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Courtesy: seal script should be round, thin and uneven

Article source:Peng Qingyang holds yuntang academy

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Courtesy: seal script should be round, thin and uneven
Peng Qingyang holds yuntang academy July 2
Xiling printing society of Wu Changshuo, 1915
The Qing people proposed three requirements for seal script: first, to be round, second, to be thin, and third, to be uneven. I refer to this round as round strength, not round vulgarity. This thin refers to thin, not skinny; This irregularity refers to the fact that it is not an odd state of disorder and disorder to draw and move things in a neat and orderly way. The seal character is precious, heavy, thick and clear. it contains a fluid body in its composure. both charm and lightness are faults. The seal style is round, while the rounding is weak and boneless. When one forms one's own body, one passes one's own without rhyme. The key is " degree" when using a circle instead of a square pen and a circle instead of a square body.
- respectful words of " yun Tang yi si Lu"
Liu Yan Lian, Huanghua ancient temple, Wu Changshuo
Wang Shu said in bamboo cloud inscription: " Yu often said that there are three requirements for seal cutting: one is round, the other is thin, and the other is uneven. " Mr. Yan gongda explained the" three essentials " with years of practice and thinking in calligraphy.
" round refers to round strength, not round vulgarity". Sun Guoting once said, " the seal character is graceful and smooth, and its meaning is simple and profound. it not only expounds the shape of the seal character line's round turn and smooth charm, but also emphasizes the line shape shown by the front pen, that is, full, round turn and smooth. Liu Xizai believed that Sun Guoting's viewpoint was not dialectical enough, adding: " Yu said that this must be gentle and more vigorous, and that it is acceptable to communicate with each other and become more virtuous. Otherwise, I'm afraid it involves tracing words. " that is, the seal script should be" graceful and smooth ", but only tactfully" flowing and sliding " will appear; If you don't use your pen properly, you will break your pen and show your sharpness instead of strength. Therefore, in the process of writing, we should treat " wan" and " tong" dialectically, and " wan" should be vigorous and vigorous, while " tong" should be restrained with astringency. This is exactly the meaning of " round strength" emphasized by Mr. Yan gongda.
Wu Changshuo shujiao flower yin qi Yan Lian
" thin" refers to thin, not skinny " refers to the shape and quality of seal script lines or rounded and symmetrical, or the meaning of dispersion rate, or concise and vigorous, or simple and heavy, all should have the meaning of" thin ", to" thin " spirit, rhyme, momentum. The inner quality of the seal character " thin" lies in the fact that its lines must have a strong and forceful texture, that is, " strong and strong". what Liu Xizai said " the place of seal character is nothing more than strong and strong" is indeed a theory.
Wu Changshuo linsanjiepan inscription
" jagged" refers to the point drawing and shifting in order. it is by no means a misnomer. it emphasizes that there should be changes in the character potential of seal script. Seal script, especially small seal script, is a book body with strong sense of order and uniformity. its body structure is concise, regular, and coordinated. its writing style is even, round, and neat. however, there are still some changes in order. in " daqi", it is a bit of a move in order to obtain a static and vivid aesthetic effect of seal script. As Liu Xizai said, " the seal script should be like longteng fenglei, which can be seen from Changli song" Shi gu ". Or, if you take them neatly and do not change them, then you will have the best of them. "
Seal script should be round, thin, and uneven. although there is a saying that " one of the three is lost and the other is lost", the key to the concrete application is to grasp " degree".
Wu Changshuo swimming fish Gao Liu ba Yan Lian