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Shen Pei Yi, Chai Ming Ming National Theater Talk about "dance and drama encounter"

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    At the National Center for the Performing Arts press room on the afternoon of July 13, 2014, nearly 300 dance lovers and theater fans came to see the story of what happened in the dance-theater encounter.

    Although dance and drama are two different art genres, there are many places in the form of theater that can learn from each other and blend with each other. Especially in the form of contemporary theater performance, the combination of cross-border often give people more surprises. 2014.07.17- 2014.07.18 The dance drama to be staged at the National Center for the Performing Arts (a work of two people (Chai Ming-ming)] is a special blend of dance and drama.

    The art lecture was personally chaired by Shen Pei-yi, a famous dance performance artist, and Hu Lei, director of the two of them, led by Chai Ming-ming and Sun Bo together with the audience about how to enjoy modern dance? ", Tells the story of [two people] a creation process interesting story.

    Under the guidance of four artists, the audience initially experienced a new audio-visual exploration brought by dancer Chai Ming-ming and musical artist Sun Bo, or jumping, or acting, or speaking, or singing.

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