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【新签约】 Dance Hall 2017 World American Modern Dance ChampionshipNick Cheremukhin & Viktorija
Nick from Russia and Viktorija from Latvia meet in the United States, with the love of dance, thanks to the teachers, family and partners, and concentrate on the learning and development of American Smooth, becoming UK in 2017. The world champion of the first American-style Smooth event at the Blackpool Dance Festival.
Release date: Apr 23, 2019 Page view: 25
[New signing]PanZhiTao,Dance,The deputy director of the academic committee of Beijing Dance Academy and the director of the expert committee of the Chinese Folk Dance Examination Center, the Chinese Dancer Association, the Chinese national folk dance respect.
In 1985, he founded the "peach and plum cup" dance competition, and founded the Chinese folk dance department in Beijing Dance Academy in 1987. In the 11 years of 1996, he participated in the creation and organizing of the creation and supervision of the large dance performances, such as "township dance country", "to my father and mother", the closing ceremony of the Asian Games, the opening ceremony of the Seventh National Games, "love I China" and so on.
Release date: Jun 07, 2018 Page view: 114
【New signing】ShenPeiYi,Dance,Chinese famous dance performance artist, director of dance drama department of Central Academy of Drama, member of Central Academy of Drama academic committee, enjoys national government special allowance of national level actor.
She is a member of Chinese Dancers Association Committee on Performing Arts and has been the judge of many national dancing competition. Shen’s dancing art emphasizes the power of one’s mental abilities, which can therefore control one’s hands and feet. Generally speaking, her performance is natural and not artificial or fake. Works such as “The Falling Flowers in Dreams”, “Liren Xing” and “Yian Xinshi” are all directed and edited herself, which highlights the care and thinking for women, reflects the tender heart of a female artist and shows her excellent performing skills. One rare quality of her is that she began to be devoted into academy at her career pinnacle and dedicates herself to Chinese Ballet education. She is not only a leader of Chinese Ballet education discipline, but also an outstanding artist.
Release date: Jan 02, 2018 Page view: 177