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The spirit of Beijing's 70 - year - old man, Egyptian red sea, who fought bravely to save lives was praised by all

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The spirit of Beijing's 70 - year - old man, Egyptian red sea, who fought bravely to save lives was praised by all
2018-03-31 23:30
Seven color sea
Li peiyu
On the flight from cairo to luxor, I suddenly thought of the color of the sea. Is the sea colored? Yes, the blue sea, still to say. What about the red sea? The next stop for our trip to the middle east is the world-renowned Egyptian red sea. Travel itinerary wrote: the hotel staying tonight is called the red sea hotel. This reminds me of the color of the sea - is it red? Is the hotel red?
Some of the peers have done their homework in advance. they said that there are several sources of red sea names, one is seasonal red algae. Second, because the nearby mountains are mostly red. The third is a local race named red. The fourth is the edge of the guide ( corresponding to the north of the black sea ). the red sea is " the sea of the south". Another point is that ancient Egypt called the desert red land, and this sea is connected to the desert, so it is called the red sea and so on.
Having been in close contact with the red sea, he completely overthrew the " homework". in this resort paradise, which is reputed as one of the three largest diving holy places in the world, the sea water is clear and blue, there is no red algae and there is no red mountain range. It would be futile to wait until the sunset to capture even a little red sea water reflected by the sunset glow. No wonder a poet once described the red sea like this: " the enchanting blue in Egypt's long yellow sand. " the poet also asserts that anyone who has been to the red sea will leave an unforgettable experience.
This remark has really come true in our party. Please look at the day of the " experience," the Beijing evening news reported at the first time: " March 17, 2017, on the afternoon of March 16, local time in the red sea of Egypt ( around 18: 00 Beijing time ), a female tourist from China experienced panic and fear sinking when trying to dive and shouted" help me! I can't do it, help me! " a man from Beijing swam to the rescue immediately after hearing the news with the freestyle standard posture. The man took the woman's hand with the standard rescue action, but the woman was unable to paddle and lay on the man's back with difficulty. the man still struggled to lean toward the yacht with the freestyle marker. with the help of the crew throwing ropes, the woman was rescued. It was not until after the rescue of the us warriors on board that people learned that the rescuer, who did not hesitate, was over 70 years old. People applauded for him, both for his spiritual character and for his strong physique. It is known that the name of a 70 - year - old man is fu Changning. He crossed the Yangtze river several times during his time as a soldier in Wuhan. The following note reads: " reporters Li peiyu and Wen were taken together. " in fact, I retired from the news post when I posted this news. it was a leisure trip with my friends. it was only a habit that I had formed during my career as a reporter for more than 30 years. I couldn't help but grab and post a live news.
Eldest brother fu is the eldest brother of our line. he did not hesitate to jump off the sea to save people. it did not surprise us at all. his wechat image has always been his military uniform photo. the red collar and cap badge are proof! The rescued beauty cried out loudly: " rich eldest brother! " rich sister-in-law also cried. she was distressed by her wife and said," our family's rich old is the best! "
Is this " experience" really unforgettable? Since then, when someone mentioned the red sea, I will think of rich elder brother. I always think that the red sea is related to red, and the color is reflected in our hearts.
This reminds me of the color of the sea, and there is also a thrilling real story.
A middle-aged man who was completely ignorant of water and did not even enter the swimming pool accidentally fell into the vast sea in the middle of the night. after drifting at sea for 18 hours, he was miraculously alive. This is a university teacher named Liu Wei. I remember when he finally agreed to my interview, he said, " do you know what color the sea is? It was horrible and dark! " he recounted that while drinking on the cruise ship deck late at night, he stumbled over a chain and fell into the sea. The instinct of survival made him find that he would not sink into the sea when lying flat. he slowly learned to tread water without any teacher. occasionally he could raise his head and look around him. he said, it is better not to look at the sea. why is the sea black? it is so frightening and desperate! Eighteen hours went by. when his life was going to be exhausted and he was struggling for the last time, the " shenzhou" of the motherland, a huge ship of 100,000 tons that passed through the channel, found him!
Liu Wei was rescued!
I am also the author of this incident. the report " the shock of the Bohai sea - Liu Wei's 18 - hour floating miracle of survival" is the award-winning title of the 2008 China news award. Naturally, Liu Wei and I have become frequent friends. It has been eight months since he made up his mind to set foot on the road to Shanghai to repay his kindness. He said that he first lived in his younger brother's home in Shenzhen and let him hold himself to watch the sea adaptively at the seaside until he saw that the sea was no longer dark but slowly turned into a warm color. only then did he dare to revisit the " shenzhou". The color of the sea is black and warm to Liu Wei.
I can't help thinking that I went to sea for the first time when I was an intern in Tianjin daily more than 30 years ago. That day, Lu qi, an old reporter, played " ticket protection" to the director of the department before he was able to take me aboard a fishing boat. we had to go out to sea with the fishermen to catch crabs. My excitement was quickly swept away by the surf, dizzy and vomiting. An uncle fisherman hugged me and was not afraid to dirty his clothes. he comforted me and said, have you never boarded such a small boat? Vomited completely and passed. Looking at teacher Lu qi again, he vomited worse than me. he cried out, " I want to jump into the sea! " if it weren't for the two strong men holding him, he might have really jumped off. Afterwards, I really " vomited completely". it's all right. I can still hold my camera and take pictures of a dozen fishermen one by one. After returning to the newspaper, we completed a newsletter " busy catching crabs in spring flood". Teacher Lu and I took photos with those simple and kind fishermen in the deep sea working area, which have been preserved in my photo album so far. The sea in the black-and-white photo is gray, of course, but in my heart it is such a vast and endless dark blue sea.
" we have encountered icebergs, and the extremely blue sea water is reflected as a piece of white! " at the time of writing this article, several of my news colleagues were on board a research ship that was crossing the drake strait to advance to the south pole. A man sent a picture through wechat: how spectacular is the scenery of the Antarctic sea area with snow-white icebergs springing up on the horizontal sea surface!
No one will say " white sea" even if they do not reach antarctica, and they will not even think about it. The red sea is not necessarily red, the water in the black sea is not black, and the yellow sea is certainly not yellow. Red, black, gray, white, green, warm and blue are all colors in people's hearts. The sea has its own color. Hemingway's " the old man and the sea" has a description of the color of the sea and is also changeable. Besides, different people read Hemingway in different moods and feel different colors of the sea.
There is a song called " seven colors of light". there should also be an article called " seven colors of sea".