. He was a front-line artist in many domestic music circles, such as Liao Changyong, Jiangyang Zhuoma, Han Lei, Li Yuchun and Tan Weiwei. Famous singers produced music albums and participated in the production of songs, with a total output of more than 1000 songs. He has served as the judges of "China Green Song Competition" Sichuan Competition Area, Chengdu Singing Area of "China Good Voice", "Hong Kong TVB Mainland Singer Competition Final" and "Red Song Club" for several consecutive times.
Release date: Jan 12, 2018 Page view: 1005
【New signing】HuangJinZhong,Music,The famous tenor, vocal music educator, Dean of the school of music, Sichuan Normal University. The Western Folk Song inheritance research, the research and innovation team leader, the national level actor, the West China National Music Research Institute Dean, the Chinese Ministry of education music branch Academic Committee of the Ministry of education.
He has won the golden prize of the Ninth National Radio new song competition, the five one project award, the honorary certificate of "China Art Master" in 2007, the "China Folk Song Singing Art Master Award" in 2008, and the honorary title of "China National Art innovator of 2007-2008" by the China National Artists Association of the Ministry of culture, and the Shanghai World in 2010 Artist certificate of excellent individual award issued by the fair.
Release date: Jan 11, 2018 Page view: 970
【New signing】JiangCaiRu,Music,Chengdu military region Senki backstage national player, Chinese famous erhu, enjoy special government allowances.
He was once the chief erhu player in China National Peking Opera Theatre and the vice president of Chengdu Zhanqi Singing and Dancing Company. He is now the counsellor of erhu department in China Music Association and also the honorary chairman of Sichuan Erhu Association. He once took the char of the judge in several international erhu competition. Jiang is one of the most well-achieved erhu player nationally and he and Min huifen is often called “Jiang in the north and Min in the south”. He played for several times for Chairman Mao and was praised as “the talented Jiang” by Zhou enlai. Jiang is a well-rounded and creative player. His unique erhu skills like “feigong”, “paogong”, and “shuangxian” are well-acknowledged by many experts. One thing unique about him is that despite his excellent erhu skills, he is modest and treats everyone kindly and was therefore awarded as one of the “Smashing Artists” by Sichuan Federation of Literary and Art.
Release date: Jan 11, 2018 Page view: 718
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