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Li Peiyu "pen wave" published

Article source:Workers Daily

Release time:May 16, 2008Page view:103

Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Peiyu Beijing daily news and writing more than 30 years of painstaking "pen bottom waves", recently published by the Concentric Publishing House. As the focus of the agency launched the "veteran Appreciation of senior comrades" Volume II of this collection, selected 1978 - 2008, the author from a university journalism students to the newspaper reporters, chief reporter, senior reporter different Part of the news of the growth stage boutique.
among them. "I write" peasants "flying", "white chicken is how to" fly "to the country", "I talk about exclusive news writing" and so on, is not only a creative journalist award-winning works of art writing experience, but also a senior editor of My 30 Years of Professional Journalism From the Combination of Theory and Practice.
The famous author Chen Zufen wrote a long preface to the book, praising: "In a very materialistic era, there is a warm book," it is worth reading. (Literature and art)