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Miyun Branch Lecture Hall invited Mr. Li Peiyu lectures

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On September 23, the famous writer Li Peiyu should be invited by Miyun Yun, vice president and writer Wang Yandan to come to Miyun Branch of Beijing Open University to write a series of essays for literary lovers of the literary lecture (WANG Ye-Dan Literature Salon) Thematic lectures.
The lecture, Li Peiyu bring their own new work, "there is always a small river flowing in my heart." He started with a few articles in the book and introduced the concept of prose writing, writing skills and four kinds of prose writing themes. Later, he combined his own work, to share with you some of his experience and skills in prose writing. Li Peiyu lectures explain profound theories in simple language, fascinating, literary lovers listen earnestly, benefit greatly.
Li Peiyu is currently the vice chairman of Beijing Dongcheng Writers Association, a member of Beijing Writers Association, a member of Chinese Writers Association and a director of China Biographic Society. Published "into the Jiao world", "your friend Li Xuejian" "pen wave" and so on. His works have won the "China News Award" for five times and the winner of the first edition of "Editorial Award of Sunlix Newspaper Supplement". The reportage won the Gold Award of Supplements of Newspaper Award of China Newspaper. In recent years, the prose has won the first prize of "People's Literature" "Guanyin Mountain" national travel literature essay award, "Liberation Army Daily" "Long March Literary Award", Beijing Writers Association "around" theme essay Wait. Many works won the national annual selection and some provinces and cities in the Chinese language test paper, reading counseling materials.

(Beijing University of Open Miyun Zhao Liqing contribution)