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Courtesy: books must be elegant

Article source:Baoyuntang academy

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Courtesy: books must be elegant
Baoyuntang academy June 30
Books must be elegant. I think there must be " five qi", that is, the qi of the scroll, the pure qi, the qi of Qing yi, the qi of Gao wan ( " wan" person, round and moving, profound and meaningful, not soft, mei and slim, wan and qi not disorderly ) and the qi of simplicity ( simple and natural, ancient and light and naive ). " being too familiar can hurt your elegance". being too sweet, too familiar, too flattering and too skillful is a common state. it is really not desirable.
- respectful words of " yun Tang yi si Lu"
Wang Xizhi's " travel invitation"
Liu Xie's " Wen Xin Diao long ti xing" in the southern Liang dynasty says: " those who are elegant are those who are Rong style and classics, and those who are square with Confucianism and Taoism. " the elegance of calligraphy is elegant but not vulgar. it is pure and true, which makes people never tire of seeing it. its beauty is inherent and implicit. Liu Xizai's " book summary" says: " every discussion of book spirit is based on morale". Yang Shoujing's " book of studies" says: " while the rest is supplemented by two important points: one is to be of high character, while the other is to be elegant and elegant, and not to fall into the dust; One is to be rich in knowledge, with a chest full of ambition, and the spirit of a scroll will naturally overflow between the lines. " all stressed the importance of" bookish style ". calligraphy without bookish style will have no aesthetic realm of high rhyme and deep feeling, and there will be no lush and elegant atmosphere, thus becoming vulgar. Mr. Yan gongda stressed that elegant calligraphy includes not only " bookish style" but also some outward and outward things, such as " pure style, clear style, elegant style, and simple style". in this way, the sweet, ripe, charming, and artful customs of " woman style, soldier style, village style, city style, craftsman style, rotten style, beard style, Jianghu style, door courtesy style, wine and meat style, vegetable and bamboo shoot style" in calligraphy can be removed.
Wang Xizhi's " he ru tie" and " feng ju tie"
Where did the " five spirits" of elegant calligraphy come from? Yuan Li haogu's " Zhang sheng boiled sea" has a first discount: " originally it was a scholar playing a violin, with an elegant figure at the end. " it is known that it originated from the scholar's cultivation and accomplishments. Mencius said: " I am good at cultivating my noble spirit" and " five spirits" can be obtained through " good cultivation". the method and way of good cultivation is to read more books in order to increase my learning and enrich my knowledge, thus making calligraphy elegant and free from vulgarity. Nowadays, some book learners devote themselves to the practice of techniques and copying of calligraphy all day long. this is necessary, but it is far from enough. they need to read more to enrich their own cultural background and reveal the connotation of calligraphy. Su Shi's " Liu Shi's two nephews asked for two handwriting poems" ( one ) said: " it is not enough to write down a mountain of writing, but to read ten thousand volumes before you can understand god. The royal family has its own yuan and feet, and the mo Yan family chicken asks people more. " for those who read books, we can see the importance of reading. In terms of the charm of calligraphy, we can see the importance of elegance.
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