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"Look" special National Grand Theater will be staring Shen Peiyan staring at the classical

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    International Online Performance Report: On November 13 and 14, the special edition of "Classical Look" created by the Peiyu Art Fund will be staged at the National Grand Theater. This is the first dance piece co-funded by the Peiyu Art Fund since its launch in September 2012 and co-funded by the National Grand Theater. On November 3, Shen Peiyi, a dancer from Beijing Dance Academy, made a lecture on classical art at the National Center for the Performing Arts of classical Chinese dance, "Look" preheat.

    On the day's lecture, Shen Peiyi, a dancer, explained to the audience the creation process of some of the works in "Looks and Colors" and performed live performances of his masterpiece, "Crimson Lips." Liang Geluo introduced the original intention of this party. He explained that "look" is the expression and color. They hope this party will provide the modern people with a "look back and forth" and "gaze at the classical" ; Also hope that the classical dance in the efforts of many artists to become China's dance species.

    Beijing Classical Chinese Dance Department of classical dance teacher of the Han and Tang Dynasties classical dance teacher Shi Bo also explained to the audience the concept of classical dance in the Han and Tang Dynasties, and the founder of this school, the late Dance Academy Professor Sun Ying's writing experience and works of dance students also In the live performance of "Xianghe song" in the "Pangu dance" and "Happy holidays" in the dance moves.

    "Look" is a selection of some outstanding dance works by Shen Peiyi, art director of Pei Yi Art Fund. After the reorganization, a Chinese classical dance boutique party was created, including "Xianghe Song", "Rhapsody", "Happy Tour", "Bamboo Dream" "Shudao difficult" "a glance" "Lanting Xiuzhu" "go back by the wind" "Guangling thought" "Love - Ink" "Slow sound" "I was Li Qingzhao - Chai" "Moonlight" "Ink - 14 works.

    In addition to Shen Peiyi, choreographers such as Liu Yan, Wang Qimin, Chai Ming-ming, Li Jun, Su Peng and Sun Rui and choreographers such as Zhang Yunfeng, Hu Lei, Liang Qun and Fei Bo At the same time, the late Han and Tang dynasty dancer expert Sun Ying and his disciple Shi Bo's Han and Tang dynasties dance work will also be presented in the evening.

    In addition, Shen Pei Yi will also collaborate with Pu Cunxin, a famous theater and performing artist in the circle, to reproduce the "Crack Slow" in 2010, a popular masterpiece of rave reviews.