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Li peiyu's collection of essays

Article source:The Beijing evening news

Release time:Aug 14, 2017Page view:103

Li peiyu's prose collection, "there is always a river flowing in the heart", recently published by the author press.

The author in 1982, graduated from China people's university of journalism, daily work more than 30 years in Beijing, a senior editor title, a former news and writing magazine editor and director for the Beijing daily supplement, currently he is member of Chinese writers association, Beijing writers association, vice chairman, Beijing east district essays to secretary general. The work has won the "China journalism award" for five times, and was also the winner of the first national "sun li newspaper supplement editorial award". In 1971, he began to publish his works when he was studying in Beijing no.2 middle school, and he has been writing for more than 40 years. It has been published "into the world of jiao yulu" and "the waves of the pen". In recent years, essays, essays and poems have been selected in the national anthology. Won the award of "people's literature" national travel literature essay prize, "the people's liberation army daily" "long march literature prize", Beijing writers association essay first prize, etc. The book is a collection of the author's dozens of new works published in the press in recent years, which are divided into four volumes: "river flow", "rumination", "wear pearls" and "snow fall silent".

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