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Canon A3 + professional inkjet printer PRO-1 experience

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In recent years, Liang Jiangchuan, a digital photographer specializing in figures, scenery, advertising products and wildlife photography, has been regarded as the representative photographer of the "New Scenery School" by his concise and concise works. Due to the professional quality control of the image, by the industry's trust. In this trial of Canon PRO-1 printer, he also from a more professional point of about the experience of video output.


Output quality to meet business needs

In the mid-eighties of the last century, Liang Jiangchuan graduated from Chongqing Normal University, photography professional, and then went to the United States to accept professional photography and video quality control system training, is the earliest fully accepted foreign professional quality control photographer, and in many years of photography In the accumulation of a wealth of experience in image quality control.

figure 1

▲ Liang Jiangchuan - China Photographers Association, Sichuan Advertising Photography Association Technical Committee Chairman, Sichuan pixel 2000 advertising company general manager.

In the late nineties of last century, he owned the first digital printer in Sichuan Province, undertook the work of exporting large-scale exhibitions and printed works for all kinds of photographers at the same time. He has successively used printing equipment of many different brands. The PRO-1 now has a "top-of-the-line" configuration compared to previous models. The number of 12-color ink cartridges is currently the largest, with five black inks, plus photo cyan, photo red and red ink, greatly expanding the actual printing color gamut, in the output quality beyond the printers used in the past, can Fully meet the output requirements of commercial works.

figure 2

▲ 12 independent color ink cartridge system accurately reproduce the perfect color of the work

Convenient, user-friendly control

Many photographers focus on shooting, computer and printing knowledge but not much. When using PRO-1, Liang Jiangchuan first felt that is its intelligent operation. The PRO-1 automatically adjusts the photos as they print. The in-camera OIG color processing system accurately calculates the different color drop jet combinations for better color reduction, gradation detail and even gloss. Secondly, PRO-1 built-in Canon original professional glossy, suede and other different types of photo paper, as well as international brands such as Ha Nemueline ICC profiles, make the operation more humane, the user simply select The ICC color profile for paper corresponds to the artwork closest to the digital artwork. From the space point of view, A3 + format PRO-1 is ideal for placement in the studio, or even home study. Unlike presses, the PRO-1 is more about commissioning work from a more personal point of view, making it suitable for stand-alone production of commercial photography and photographic art.


image 3

Outstanding black and white tone expression

Learning experiences in the United States changed Liang Jiangchuan's understanding of black and white photography and gradually began to grasp the black and white tone with an international perspective. The key to shooting black and white photos is to take into account the different lightness of different colors after converting to black and white. The PRO-1 is currently the only inkjet printer with five black inks, and the five black inks make the PRO-1 more black-and-white and black-and-white gray after output. The output of his work surprises him, from the highlights to the shadows delicate smooth, soft transition of the tone can restore the black and white works of light and shadow charm.

Figure 4

Designer experience:

I did a lot of commercial work in my usual work, so I used the printer mainly for commercial purposes. PRO-1 Whether it is ink technology, in-machine color processing or output performance have the top quality inkjet printer. In addition, convenient controls save photographers a lot of time, while rich, professional color management system to make the work more stylized.