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Chengdu, China's most "high" sound the strongest voice: Yu Junjian and other 100 tenor next year, Chengdu

Article source:Chengdu Commercial Daily

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Good news came from the China-ASEAN College of Chengdu University yesterday, around Chengdu in March 2018, there will be over 100 Chinese tenors represented by Yu Junjian gathered in Chengdu to give benefits and sing together. Chengdu strongest tone. The famous dance artist Shen Pei Yi led the "Shen Pei Yi dance class" will be located next year in Chengdu University China - ASEAN College, to train more dance professionals in Sichuan.

Sichuan dance lovers blessed

Shen Pei Yi dance classes next year will be located in Chengdu

    On November 19, China-ASEAN Art Institute was formally established in Chengdu. Since its establishment a month ago, Yu Junjian, dean of the China-ASEAN School of Arts, has not had much free time to find a teacher to be his primary concern. At present, more than 80 famous artists and art educators have served as college consultants, academic committees and visiting professors. Yesterday, the famous dance artist and actor at the national level, Shen Peiyi, director of the Department of Drama of the Central Academy of Drama, made a special trip to Chengdu University and handed a handwashing course to teach Chinese classical dance-based male dance classes and Korean ethnic folk dance girls classes. - Korean traditional folk dance ", leading teachers and students to dance together.

    Shen Pei Yi (front red people) on-site teaching to university students in Chengdu

    Professor Shen Peiyi is currently a member of Academic Committee of China-ASEAN College of Art. His masterpieces include "Mei Niang", "Yun Yun", "Ladies", "Woman", " Soul soul · soul ", etc., in the dance industry enjoyed a high reputation. A lesson down, Shen Pei Yi sweating profusely, the precise explanation, unique understanding and hands-on teaching, so that the arrival of student teachers, applause cheers repeatedly ringing venues. "Students are better off than I expected, and their enthusiasm for dancing is high, but basic training is still needed," Shen said. Wu Xingling, a junior student at a music performance major at Chengdu University, told reporters: "Ms. Shen is very professional and has high requirements for details and basic skills.

    For dance, Shen Peiyi think if you want to develop this young professional, practice basic skills, lay a good foundation. "Basis is the foundation of a professional dancer, we evaluate a professional dancer, first look is the basic skills and details, and then is the expression of feelings and so on.For dance lovers, I feel confident through the dance, Finding happiness is the most important thing. "

    At the scene, there are many Shen Pei Yi fans rushed to the scene only to see the idol side. Shen Fanyi felt very warm to fans' enthusiasm. "I did not expect everyone to be so enthusiastic. According to arrangements for next year, my" Shen Pei Yi Dance Class "will be held at the ASEAN Art Institute. At that time, more students are welcome to apply for the exam. charm."

Chinese music in March 2018 to see Chengdu

Over 100 Chinese tenors will sing the strongest voice in Chengdu

    Build a concert venue for music; build an industry development platform to build original music production sites; boost key enterprise projects to form distribution centers for music equipment; focus on the development of music copyright and create music copyright trading places ... At present, Chengdu is in the process of building international music All. This reporter has learned that around March 2018, over 100 Chinese tenns, represented by Yu Junjian, will gather in Chengdu to jointly hold the first China Tenor Forum to sang the strongest voice of Chengdu with the most "high" sound. Yu Junjian was excited when interviewed by Chengdu Commercial Daily: "This forum is the first big event after the founding of the Art Institute and it has now been confirmed that over 100 tenor tenns nationwide have come to attend. This is also the first place for our college to build An important part of the training base and teaching system of China's national vocal tenor. "

China-ASEAN Art Institute will be fully operational in September 2018. At present, the college is steadily promoting various constructions in accordance with the school-running philosophy of "no one has one, one has one, one has one, one has one, and one does not have one." Yu Junjian said that the construction of the college will reflect on the future from the perspective of actively integrating into the "Belt and Road" strategy and will create a new platform and a new high ground for humanistic cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

    According to the reporter, China-ASEAN Academy of Art will hold not only the first China Tenor Forum in Chengdu in 2018, but also many concerts in Beijing and Chengdu, and invite top experts and scholars from various art fields to come to Chengdu to start or carry out Lecture. "In the coming year, we will also launch more famous disciplines such as vocal music, dubbing, art theory, sculpture and so on. We will try our best to improve the level of education in a short time and give our students a better education."

Chengdu Commercial Daily reporter Li Chunyu

Image courtesy of Chengdu University