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There is always a warm flow in my heart

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"There is always a river flowing in the heart" by li peiyu, published by the author press in July 2017.

Ji xianlin once said that the essence of prose lies in "true feelings". Prose reading of pei yu teacher "there is always a river flowing in the heart", in terms of subject matter content, whether writing ci writing content, or seen and felt on the trip, memory of the people that matter, in my hometown scenery along, between the lines filled with a feeling of family love, friendship, teachers and students, the friendship of classmates, writing is also a pen to meaning to, don't fancy, not grandiose, emotion in simulations of nature such as words, insipid, cordial and deep. After reading, let me feel, there is always a warm current flowing in the heart. Especially in the current world of indifference and numbness, it can touch the softest place in your heart. Maybe it's a careless word, a trivial thing, or a piece of writing that reminds you of a memory. In middle age, there are still a few people who remember his elementary school teacher. How many people can visit a middle school teacher every Spring Festival? Who would remember a class in high school and a teacher writing in the text? At the teacher's day topic, Mr. Peu volunteered that he could write the teachers in elementary, middle, high school and even college. Time flies. The white hair in the blink of an eye, indifferent to look back, the feeling of teachers and students still lingering in the heart. "My teacher" laundry list "of the teacher the look of love, inculcation of teacher, the teacher's voice, warm accompanied him all the time, never far from, and these sincere words like a cup of hot tea, tasting, delicious, warm heart.

In pei yu teacher heart, is not only all the way to grow all the way to cultivate teacher, forever engraved in his heart is in shunyi Xie Xinzhuang cut in line of the educated youth classmate, zhao hall child hutong 15 compound grew up with partners, minority girl dropouts in remote mountainous areas, as well as colleagues in organizations... There are always some people in the sea of people who let him miss, let him care.

"Lane didn't have the" make a hutong fixation in the childhood I have found the thought and emotional resonance, and the hero together with a full of childhood friends train, through 40 years time tunnel, went to the alley full of warm, sincere, natural, simple, recalls a childhood story, about today's situation, the harmony, affection let the heart warm, fuzzy feeling flew. The hutong is gone, the people still in, the sentiment is still thick. That kiss! Really want to back to the alley between the old house, where there is my dear grandpa, young parents, happy little sisters, and foot cathole door inside drill to drill to the kitten, and every day you come to me to, and pushed the door and into the old neighbor. The structure of the article is novel, the language is plain, fascinating, let a person sometimes immerse in the environment, sometimes imagination. In a word, I feel the true feelings, true nature and talent of teacher pei yu.

It is said that "the ability to touch people and make people tremble" is the standard to measure a good work. "the work of human nature will resonate with people". It is this warmth and hope, like a warm current flowing in the heart, inadvertently opened the heart, light and warm, let people feel very comfortable. Reading Mr. Pei yu's prose also reminds me of a sentence that the teacher once said: "good prose is not scattered." Indeed, the works in this book, material from dribs and drabs of life, what is seen thought, space, time, the earth, the countryside, Kyoto is with easy, but have read closely around a beautiful soul, deep bottom of my heart, for a long time unforgettable. This is the artistic merit of the author.