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Anchor today: Li peiyu ( writer )

Article source: Wen yi Bao

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Anchor today: Li peiyu ( writer )
2018 - 03 - 24 08: 50 writer source: Wen yi Bao
Today is March 24, 2018
Lunar February 8th
In this issue of the micro - broadcast, writer Li peiyu will share with you excerpts from his prose " yellow river bay Flos sophorae".
Yellow river bay Flos sophorae ( excerpt )
Li peiyu
There are 99 yellow river bays in the world, the most beautiful of which is gankun bay in Yonghe county, Shanxi province. In the drizzle, we wound up along the mountain road. when standing on the sightseeing platform halfway up the mountain overlooking gankun bay, we were shocked by her magic, beauty and spectacular scenery. Starting from Bayan har, the yellow river raced all the way through the shanxi-shaanxi grand canyon, flowing 68 kilometers through Yonghe county, leaving the most beautiful seven bays.
Seven bay, bay bay scenery is not enough; The most beautiful thing in spring is that the yellow river bank is full of Flos sophorae immaturus.
Interesting to say, we came to Yonghe this time to see Flos sophorae immaturus. How can you not be intoxicated when you meet with Flos sophorae immaturus everywhere, place yourself in the white and purple flower sea, smell its faint fragrance of flowers, and bite on the freshly baked Flos sophorae cake?
That year, Mao Zedong led the red army to the crusade and passed by Yonghe. the troops once brought down mountain spring water for villagers from the mountain. the spring water was called " red army spring". Now more than 80 years have passed, the spring still gurgled out sweet spring water, moistening the people of shilibaxiang.
Flos sophorae immaturus smells good in may. When we came to Yonghe, it was precisely the spring season when Flos sophorae was flourishing. During this trip, apart from the overseas Flos sophorae, which has been thrown into the arms of the yellow river bay and has a panoramic view of the mountains, there is another thing that came at Yonghe's " famous product" - Flos sophorae cake.
When did Sophora japonica cake become famous? Just at Yonghe county deputy head Cheng Wanjun, he knocked on a gong: " Kuang Kuang! "" Mao Mao Mao! Shouting: " come and buy the delicious Sophora flower cakes! " at that moment.
Yonghe Sophora flower cake " knocks" to become famous. " Kuang Kuang" because it was at the provincial famous agricultural products fair during the spring festival. " Mao Mao Mao" because it is on the streets of Taiyuan, the capital city!
Deputy county magistrate Cheng Wanjun also became famous with " one stroke," Kuang " and" Mao Mao " and was called" cheng gong ".
Before the gong sounded, the young deputy county magistrate had done " homework" for more than a year: he had traveled all over Yonghe's Flos sophorae valley. When does the white one open? When does the purple one open? When is picking the most fresh? Is sweet taste good for sale or salty taste popular?
Yonghe county in Shanxi is one of the poverty-stricken counties in the country. however, like the mother of the yellow river, she raised the red army with Flos sophorae during the course of the Chinese revolution and supported an important red base area in the shanxi-shaanxi border region. Today, we have been slow to come, and we will return to the long March 80 years later. Yellow river bay, Flos sophorae, so heavily into each of us in the heart!
On the day of leaving Yonghe, the weather was fine and the air was filled with fresh Flos sophorae. Deputy head of " cheng banggong" took us on our way to high-speed railway station, Huozhou, and took a detour to a logistics website. In the neat shop, the computer flickered along the way. The shelves were filled with Yonghe's own honey, red dates, walnuts, millet and other local products. there were dozens of varieties of Flos sophorae immaturus cake alone. The young deputy county magistrate said that this is the first internet e-commerce company supported by our county finance. it has just started to develop both online and offline. In more than a month, Yonghe fresh Flos sophorae, Flos sophorae cake, as long as you like, a little mouse, here can be shipped to customers across the country ...
I looked forward to it silently. Calculate the day, when this humble book was published, Shanxi Yonghe's Flos sophorae online store should also be successfully debugged, and go online smoothly ......
Anchor today: Li peiyu
Li peiyu, who won the " China news award" for five times, is also the winner of the first national " sun Li newspaper supplement editorial award". He has published works such as " entering the Jiao Yulu world", " waves at the bottom of the pen" and " there is always a small river flowing in his heart".
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