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Strokes of Genius 8: Expressive Texture, North Light Books, 2016


Creative Quarterly 42, 2015


Creative Quarterly 38, 2014


International Drawing Annual (INDA) 7, published by Manifest Creative Reserach Gallery and Drawing Center, 2013


Creative Quarterly 27, 2012


The Art of Man Journal, August 2011


Poets and Artists Magazine, Feature Article, January 2011


Southwest Art Magazine, Competition Finalist Profile, November 2010


The William and Mary Alumni Gazette, Feature Article, Summer 2008


American Artist Magazine, Feature Article, September 2007


Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing, published 2007


Exploring Life Drawing by Harold Stone, published 2007


The Artist's Magazine, Competition Spotlight, April 2006


100 Ways to Paint People and Figures, Volumes 1 and II, 2004 & 2005