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[New signing]WangMingWen,craftsman,Master of Arts and crafts
Wang Mingwen, male, was born in September 15, 1974 by Guan Guan: Gucheng Village Street Road, PI Du District, Chengdu, Sichuan. In 1996, he studied bamboo weaving technique with his father, and now he is the provincial representative successor of the intangible cultural heritage of Sichuan province. Master of Arts and crafts in Sichuan province. Deputy director of bamboo craft Specialized Committee, China Academy of Arts and crafts. Interembedded dual interface technology inventor. The president of the ancient city of birdcage and craftsman Association.
Release date: May 29, 2018 Page view: 394
【New signing】OuYangYan,craftsman,OAC brand founder
The founder of Beijing oshihongyan Audio Technology Co., Ltd. and the founder of OAC brand, has been committed to Audio Research for more than 40 years. He founded OAC Euclidean audio brand and created "Euclidean balanced transmission theory" to perfectly combine circuit design and music to fully restore the sense of scene. Ouyang Xian has studied radio technology for many years, and has his own unique research and Practice on radio. As for sound and earphone, Mr. Ouyang believes that good audio and earphone should restore the sound to the original scene, so that users can enjoy the most authentic music. Zou Jiahua, former Vice Premier of the State Council, once wrote an inscription for Ouyang Yan: "build new sound, cultivate sentiment, dare to surpass, and pursue goodness and beauty".
Release date: Mar 26, 2018 Page view: 428