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Cultural adherence with LAN style in mind - on the elegance of Li duokuan's calligraphy

Article source:Wang zhaoqian holds yuntang academy

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Cultural adherence with LAN style in mind - on the elegance of Li duokuan's calligraphy
Wang zhaoqian holds yuntang academy July 5
It was too late to get to know him and his calligraphy. he wrote several pieces of essays in the form of urgent chapters. Many people who didn't know it before, and even more so before they knew it, had feelings of ignorance and trepidation. For a period of time, I hid myself in my study to show my reading, experience and wander among the long volumes and short chapters of su Shi's " long and short, rich and barren" ( su Shi ). for example, I looked at the distant mountains and the bay of flowing water. the weather, state, or meditation were not all that our generation could do.
When it comes to calligraphy, the word " skill" is often used to describe calligraphy. however, it is hardly known that " skill" can be learned, while " skill" cannot be obtained without support, and cannot be obtained without temperament and personality that does not conform to customs. I think that the calligraphers should cultivate their heart first and seek freedom without desires. Learning books naturally depends on learning from others, but learning from others is only an outer edge, and the real heart edge is oneself.
In how wide and vivid the world of calligraphy art is, the solemn and respectful atmosphere of " staying calm" comes, as if it smelled the far fragrance of " valley of chivas". Don't be perplexed by material desires, don't be tired by the world. in a state of freedom that has nothing to do with interests, how broad is it to polish years and testimonies into words. Pen and ink, concepts, forms and techniques have all been dissolved out of ease. " thin suburban isles", dimfragrance floating, straight into the bookstore, has its own style of character quiet, elegant and clean literati spirit. How comfortable he was, how broad he was, and how to integrate life sustenance, life perception and culture into the soul of calligraphy. thus, when the world bureau changed, his clean mind was filled with a precious cultural mood.
How broad and so comfortable a culture is to stick to it is a lifelong learning and also a kind of realm. Clean tight, also elegant tight.
Ji Li Ji, written by Chao buzhi of the song dynasty, said: " learning books is in law, and its beauty is in people. law can be passed on by everyone, and beauty is only in the heart. " independent acquisition" can be regarded as the artistic feature of calligraphers, that is, Ouyang xiu said: " learning books should be a self-contained body" ( learning books should be self-contained body ).
Commenting on duokuan calligraphy, Mr. Yan gongda said, " in his works, duokuan can clearly show his elegance. " the end is the theory that is close to ken.
Elegance is a unique aesthetic category in China. Human beings may produce beauty at the earliest, but not elegance. elegance is an aesthetic phenomenon after possessing cultural knowledge. The artistic interest nourished by Chinese calligraphy also focuses on elegance. " quaint" is a more valuable form than beauty. from an aesthetic point of view, elegance is the sublimation of beauty and an artistic state that can be reached by defamiliarization and personalization.
By concentrating on how wide a word is, you will find that its form and meaning constitute a living artistic body. It has transcended form and entered the field of aesthetic mind observation. Calligraphy art, no matter how skillful the brushwork and how skillful the layout are, cannot enter the elegant level if it cannot convey the images and implications with super - formality, express the calligrapher's heart, certain cultural spirit, and carry his own aesthetic information.
Tang Zhang Huaiguan said in the book of Zhang Huaiguan talks: " those who have the spirit of character live in the upper place, while those who have the function of beauty live in the lower place. " how broad is it, how deep is it, how deep is it, how strong is it, how strong is it, how deep is it? how deep is it? how deep is it? how broad is it? how deep is it? how deep is it? how deep is it? how deep is it? how deep is it? how deep is it? how deep is it? how deep is it? how deep is it? how deep is it? how deep is it? how deep is it? how deep With elegant soul, the art of elegance will naturally be achieved. otherwise, " it is not enough to stir up trouble and trace the ancient garden. it will eventually end up in silence" ( Ming Wang Tingxiang's " on poetry with Guo jiafu's bachelor of arts" )
Elegance to calligraphy is bound to have a life form. The lively and free spirit of the book is exactly the specific connotation of its life form. Ya not only pays attention to form but also emphasizes content. The elegance of calligraphy has the characteristics of guiding from limited to unlimited and from inevitable to freedom. it requires its own implication to have universal significance related to cultural inheritance and cultural spirit. This so-called book way also.
Gao yazhi's book, one painting at a time, is filled with pearls everywhere. as Rodin praised, " a line through the great universe in which everything feels free." "
How wide it is to write and endure loneliness. the blue light and yellow roll together and stay together alone. for example, the old monk is sitting meditation, one tea and one dish, all thoughts are empty, and his heart is calm like water. " mountain stack of water turns, trees mixed with clouds. My eyes have always been turned back, and my heart has also breathed out. The spring sun is slow and the autumn wind is rustling. Love to give, xing to such as answer ". Once a bookseller writes with great concentration, he speaks of feelings, not only the characteristics that are incorporated into life, but also the characteristics that spit out feelings. Not only access to traditional gifts, but also give traditional emotional rewards. Some so-called booksellers often claim to write in the impulse of creation. cloud " writing is a kind of creation" is rather shallow. Little imagine, anyone who has learned to support a profound person, before writing and dropping ink, thought will screen out all the miscellaneous thoughts of gum ge. first, he will read without vulgarity and fill in the chest, and write with disdain? It should be noted that it is precisely because it is not vulgar in words that it is not vulgar in heart. How can one concentrate on writing when he is apt to say " creation" and " creation" and has other thoughts and thoughts in his heart?
Contemporary booksellers are too intent on books and too eager to achieve quick results and quick profits. this kind of " attention" is excessive, but the result is frustration or aphasia, which makes them identical and devoid of spiritual charm. Zhang Zhao of the Qing dynasty discussed the book and said, " if the book is intentional, it will be delayed. "" its divine reason is superb. those who like nature itself do not live inside or outside and in the middle of what they do when writing. "
How wide to write without giving birth to miscellaneous thoughts, but only to seek proper height, smooth form and male tone, long-standing habits, reserved and refined form and trace are all in harmony, which is like the wind and spirit, and self - transcendence. To use Feuerbach's words, to reach this state, " people involuntarily visualize their inner essence through imagination". after experiencing this visualization and personification of nature, people unconsciously enter the state of " harmony between heaven and man". As a result, in the philosophical view of " harmony between heaven and man", how broad is the elegance and interest of calligraphy in harmony with elegance, and how free and easy is Tao ran's writing. Qing Wang Shizhen expressed similar artistic experience in his " Dai Jing Tang Shi Hua": " I often enter Zen and have the wonderful feeling of getting carried away. I am silent with the net name, reaching to the marrow of my heart and getting through the same process. "
Calligraphy pays attention to the spirit of " virtual quietness". " empty" means that its realm is empty and lofty. The " quiet" refers to the elegant and quiet artistic conception. Since the Wei and Jin dynasties, elegant culture has created Wang Youjun's calligraphy classics such as " preface to Lanting collection" and " baoyin haoshu", which are naturally simple and elegant. during this period, they were obviously influenced and influenced by the thoughts of Lao Zhuang and Shi Jia, forming a fresh elegant soul of " virtual quietness". This elegant soul has always nourished the art of Chinese calligraphy.
Seeing how wide the book is, the empty spirit is like water, there is meditation in silence, which makes people see the unique spiritual space of the Chinese literati. How wide is the society in which the world of mortals billow and the ghosts of things wander everywhere, yet " every quiet room monk slips, forgets all worries, and flows with bi Xu" ( song Mi Youren language ). His book with great concentration, with LAN feng in his arms, can reveal the profound, profound and quiet nature of his spiritual world from the book of virtual quietness and simultaneous cultivation, and the mastery of spirit and rhyme.
Only if the article can have a good idea can it create the environment, and so can calligraphy. Environment, the ideal environment also.
To write, one must first clean up the lingfu, use poetry and calligraphy, which is based on conscience and morality, experience and training for a long time. then, the artistic conception naturally goes away from vulgarity and becomes quaint and unique.
In the elegant artistic conception of many wide books, there is a broad sea and sky atmosphere, a cool breeze and a bright moon mind, and an eternal style of scholar. There is a broad cultural feeling, which embodies a profound and heavy cultural load and leaps a fresh, clean and lonely cultural soul of a Booker.
How broad a person is, he is clean, Tolstoy said. the spiritual beauty of a person is first and foremost simple. What a wide word is elegant, and there is no vulgarity in the current book world that is filled with materialistic desires. How wide is the existence, in a single image, or " a lonely warning beside a cultural trap".
Li duokuan, graduated from the history department of Beijing university, vice chairman of the China international calligraphy and painting research association, member of the Chinese calligrapher's association, director of Jiangsu calligrapher's association, consultant and academic mentor of Beijing university alumni calligraphy and painting association, and member of the 11th CPPCC national Committee in Jiangsu province.
Calligraphy exhibitions have been held successively in Beijing gongwangfu, Jiangsu art museum, Nanjing elephant art museum, Nanjing art museum, Xiamen art museum, new Zealand Buddha mountain art museum, new Zealand Asian book and culture center and Auckland metropolitan museum.