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Li Peiyu's essay "The Old Fools" Has Continued: Zhao Tangzi Hutong reunion nostalgia in the neighborhood life

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June 4, 2017, Beijing, Yesterday, the old neighbors of Zhao Tangzi alley gathered together in Changping Xiangtang Culture Village, reminiscing the old friends, chatting, K songs, games, lucky draws, eating, drinking and being happy! Li Xiaoshu, the bus driver who drove for us, said that I have served so many teams and have never seen such a pro-old neighbors, so touched! Thanks to four bald children, such as the New Fourth Brother and his pretty capable daughter-in-law, who have been busy for a few days to meet the arrival of the old neighbors, each has a gift that is so thoughtful!

If there is a train, say it will pass through the tunnel of time and bring you back to your childhood; and the carriage is already full of friends who were playing and growing up with you, and now you have reserved a seat for you. ?
Come! I was with an inexplicable excitement, hurriedly rush to catch the train it.

In fact, "car" is just a WeChat group recently established - Zhao Tangzi a small courtyard. Zhao Tongzi is a small alley in Beijing. It has a total number of more than 3,600 alleyways with names in Beijing. It is actually a small alley with a length of one to two hundred meters from east to west.

However, the little alley has its own difference - it has a small square to the south of the west exit. Why is a small courtyard? Because it is not large or small, just installed a dozen in the alley, more than two dozen, the most prosperous childhood to reach thirty children.

Our train conductor - leader, is President Liu. Although he retired as early as possible, he was always the principal in the eyes of the old alley of Zhao Tongzi alley. DingYi chickens just after the Spring Festival, the principals call in the group: let's get together. Immediately like a fried pot, the active person does not say, usually with "latent" mainly positive people also speak: support! support! Long live the principal!

But our Zhao Tangzi alley, vanished due to road expansion 15 years ago, disappeared, where to find our little yard ah? There are lofty loudly put forward: "Alley no one still, the neighborhood reunion exceptionally pro!" Yes ah, people still, nothing can stop the thoughts, nostalgia, affection train out of the platform, towards our common sense That end point.

The "terminal" is up, it is located in the original alley with the original alley east Tung Ching Bu alley in a restaurant. Female boss is also grown in alley, open the door to welcome the old neighbors to gather.

When I climbed to the second floor or when I boarded the train, the cabin was a bit "crowded". At the sight of the banner is written "Alley no one still, the neighborhood reunion exceptionally pro - Zhaotongzi alley old neighborhood rebellion," so touching!

"Yo, third brother come!" Recognized and unrecognized childhood partners together. I said, today are all used as a child's name is not good? Good! Agree Can be followed by the question: dog San Er, the dog four children, but also called the export it? When I looked at the grown-up little two children, now one is the leader of the police academy, one is the director of the Agricultural Bank of China.

Also, when the face of grandchildren, two bald, three bald children, four bald children cried, is not it right? Thus, the provisional agreement, where harmless is still called the original name of children, such as me, they are called "the youngest children," and those who are themselves according to their generation "discretionary" can be called brother or uncle.

Big straight son, tiger brother (hour companions deliberately called him a few tigers) is certainly the first allocated, plus such as the Ming San Ge (the original three bald child), is busy under the direction of President Liu moved TV, DVD machine, paste couplet. Looked at a few busy figure, Xiaoyingzi said, look, work, or how many of them ah!

Dashunzi is a taxi driver in prime time, early out of the evening, hard-earned money, but the small courtyard of the neighborhood as long as something happens, on the BP machine "buckle" him, Shun Zi immediately arrived, never received neighbors one point money. This "Song Dacheng" straight Shun style has good news, the most beautiful girl in the alley Xiaoqing married him as a daughter-in-law.

I saw them a few climbing hanging banners, escalators, legs, is the beauty of the year alley Aihua, Bao Rong, a little bit, and what the little sister, Liu little sister, our little alley where the neighborhood Love scene, warmth reproduction.

"The car came!" The name of the car stem Zhou Xuan, a child do not recognize "Xuan" word, we all call him Zhou car dry. He was taught in a university in Langfang now. Although he has put on a high degree of myopia, most of the hair white, I still recognize him at a glance. And the little alley's neighbors recognized it.

Drunk two years older than me, can be regarded as life the most bitter child, only to know exactly today, more than 40 years ago, every morning he waved higher than his broom sweep the street, only 13 years old, swept is Three years. In order to earn more money, he in addition to cleaning Zhao Tang alley, but also under the adjacent Yangzhao alley.

At that time, in the early winter, the sky was still dark, and I was awakened by the sound of his "whack" and "rushing" street sweeping. Get up early carrying a school bag to go to school, in the dim lights, but also seen near the closing down of his work, his head braving a fiery look.


He went to school hard, for a sister home, two brothers go to school. Later, he went to Yunnan, where he had lugged a heavy green banana and returned to Zhao Tongzi alley. He would like to thank the old people for their care for him after his departure from Beijing. That year I had already moved to leave a small alley, my brother called me, Zhou Xuan, is the car, back, give you a banana, have you a! My tears almost fall ...

The reunion, the most let the car can not think of the most excitability is that the first one to meet and shake hands with his childhood friend, is Zheng Suyi.

Sui is the daughter of the famous poet Zang Kejia. Zang old living in Zhao Tangzi alley for 40 years, is the common pride of this alley of old alley. Many people in the alley are ignorant of poetry, but they all speak: "Zang Kejia, the great poet in China!" Because many of them can tell the story of their close contacts with Zang, many families have encountered economic difficulties, And other issues, have received the attention of old poets and even direct help.


In 2004, the Lantern Festival Zang lamented, but that year Zhao Tangzi alley had been dismantled, but the old neighbors were still there. They formed a condolencetal and carried their flower baskets to Zhaoba for the final journey. This scene touched the staff of the Writers Association. They put the baskets of "old neighbors" very close to the remains of Zang.

Today, just as I was admitted to the university after my resumption of college entrance examination, I changed my destiny, and disclosed another good thing about Zang Lao. He said: "When the morning swept the streets, are empty stomach. Zang old know, every day to shop early to buy sesame seed, is a cents burned six cents, buy one more. In my hands I sometimes bite at me and told me not to tell anyone. "

He asked Suy excitedly: "I never said, you and your family know it?" Suy tears shook his head. These words, lit the old Zang La deep nostalgia. Suy said that at that time the begonias in the academy were ripe and I was naughty enough to climb the tree with you. My dad shouted below: "pay attention to safety, do not fall Yo!" Haha, too unforgettable.

Begonia tree, Zang Lao's former residence and Zhao Tangzi Alley's small courtyard, gone. However, people are still, love Yiyi. What kind of wine to drink dinner, what food to eat, no one tube. We are completely immersed in the unforgettable past.

I can not help thinking of fifteen years ago, Dongcheng District South Street Zhaotangzi alley demolition soon, the old neighbors are for a special people to worry. This is the "two sister-in-law" of the destitute households who rely on the streets for "subsistence allowances" to maintain their livelihood. The kind and industrious rural woman, with all her heart and soul, pulled a large mum-bound child and brought along several children in her alley.

My little nephew Li Gen, she brought big. Li Gen once reported to me that he would be back with a song, one mouth was actually a thick Shandong accent, "Laughing (small) mice, the first (light) Taiwan, steal the right (oil) to eat ... ..." I quickly stopped complaining A few words "two sister in law".

During the year of demolition, she was seventy years old, and her neighbors habitually called her "sister-in-law." "Two sister-in-law," her husband died due to illness, dumb son and laid-off, living for decades that small house is not her real estate, and now the demolition, where the old lady live ah? At first, enthusiastic neighbors decided to raise funds for the "second wife" to gather enough to move back. Can street and Demolition Office said no, as long as the housing fund paid by her account, "subsistence allowances" can not hold, you have to cancel, "two sister in law" to eat what to eat in the future?

Those days, we take turns on the demolition Office, saying that the "two sister-in-law" thing. Demolition Office of the comrades will inevitably do not bother, how to come to a long time President Liu, a while to a teacher Sun, while a private director of the Korean plant replaced? Come on, let's see Two comrades came, glanced at the eyes of children on the red.

Finally, under the strife of demolition office leaders and neighbors, the "second wife-in-law" problem was solved. As the government came forward, she and her dumb son searched for a fairly large new bungalow in Dongsiwu and completed Transfer procedures. This is really a happy thing. I remember the day before the move, the seventy-year-old lady chopped a cabbage in the morning and wrapped a curtain with a curtain for children's dumplings. Please eat every household.

"Two sister-in-law" died for many years. During the banquet, President Liu proposed to pay tribute to all our ancestors for all the late births. More than 30 people put together the glass, the scene is very solemn. The move here early attracted other guests to eat in the room, they have come around to see what happened after the child, praised endless, some people took the initiative to take our "family portrait." They said that we hutong neighbors should gather it!

Yeah, it's time to get together. Hutong no one still, people in the sentiments in the neighbors who are really good and beautiful, I believe this heritage will be endless, from generation to generation.

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About the Author:
The author of primary school pupils, grew up in a small courtyard.
Li Peiyu, graduated from University Department of Journalism in 1982, is a senior editor of "Beijing Daily", former editor of "Journalism and Writing" magazine, and chief editor of "Beijing Daily". He is currently Secretary General of Beijing Association of Essay, Beijing Dongcheng Writers Association, Vice Chairman, Chinese Writers Association, China Biographic Society.

Source: North late New Vision Network author Li Peiyu