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Li peiyu of thumb up of liang heng is worthy of your silent reading

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There is always a river flowing in my heart.

Book recommendation

There is always a river flowing in my heart.

By li peiyu

Published in July 2017.

There is always a river flowing in my heart.

Liang heng, a famous writer, recommended him.

Artist li xuejian is good friend thumb up.

Liang Heng:

Good prose is undoubtedly the bundle of life. As we read it, we seem to hear the sound of our own heart beating, which is struck by the words of the writer. It is this kind of feeling that read the essays of pei yu. I thought that the most important characteristic of pei yu's article was that he was the kind of worry in his heart, and the heart of the people, and he was not abandoned to the countryside.

Zu-fen Chen:

Pei yu's writings impress the readers, just like his life, without skill, only with the heart. I can't help but sigh, the world of pei yu, surging so thick, thick feeling.


Ken peng:

As the external counterpart of the spirit, prose does not select a particular object or place. Li Peiyu of "there is always a stream flowing in the heart", wrote to jump the queue when ZhiQingDian near the river, from content to write is not new, but still got to lament unceasingly, is that it tells the main memory of the most wonderful time in my life. The youth is interwoven with ignorance and longing, "just at the time", with its deep humanity foundation, can arouse the widest resonance.

Xuejian li:

More than twenty years ago, the first time I read pei yu's article, I was "shocked" -- it was written about me. Since then, we have encouraged each other in our respective fields and walked through the spring, summer, autumn and winter. His articles are warm, he embraced life with his blood, his heart was not extinguished, and he warmed the hearts of his family, friends and readers. I like the prose collection of pei yu, I sincerely for him thumb up!


There is always a river flowing in my heart.




Liang Heng


At the beginning of the New Year, from WeChat friend circle, he knew that pei yu was invited to lecture in dongcheng district library. His title was "prose, accompanied by the beauty of life".

Prose in China is the source of all forms of writing. In ancient times, classic good prose is everywhere. The essayists believe that, first of all, to talk is a human instinct, just as the water in a container is full of nature. And it is far better to write down what you are thinking than to say it verbally. Phase synchronization, and writing the external behavior is experienced, thoughts of comb, from erratic emotions cloud touch to the true state of the soul, the fragmentary fragment feeling deduces the concept of a complete system.

Liang said in "the theory of prose", "prose is not a certain format, is the most freedom, but also the most not easy disposal, because a person's personality thought, nothing to hide in the prose, filed a pen to the author's whole character lies to show it." Good prose is undoubtedly the bundle of life. As we read it, we seem to hear the sound of our own heart beating, which is struck by the words of the writer. It is the feeling that "there is always a river flowing in my heart" by yu yu's collection of essays.

I have been friends with peiyu for many years, and this is related to our Shared experience -- as well as graduating from the renmin university of China, all of them started from journalists and then entered the ranks of writers. When I was working for the national press and publication administration, he was the editor in chief of news and writing magazine, which was sponsored by the Beijing daily newspaper. Later, he was transferred to the deputy director of the daily newspaper, and I wrote for the supplement.

The agony and sweat when I work, is he looking for, including the article carry certain "risk", later caused a sensation in the society of the zhang wentian: see a dusty dirt bury the glorious soul ". The Beijing daily has been a big hit with a full-page publication. There is such a deputy director, it is difficult not to run the supplement. Later, the Chinese newspaper supplement research institute awarded the first "sun li newspaper supplement editorial award" to pei yu, I thought it deserved. In recent years, when he retired from the post of the deputy director, he concentrated on writing.

When I was lucky enough to read his new work in recent years, it was like a feeling of kinship. I thought that the most important characteristic of pei yu's article was that he was the kind of worry in his heart, and the heart of the people, and he was not abandoned to the countryside. He did not have the poor spirit of a man of letters. Existence determines consciousness, which is due to his two origins. The first is the knowledge, the blood has the gene of the land; After the journalist, the research society, the eyes often contain tears, the heart of the situation. He is not a pure scholar. This is also the tradition of all our news people, from fan changjiang to deng.

The first volume of this collection of essays, "the river flows", is to express the feelings of the state. The opening of "always a river in the heart" can be regarded as the representative work of pei yu, originally published in the People's Daily, and was selected for several years of prose anthology. As I read, my thoughts followed him, and I really wanted to go back to the village with peiyu to see the nameless river that had been flowing in his heart. "That river, only xie xinzhuang; The youth of that time, only we affirm." In fact, it is in each of us.

The writer Liang Heng

Let me heartache and "return to Xie Xinzhuang", "my teacher" laundry list "of" mind "" unsinkable lake" and so on more than, especially his miss their loved ones "" qingming festival" emotion "and" heaven should have love, read, and let you than tears.

Pei yu is also a master of prose writing. In the film "the snow falls silent", "the snow falls silent poinsettia" is to write li xuejian; "Far away" was written by wang lubin; "A big river wave" is written by qiao yu; The screen journey from yan 'an is written in blue. Especially like he wrote comic master Mr Li Binsheng marina old "New York luck", "" nine rank, and his writing writer friend knaggy write homesickness into the reader's heart, is the character of prose writing.

Reading this collection of essays, a rare and flowery language, but natural, plain text, but often can stir up the reader's heart waves. The author himself begins by saying: "this story is not extraordinary." Ethnic minorities in remote mountainous area eight village a 6-year-old little girl, she said to the people, want a pair of shoes, size 36 (for my mom for), the story unfolds, the layers of progressive, ups and downs, was a tear-jerker. I know there are some better chapters that are not paid for all sorts of reasons.

My order will stop here, and the good reading will unfold...

2017 zhongchun, Beijing.

There is always a river flowing in my heart.



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A letter with temperature.



There is always a river flowing in my heart.

A letter with temperature.



When a book is published, it must be read by the reader, and the author's heart must be uneasy. I was especially upset when this collection of essays was on the bookshelf with ink. By the way, I have already published more than two or three books, will I be so heart?

I want to publish a friend's letter, read it and then listen to me --

Dear Mr. Pei yu,

Hello! I hope this letter will be one of the most memorable letters you have received.

I wrote you a letter before. It was on a Sunday, and went to the small tianyu market for the unique, antique stationery. To you, wrote several other teachers for more than six letter, stamped, although not directly to the letter into the mailbox, but imagine the presence in Beijing, you receive letter from a friend of delight and moved... I think, this is also the emotional appeal of life.

The feeling of writing a letter is a pleasant stillness. Although the letter was lost, you didn't receive it, but it's ok. Savoring what we need is just the process of writing. It is not necessary to have fancy writing paper and magnificent words. The friendship between our friends falls on paper and is more beautiful than a bouquet of flowers.

He must remember that, because of the working relationship, our supplement editors often receive manuscripts and letters from various parties. In the face of unknown names and addresses, the author imagines the gender, age and occupation of the writer, then uncovers them and reads them one by one. The draft always had a letter, and the letter was not long. I cherish this letter that writes my name, then every collection. Time grew, and it became a thick one.

I am writing this letter to you on February 24, the "the thoughts of the letter" which you published in the "earth" supplement of People's Daily. This article has aroused people's fond memories of the "letter writing" era. Infected by the article, I said, let's write. I did write a letter to you, although lost, but the silent warmth, can not erase.

See words like face. He is kind, humorous and innocent. You always talk and laugh with each other, and sometimes you have the time to be together. Between us, you and the supplement of the feelings, and friends, subtle friendship is very true, calm in the long pure, more of the shandong laoxiang close. The words flowing out of your pen are always pleasant to read. On the note of time, these words let more people see your sketch: leave a candid in the heart. Keep the territory of your heart, and leave a pure land of your own worship.

Several times, the wind, the road dust, the mountain light, yunnan Dali, shandong rizhao, jiangsu yixing... Unconsciously, I found that all the mood has been put on a pleasant light. Qin zhen, du jing, Chen rong, peng cheng, liwen, hymn, and tian xia, huang yan, hong wei, yuhua sister... So many of them have become friends with you.

"My age is bright in my eyes," wang zengqi said. I have known you for nearly twenty years, and the sketch I have drawn for you seems to be always a sunny boy with a simple nature. When you talk freely with any friend, you share your diligence, your humility, your erudition, your optimism, and a sense of humor. These virtues are the templates of my study.

Letter writing is a kind of warmth. Letters, written on paper, is a sincere friendship between friends. It is really a kind of fate to be together with your brothers and sisters. I cherish this fate. Some say, all the stories will be one day in the years of falling softly on the yellow, but I believe, you YinJiu each a small poem, every book is sentimentally attached to, will be in light color in the turbulent, with bright deductive splendid. Your book, thanks to an unwearied habit of reading, you have experienced the wind and rain, experienced setbacks, saw the rainbow, also witnessed the success. You write the joys and sorrows of yesterday, the new chapter is cut down, the beautiful today, the tide of the years, your heart from enron.

Speaking of this, I remember that we were walking through the clouds in yixing bamboo sea. Good at discovering beauty, and leaving a beautiful moment for more people, your lens is a collection of the beauty of beauty and beauty, showing the spirit of jiangnan landscape.

Now, the letter has become a kind of aesthetic luxury, your "the thoughts of the letter" published, so that many of my friends, including me, are deeply affected, as if back to the period of innocence. Your editor's "love in love", the most ordinary kinship of the people to move out the notes, into the work, rich and profound, and religious. From your generation, I want to write a spirit. This is also a symphony of harmony between you and this note. Your generation has faith, independence, self-struggle, confusion and vagueness, but more simplicity and goodness. These qualities are reproduced in the personality of the elder brother.

Became memories from far apart from age, write a letter to review a happy and romantic warmth, appreciate the beauty of the details in the "writing", while the east west sentence format, but also touched me. There should be some surprises in the writing, the expression, the feeling, the smell and the ambience.

Zhu peiyu is in good health and all the best!

Shake hands!

Friends HuaJing

May 20, 2016.


I am writing this letter to the talented woman writer hua jing, whose words have caused me to sink into the warmth. This letter is to use carbon pen GongGongZhengZheng beautifully written in the book of a notebook, I read the letter to find the page and characters, begin to look, see the headline "Li Peiyu Wen Lu", the following content is my recent articles published in newspapers and journals directory, prose, poetry, comment and essay, almost not missing a piece, even I am in New York in the self ", "new three worlds" and so on micro letter number on public works, and included in all.

Looking at hua jing's handwriting, I am ashamed! She is not only a writer who has been above me, but she is also an editor of a senior literary supplement and now a deputy editor of a national newspaper. In front of such an expert reader, I have nowhere to hide. I know her sincerity, and know that she wishes me well.

In this way, I compiled a list of the works that she had compiled for me, and made a preliminary compilation of the book "li peiyu's prose anthology". I think that if this little book publishing, even against their toil not simply summary, also to many encourage me, support me, at least not hate my friend's a writer, editor, and readers in return.

The first reader of the book is Mr. Liang heng. The I respected the literature, busy leaned forward in the read one my book, and personally preface, I as a big brother's profound friendship and such a work of the few writers whip!

The author

May 2017 in daxing courtyard.