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The realm of photography

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Originally, photography lovers as my class were not qualified to talk about the realm of photography. However, at the 4th Huawei Information Forum in 2016, the visual feast and emotional impact brought by Liang Jianchuan from Sichuan Photovoltaic Society really shocked everyone present and I tried to see the realm of photography from my point of view .

figure 1

The first realm of photography

You are a real beginner.

You may have gradually got rid of the low-interest tastes like Nikon or Canon, and have learned some of the basics of photography. You know the tight coupling between the aperture, the shutter, and the ISO, and you know how to coordinate their triangles based on the immediate scene and the effect you want to capture. You've heard of metering and exposure and know how to set it up on your camera. You also get a basic understanding of some of the legends about white balance, though you set it to automatic most of the time. You also begin to learn photography composition, even when the actual shooting you may still feel. See a photo, you may want to ask what the parameters behind this.

You should have no resistance late, even if you do not have any idea to touch Photoshop or Lightroom, you are using a variety of phone in your cell phone Dafa, but you can recognize the latter part of photography, especially the important one of digital photography ring.

In this realm, most of your output is WYSIWYG, and you are more than just a real representation of what the public eye sees.


The second stage of photography

You start to realize that you need to be creative when shooting. As Liang teacher put it, when all the people are filming the desert camel's bell, Yuanyang terraced fields, your same work is likely to be just put aside directly, can no longer arouse the viewer's interest. Familiar places without scenery, and in this realm, your mission is to be familiar with the place, take a different picture. You need to think, you need to change perspective, rather than just skilled tuning parameters and press the shutter.

You begin to realize that you want to be able to behave differently when shooting. Like the painter Liang's series of works, through the cooperation of the front and the later stages, it shows the change of the Chinese ink and wash ink intensity, which is to draw on the ink-brush technique. Similarly, there are the current popular long exposure, time-lapse photography and other special techniques. In fact, it also comes from the accumulation of your experience. It is possible to output works of art if you have the image in your mind.

figure 2

You begin to realize that photography is actually a storyteller way, and the use of photographic techniques is actually better to put the idea behind your photos to the viewer. As the document development, we need reasonable layout layout, words and sentences, good information, we also need to take the appropriate parameters, the composition of the place in place, the theme behind the photos to the viewer.

You begin to understand what parameters we generally need to adjust in the less foolish late. You are also beginning to realize how to prepare for the later period in the early stages, which is not a panacea in the late stage, although there is no later period and sometimes no action.

In this state, your output works help the viewer see the scenery they did not see, and you use the work to talk to the viewer.


The third realm of photography

You are filming not just photos, but also emotions, feelings, feelings, and all spiritual aspects.

You not only try to use the extraordinary way to bring the visual impact of the viewer, you also want to use the hidden feelings to seduce the viewer's nerves. Believe that when the beam teacher showed that innocent was crushed little penguin, and its wailing parents, there must be a certain number of broken cells in your heart. The picture reveals the great desolation and sadness, deeply hurt us.

And the existence of these spiritual aspects, sometimes not only limited to the final picture, but also in the process of pursuing the final picture. You must remember that Mr. Leung described how he had been waiting for a deep flamingo to shoot a flamingo. Eventually, all three failed to catch up with unexpected rainfall. Thousands of birds and bird nests were exterminated. One of the uncomfortable far beyond did not get the photo itself. After great works of excellence, often are arduous to pay, the picture is solidified not only for a moment, but also during this process the photographer unspeakable preparation and waiting, and possible disappointment and despair.

image 3

Of course, you do not have to think of this state as enigmatic. In fact, when you sunburn in a circle of friends self-timer, and laments that they should lose weight, you are also expressing their feelings.

figure 4

The real master is not just a pervert, but a heart of all things in the world, all sentient beings. Because of this, the classic photography works not only have artistic value, often shoulder the responsibility of reflecting social significance.

Liang visit wildlife habitat, and strive to truly reproduce their living environment is not easy. The photographer can not change the world by itself, just as Professor Liang faced the little penguin who was about to be crushed. He wanted to help but was persuaded. Most photographers can save a moment, but can not save the world, we can not intervene in the laws of nature, only through pictures to call for changes in human behavior.

On the other hand, photographers in this realm need to face more challenges. You may have heard of South Africa photojournalist Kevin Carter's classic "Hunger Sudan" Pulitzer Prize won, but because of conscience and committed suicide. The judgment on your work is no longer on the right or wrong of certain parameters, but on the social problems that are reflected in your work.

Of course, maybe we can never reach or do not want to reach this realm, we just have to shoot what we eat today's breakfast. But we need to know that in this world there is a group of people who are filming not just for themselves but for different angles in order to reveal the world.


The realm of photography has not been divided into high and low, to achieve the purpose, is a good work. No matter where you are, you are happy.