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Experts discuss Li Di's new book " black case"

Article source:Wen yi Bao | Li Xiaochen,

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Experts discuss Li Di's new book " black case"
Source: Wen yi Bao | Li Xiaochen, June 21, 2018, 15: 34
On June 13, the " black case" work seminar sponsored by the " Chinese writer" magazine was held in Beijing. More than 30 experts and scholars, including He Jianming and Gao Hongbo, vice-chairmen of the Chinese writers association, and Wu Yiqin, member of the secretariat of the Chinese writers association, attended the discussion. Everyone discussed the literary characteristics and artistic exploration of this work. The seminar was presided over by Wang shan, editor-in-chief of the Chinese writer.
" black case" was published in the 6th issue of 2018 of the documentary edition of " Chinese writer". it is a non-fiction work written by writer Li Di for two years, based on the story of public security cadre Li guohe and based on in-depth interviews with the parties concerned and a large amount of data. The work is an artistic representation of an unjust case in which the black evil forces conspired with the " umbrella" to imprison the public security bureau chief and the relevant policemen because of the obstruction of their interests.
Fan yongge, Li bingyin, Huang Chuanhui, Zhang Ce, Zhang Yiwu, Li Jianjun, Gao Wei, ding Xiaoping, Li Guoqiang, Liu Xiaowei, Wang Guoping, Zhu Jing, Li peiyu and other writers and critics talked at the meeting that " the black case" is a powerful, responsible and emotional work, which has important practical significance in today's era. The courage of the work to set foot in serious subject matter and complicated contradictions and conflicts shows a spirit of momentum and courage to bear, full of critical spirit, and well reflects the social responsibility and humanistic feelings that reportage should bear for those who suffer injustice. This work comes from reality and from life, whipping false ugliness and promoting positive energy. Everyone also mentioned that as a documentary literary work, the black case has good literariness and readability. The author is good at observing and capturing many details that other people are not aware of, weaving these details into stories of endless suspense quietly, at the same time, he can create characters and tell stories in popular and vivid language, thus attracting many readers. Over the years, Li Di has invested great efforts and enthusiasm in the literary creation of public security themes. he has been deeply living in this field all the year round and is familiar with the work and life of front-line public security policemen. at the same time, he has sincere respect and emotion for them. In order to write the " black case", he spent two years in-depth visits to relevant places before and after the interview. the interview of the parties involved in the case ensured the literary quality of the work, which also reflected the writing posture and ideal feelings a writer should have today.