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【New signing】LiDeLong,Music,The member of the Chinese Musician Association, the director of the Sichuan Musician Association, the deputy director of the music college of Sichuan Normal University and the special subsidy expert of the government of the State Council
Member of the Academic Committee of Theoretical Composition of the Society of Music Education of the Chinese Society of Education, member of the Steering Committee of the Degree of Music and Dance of the Ministry of Education, member of the Resource Sharing Judge of the Ministry of Education, member of the Subject Group of the Sichuan Higher Judgement Committee, professor of the famous teaching teacher of Sichuan Normal University, etc. Since 1999, many books and textbooks have been published, and more than 50 bachelor's theses have been published. His works have won more than 60 awards at or above the provincial level. He has presided over the completion of the philosophical and Social Sciences Subject "Theory and Practice of Song Creation" of Gansu Provincial Department of Education, the Social Sciences Federation of Zhejiang Province, the development context and theoretical research of China's 100-year film music, and the excellent course "China's national folk music" of Sichuan Province. 》 "Musicology" Sichuan characteristic specialty, Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, "Red Army Long March Sichuan Song, Opera Research" and other important topics.
Release date: Jan 10, 2018 Page view: 469
【New signing】LiangYunJiang,Music,National two level Professor, vice president of China erhu society, President of Sichuan erhu society, Sichuan academic and technological leader, director of Department of Folk Music Department of Sichuan Conservatory Of Music, chair of master's degree.
Liang Yunjiang graduated from Tianjin Conservatory of music "erhu performing arts and teaching", and composed more than 50 erhu concertos, ensembles, solos, chamber music, etc. Representative works: Erhu Concerto "river cloud dream", "Chuanjiang", "Miluo River" and "field ditty" won the first and second prizes in international and domestic composition competitions respectively. Create and develop new and unique performance skills and techniques such as "gravity bow", "arm positioning", "right hand fingering", "posture movement" and "finger force training". In 2004, he participated in the establishment of "blue dream Chamber Orchestra" of Sichuan Conservatory of music and performed in Germany and Austria. His chamber music work "Chinese style" caused a great sensation in Germany and Austria. And won the first prize in the professional group of the chamber music performance competition of the 8th Austria world music festival. Outstanding achievements have been made in teaching, performance, creation and scientific research. His deeds have been recorded in the dictionary of contemporary Chinese celebrities in the world, Chinese century experts and other books.
Release date: Jan 10, 2018 Page view: 483
【New signing】ChaoHaoJian,Music,The Music Department of the PLA Academy of art is a vocal music and Postgraduate Tutor, a distinguished vocalist supervisor of Shandong University, a special vocal music tutor of Shandong University.
In May 1982, he co-starred in the French opera Faust in Shanghai with Kurt Adler, the president and famous conductor of San Francisco Opera House. In 1990, he joined the Cologne Opera Academy of Argentina, one of the top ten opera houses in the world. He graduated with excellent results in 1993 and was hired as a professor of vocal music by the Cordoba Conservatory of Music in Argentina in the same year. After returning to China in 1997, students such as Wang Hongwei, Yang Yang Yang, Zhang Bo, Hao Liangliang, Yuan Xiaoqun, Yin Hai, Liu Huanjun and other excellent singers and actors were trained, and "Breakthrough Tenor" (male voice, female voice) teaching CD-ROM and "Breakthrough Tenor" upgraded live edition teaching CD-ROM were published. Since the summer of 2005, Professor Chao Haojian has organized 13 successive "Summer International Vocal Master Classes" and published such celebrations as "Song Flying", "Starlight Brilliant", "Glorious Sound", "Charm Blooming", "Sound Like Summer Flowers", "Song Flowing Over the Decade" and so on.
Release date: Jan 05, 2018 Page view: 481
【New signing】ZhouYu,Music,Director, Department of music, Sichuan Conservatory Of Music Orchestra erhu professional professor, master tutor, tutor, China Erhu Music Association top executive director of the Institute, Chinese people association and director of Sichuan Specialized Committee huqin erhu Association vice president and President, Zhou Yu violin Orchestra
Zhou Yue, now Professor Erhu of Department of Folk Music, Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Master's Supervisor, Executive Director of Erhu Society of Chinese Musicians Association, Head of Zhou Yuhu Qin Orchestra and Member of Jiusan Society. It has been twenty-four years since he graduated in 1982 as a teacher, studied in Britain in 1991 and returned to Sichuan Conservatory of Music in 1993. Award-winning: Sichuan Conservatory of Music Erhu Competition No. 1, Sichuan Province Four Competitions Erhu No. 1, National Ethnic Orchestra Optimistic Moto Performance won more than 30 awards (the highest award) and other awards; Erhu solo "The Ballad of the Root" created and performed won the "third prize" in the third national orchestral show broadcasting.
Release date: Jan 05, 2018 Page view: 801
【New signing】LinGeEr,Music,National first class composer, Professor two
Lingor was granted the special expert allowance of the State Council, an outstanding expert of the State Ministry of Culture, a leader of Sichuan's academic and technological field, an expert with outstanding contributions from Sichuan Province, and a member of the Sichuan Expert Review Committee. He is currently the director of the Chinese Musicians Association, the deputy director of the Chinese Sound Association Education Committee, the director of the Chinese Dramatists Association, the director of the Chinese Opera Research Association, the chairman of the Sichuan Quyi Artists Association, the vice-chairman of the Sichuan Musicians Association, the vice-chairman of the Sichuan Dramatists Association and the chairman of the Chengdu Musicians Association. The main works include concert opera "E Jiamei", National Opera "The Wizard of Jiuzhai", opera "Suwu", opera "Dreamchaser", National Opera "Xue Tao", National Opera "Du Shiniang", symphonic poem "Liangshan Sound Painting", orchestral suite "Wind, Flowers, Snow Moon" and "Rural Sound and Country Feelings"; symphonic poem "Impression of Lu Liang" and "Impression of Fengdu", among others, which won international, international, and Fengdu impression. There are more than 100 awards for domestic music works.
Release date: Jan 04, 2018 Page view: 618
【New signing】XuPeiDong,Music,Member of the CPPCC National Committee esch, Chinese University Union Musicians Association Chairman
State-level composers enjoy special allowances from the State Council and advanced workers in the national cultural system. He was the director, deputy president and Secretary of the CPC branch of the Chinese Opera and Dance Theatre. Vice-Chairman of the Ninth China Federation of Literature and other posts. He is currently a member of the CPPCC National Committee. Vice Chairman of the Chinese Acoustic Association and Dean of the School of Music and Recording, Communication University of China. Member of the Organizing Committee of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games. His representative works are: My Hometown, The Moon of the Fifteenth Five-Year Plan, The Shadow of the Fence Wall, Happy Years, Asian Male Wind, Can't Live Like That, Fate Is Not a Wind, Hometown Love, Spicy Girls, Red Moon, Kind of Sun, Long Farewell People, Love China, Flying Song of the Earth, Starting Song. Dance, China Forever Harvesting Hope, etc. In addition to the above works have won gold, silver and bronze prizes in various national competitions for many times, there are more than 100 works won various national prizes.
Release date: Jan 04, 2018 Page view: 555
【New signing】LiXiLin,Music,The famous conductor, former vice president of Sichuan Conservatory Of Music (now Institute researcher), vice chairman of China Choral Association, vice chairman of China choral union Musicians Association, enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, vice chairman and President of Sichuan Chorus Association World Chinese Artists Exchange Center (United States), the Ministry of education of the National Art Education
In 2014, he served as artistic director of Vienna Golden Hall International Middle-aged and Elderly Chorus Festival; in July 2014, he served as artistic director of Sydney International Art Festival; successively cooperated with the Central Orchestra Chorus, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, China Broadcasting National Orchestra, China Symphony Orchestra, China Armed Police Men'Chorus, and successfully held concerts in Sichuan Province. Fascism, the 60th anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, the story of spring, life, the large symphony concert commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Long March in Sichuan Province, the opening ceremony of the 13th China Chorus Festival, and the symphony concert of the three tenors of China (Dai Yuqiang, Wei Song and Mo Warren) are the conductors of major concerts. His artistic achievements and deeds were included in the international authoritative "Cambridge International Celebrity Biography Center", and won the "Mozart Music Achievement Award" awarded by the center in 2010 and the "Honorary Doctor of Music" certificate awarded by the center in 2014.
Release date: Jan 03, 2018 Page view: 466
【New signing】FanJingMa,Music,Famous tenor - Pioneer country wind song
He has studied in the Opera Center of Palmaverdi Conservatory of Music in Italy and Julia Conservatory of Music in New York in order to improve his Bel canto. In 1984, he won the second place in the First Youth Singer TV Grand Prix of CCTV and became popular in the north and south of the Yangtze River. He won the first place in the men's vocal group in the Crystal Cup of the 3rd Cardiff World Vocal Competition in 1987, the silver medal in the 3rd Rosa Poncel International Vocal Competition in 1988 in New York, the gold medal in the 1991 Opera Essence Vocal Competition in New York, and the finals of the 1995 Pavarotti International Vocal Competition in Philadelphia. Domingo, a world-renowned tenor singer, has been praised as "a rare tenor in Europe in the past ten years". Mr. Fan Jingma is an advocate of exploring the sixth Chinese-based singing method in the world, the bel canto singing method of Chinese artistic songs, YAGE.
Release date: Jan 02, 2018 Page view: 825
【New signing】DanZhaoYi,Music,Chinese famous piano educator, Professor, State Council special allowance winner, the Shenzhen School of art, Sichuan Conservatory Of Music Professor, tenured professor, central Shanghai, China music institute visiting professor, China Musicians Association, former vice chairman of Guangdong Music Association, vice chairman of Shenzhen City Association
Now he is an advisor to the Chinese Piano Association and honorary president of Shenzhen Piano Association. His most famous students, Li Yundi, Chen Sa and Zhang Haochen, have won great prizes in Poland Chopin International Piano Competition, Leeds International Piano Competition, Clayton International Piano Competition and other world top competitions. They have historic significance in the history of Chinese piano education and performance. Later, another group of his students, Zuo Zhang, Xue Tingzhe, Pan Linzi, Gu Jingdan, Du Tianqi, Li Minqian, Xu Qi, and so on, have successively achieved good results in international competitions. A total of 21 people won 63 prizes in International Piano competitions, of which 23 won the first prize. However, Zhaoyi has won various awards from all over the country and provinces and municipalities for her outstanding achievements, such as the National Advanced Cultural Workers, the "District Yongxi Excellent Music Education Award" of the Ministry of Culture, the Provincial and Municipal Excellent Teachers Awards of Sichuan, Guangdong and Shenzhen, the May Day Labor Medal of Guangdong Province, the civilized citizens of Shenzhen and 30 outstanding figures of Shenzhen in the past 30 years.
Release date: Jan 02, 2018 Page view: 885
【New signing】ChenJun,Music,Professor of Sichuan Conservatory Of Music, director of the Department of electronic accordion keyboard (grade two), master tutor, vice president of the association, Chinese Institute of Sichuan Institute of accordion Accordion Music Association
He graduated from the instrumental music department of Sichuan Conservatory of music in 1982 and seconded to the music artists group of Beijing Central orchestra from 1984 to 1987. He held a solo concert of his accordion at the Beijing Concert Hall on June 28, 1986. He won the first prize of the first national youth accordion Invitational Competition in 1987. In 1988, he participated in the international keyboard accordion competition held in New York, USA and won the outstanding performance award. In 1995, he participated in the competition In the second International Accordion competition in the Baltic Sea held in Russia, he won the first prize in the adult group and was awarded the only prize by the organizing committee. In 1993, he was awarded the title of "outstanding young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions" by Sichuan provincial Party committee and provincial people's government. In the same year, he was promoted to associate professor by exception; in 1995, he was awarded the "special government allowance" by the State Council; in 2010, he was awarded the title of "famous teacher of teaching" by Sichuan Province; in 2010 and 2012, he was awarded the title of "outstanding professor" by Sichuan Conservatory of music twice.
Release date: Jan 02, 2018 Page view: 434
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