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Speech by professor Yan gongda at the award ceremony of 2018 first " Mi Fei cup" international youth calligraphy competition

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Speech by professor Yan gongda at the award ceremony of 2018 first " Mi Fei cup" international youth calligraphy competition
Original: courtesy to embrace yun Tang academy the day before yesterday
Dear leaders, teachers, parents and young players:
Good morning, everyone!
Sponsored by China international calligraphy and painting research association, Chinese character museum, Jiangsu education calligraphy association, Zhenjiang culture, radio, film and television press and publication bureau, the " 2018 first Mi Fei cup" international youth calligraphy competition hosted by Zhenjiang dantu district people's government, China's Mi Fei calligraphy park, Jiangsu Yan gong da culture foundation, Zhenjiang Mi Fei culture research association and baoyuntang academy " successfully kicked off the day before yesterday in the beautiful Chinese Mi Fei calligraphy park! First of all, allow me, on behalf of the main organizer, to extend a warm welcome to all young calligraphers from home and abroad! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the teachers and accompanying parents who led the competition. I would like to express my high respect to all the leaders who have come to today's award ceremony.
Since the 18th national congress of the CPC, the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has been established. The revival of the nation is the revival of culture in the final analysis. Culture is the soul of a nation, and Chinese characters are the carrier of Chinese culture. Only when Chinese characters are alive and Chinese culture is alive can the nation be alive. Calligraphy is the art of writing Chinese characters, and it is the manifestation of the beauty of Chinese characters. Chinese calligraphy embodies thousands of years of Chinese civilization and maintains the common spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation. Writing good Chinese characters is related to national self-esteem and national confidence. the artistic practice of calligraphy is not only the creation of works themselves, but also the inheritance of the lifestyle of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. Therefore, calligraphy is the gene of Chinese culture. if the gene changes, it indicates the change of cultural nature. In today's internet age, spreading the nation's writing state, mastering calligraphy knowledge and enhancing aesthetic ability will be a great event for inheriting Chinese culture in the contemporary era. In February 2013, the Ministry of education announced the guidelines for calligraphy education in primary and secondary schools, marking the formal entry of calligraphy into primary and secondary school classrooms. The introduction of calligraphy into the classroom is a concrete manifestation of the promotion of Chinese character writing to the national strategic level. Taking calligraphy as an important content of basic education and entering primary and secondary school classes is very important to cultivate students' patriotic feelings, aesthetic ability and cultural character. It can be said that the implementation of the national policy of calligraphy into the classroom is of great significance in strengthening the soft power of national culture. The typical life of Chinese is ritual and music. Chinese civilization is an internal civilization. To respect the people and be close to nature, this culture needs various forms and levels of humanistic aesthetic education to form the collective memory of the nation. Therefore, the aesthetic education of " morality, intelligence, sports and labor" is a very important part.
I. basic information on competition activities
Following this basic spirit of rejuvenating the Chinese culture, the " Mi Fei cup" youth calligraphy competition should be moved from time to time under the cooperative efforts of various parties. The form of competition can stimulate and promote the majority of young people not only to identify with the Chinese character art, close aesthetic experience, but also to love and carry on the traditional Chinese culture. After more than half a year of intensive preparations, the first Mi Fei cup international youth calligraphy competition was successfully held with the joint efforts and participation of many professional organizations and units across the country, especially those from hong kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and other regions and relevant national professional organizations. Here, let's give warm applause to express our deep gratitude to the comrades and friends who have worked hard and contributed to this activity.
Since the competition was submitted, more than 12,000 works of young calligraphy lovers have been received from various provinces, cities, autonomous regions, hong kong, Macao special administrative region, Taiwan region, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Brunei and other countries. Among them, zhencaozhuan Li has both banners, dou Fang, fan, nave and antithetical couplet. the youngest is 6 years old. Most of the works come from the tradition. the way is right and the method is right. it shows the happy scene of the following people in the traditional calligraphy. From the analysis of the contributions, there are many contributors in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, and the writing level is relatively high. In the past few days, the jury has selected more than 630 finalists from all submissions, inviting these contestants to concentrate on the calligraphy park in Mi Fei, China, to write on site, to choose awards and to experience aesthetics. I believe this will add rich colors and unforgettable memories to their youth life.
Ii. main characteristics of competition activities
First, the form of activities is novel, solid and effective. Although this event was awarded to the " competition", its form and content are far beyond the general meaning of the competition. it is a cultural tour of calligraphy. Its content is rich and colorful. it not only includes preliminaries, preliminaries, and on-site writing, but also provides more lectures, visits, and visits for young players' friends. in addition, it will also extend to overseas youth calligraphy cultural exchange activities. This time around, there is a lecture on " be grateful, be inspired and become useful" by experts in the field of Chinese studies, which inspires students' filial piety and patriotism. A special lecture entitled " dancing Chinese characters" by experts from the Chinese character museum enabled students to understand the evolution of Chinese characters and calligraphy through a large number of video observations, thus enriching their all-round understanding of the art of calligraphy.
Second, the main contractor has high specifications and strong support. The main organizers of the competition activities are professional and high - level. The organizers include the China international calligraphy and painting art research association established in 1991 under the supervision of the Ministry of culture, the national Chinese character museum, and the provincial education and calligraphy association of the provincial education department, etc., which have given full play to the socialized functions of the organizers. In addition, the national association of friends international art exchange institute, China calligraphy publishing media group, yachang art network, Jiangsu workstation of the central digital TV calligraphy and painting channel and other professional teams have joined in, providing a strong guarantee for the high - end, professional and authoritative nature of this activity.
Thirdly, it is professional and strict in evaluation. The judges invited by this competition, especially the final judges, are all famous contemporary calligraphers and educationists. In addition, we are also keen to employ teachers and experts who are at the forefront of calligraphy education and have rich experience in calligraphy teaching for young people and have achieved considerable results, as well as instructors who have been trained in calligraphy studios for a long time, to join our judges. In particular, we invited the vice-chairman of the China book association to lead the final evaluation. we also set up a competition notary office to enforce discipline and evaluation rules, and to ensure the professional characteristics of the competition.
The fourth is the multi-party linkage, altogether participates in the grand ceremony. This competition is a professional activity jointly organized by relevant professional organizations from local, provinces, cities and autonomous regions to overseas, as well as Zhenjiang's department in charge of tourism. Judging from the participants, there were individuals who directly signed up for the event, and there were also various regions that collectively signed up as units, studios, training institutions, professional associations and other organizations. in particular, we launched hong kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, as well as young calligraphy learners from Japan, Singapore, Australia and other countries to participate in the event. This shows a new form of multi-party cooperation and participation in the activities. What needs to be pointed out in particular is the care, support and specific arrangements of Zhenjiang municipal party Committee municipal government, dantu district party Committee municipal government and relevant departments of the municipal bureau of culture and communications and district. only through careful arrangement and thorough coordination can this competition be smoothly completed. Here, I propose to express my sincerest thanks to them!
Iii. significance and value of competition activities
Just as relevant people commented that this competition is a top-quality project of similar national activities in recent years and has many innovative ideas. its value and significance are shown in the following three aspects:
One is public welfare. To carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture and develop advanced socialist culture, the government's public cultural undertakings must first adhere to the public welfare service that takes social benefits as its priority. However, under the new situation, all kinds of social and cultural organizations and organizations such as academies and foundations must take public welfare as the first standard of their activities. The organizers of the " Mi Fei cup" calligraphy competition all adhere to the principle of serving the people and giving priority to public welfare, and adhere to the equality and benefiting the people of the public service in the industrial park. At the same time, it has expanded the leading and service functions of social organizations ( academies and foundations ) in the new era.
Secondly, humanism. With the revival of traditional culture, especially the continuous momentum of calligraphy and the continuous promotion of the state's policy of calligraphy into schools, various youth calligraphy activities are increasingly frequent. this activity is representative in terms of specifications, number of participants, region of participation, evaluation and the form and content of the activity. In recent years, the state's standardization and reorganization of literary and artistic awards are due to the tendency of too many artistic awards, single content and too utilitarianism. these tendencies make the traditional form of literary and artistic awards narrower and narrower and lose the function and significance of encouraging, improving, popularizing and promoting the development of literature and art.. This activity of ours weakened the competitive power of the competition and strengthened participation, inclusion and humanity. Therefore, this activity looks like a big competition. in fact, it has become a comprehensive cultural activity. it has links and contents such as on-site writing, judges' comments, lectures on Chinese studies, Chinese character guidance, visits and exchanges of historical and humanistic scenic spots, awards, etc. it has freed young calligraphy lovers from the single competition in the past and created a brand-new calligraphy cultural activity, which has a demonstration effect.
The third is leading. From the very beginning of the planning of the event, we had an ideal to organize the event into a routine competition beyond the ordinary meaning, to find a new way for the contemporary art of painting and calligraphy events and to play a leading role. The specific experimental practice is as follows:
First of all, let everyone comment on my family
For young calligraphy learners, their study of traditional calligraphy is just the beginning, but because it is the primary stage, it is more important for one's study, so we have not reduced the requirements or reduced the links. instead, we have organized luxurious selection teams, carefully selected and professionally explained so that they can really improve through this activity. It can be said that everyone commented on my family.
The second is to turn art into culture
Although this activity is crowned with calligraphy competition, we are trying our best to use calligraphy art as a guide and make it a cultural activity. on the one hand, it has promoted the spread of calligraphy art and culture in Mi Fei. on the other hand, it has enabled students to accept a carnival of calligraphy culture-related characters, Chinese studies, steles, visiting studies and experiences, which has expanded from art to culture. it has enabled young calligraphy learners to truly feel the baptism of calligraphy culture, thus deepening and enriching the extracurricular artistic practice and cultural edification of calligraphy in primary and secondary schools.
Thirdly, from culture to society
The target of this activity is teenagers, most of whom are still minors. therefore, we only contacted the contestants' parents, teachers, teams and educational institutions from the beginning, hoping that they would participate in the activity simultaneously, not only from the perspective of safety, but also from the perspective of the effect of expanding cultural communication, so that these people and things related to teenagers could also participate in the activity. Therefore, the social and influence aspects of calligraphy learning have been expanded, especially in Mi Fei park. from leaders to employees, they not only took part in organizing this activity, but also mobilized the local cultural tourism, transportation, health and other units under the direct leadership of the district party Committee and government. they worked together to make this work meticulous, solid and efficient, and played a role in promoting and publicizing the local culture. Therefore, we salute them!
Finally, I wish the competition a complete success! May all the contestants learn from by going up one flight of stairs! Thank you!