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April 2019 Ohio Art League Spring 2019 Juried Exhibit,  3rd Place for "Orange Crush"

Jan 2019 12th Annual Ohio Online Visual Art Registry Juried Art Show

People's Choice Award for "Lush"

Nov 2018 Canton Museum of Art All-Stars 2018 Winner for "Moonlit"

Sept 2018 Ohio Art League Fall Juried Exhibition, 2nd Place for "Osiris II"

July 2018 The Butler Institute of American Art's 82nd Midyear Show,  3rd Place for "Live Wire"

Feb 2016 NY Artexpo 2016 Poster Challenge, 2nd Place Winner for "The Big Spin"

Jan 2016 Conception Art Show, Winning Artist, New York, NY

2016 Artslant 2nd, 3rd, 7th, & 8th Showcase Winners – "Exchange", "Majesty", "Moonlit", & " Shiira"

Dec 2015 Fusion Art Gallery, Palm Springs, CA,

"Elemental" Online Exhibit  - 2nd Place for "Wind and Water"

Nov 2015 Fusion Art Gallery, Palm Springs, CA  

"Colorful Abstractions" Online Exhibit - 2nd Place for "The Big Spin"

2013 - 2018 Artslant  Showcase Winners –


June 2015 Light, Space, and Time Online Gallery

Special Recognition in Painting Category for “Vibe”

Nov  2014 Second Place Award for “Whirligig”, DayGlo 3 Exhibit at

Doubting Thomas Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio

March 2014 Cleveland Arts Prize Nominee

March 2014 Artavita, 9th Art Contest, Honorable Mention for “The Big Spin”

2013 Studio Residency Feb through June. Project Pop-Up Galleries,

Waterloo Studios, Collinwood, Ohio