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To protect the students ' musical personality

Article source:Sichuan Daily

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"Gold Coach" impish: to protect students ' musical personality
Newspaper reporter Wu Menglin
Yundi, Chen Sa, Zhang, Zo Zhang ... Mention these names, like the piano readers are not unfamiliar. Behind them, there is the same mentor-the piano "gold coach," said Impish.
Impish engaged in piano teaching for more than 50 years, peaches and plums in the sky, cultivate a large number of outstanding piano players, many times in the international competition record. July 8, Impish returned to Chengdu, a guest of classical art forum, told his years of experience in piano education. In his opinion, the most important thing in art education is to teach students according to their aptitude, to protect each student's talent and personality.
Impish was born in Chongqing in 1940, influenced by his father who loved music, began to learn piano very little, and also followed Guangren and other famous piano educators in China.
Impish graduated from the piano Department of Sichuan Conservatory of Music in 1964 and has been teaching in the school. At the age of 55 in 1995, he chose to change his trajectory-to teach at the Shenzhen Art School. Impish students repeatedly achieved success: in the 14th session of the Chopin International Piano Competition, 18-Year-old Yundi won, sensational music at home and abroad, Chen Sa won the Leeds International Piano Competition 4th, is the tournament founded 40 years the only award-winning Chinese people ... Up to now, Impish has 29 people in the International Piano Competition won 63 awards, and many people to break the record.
Although now nearly eight years, impish still adhere to the teaching line. In 2012, impish and Yundi were appointed as Dean and Deputy dean of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music and Piano Academy. Impish also opened in Chengdu, Shenzhen two flying mode.
In the industry, Impish's unique teaching method is called "but style teaching". Art education is actually a kind of ' handicraft teaching ' and the most important thing is to teach students according to their aptitude. Impish said that at the time of seeing each student, he would first evaluate the students and make corresponding teaching methods according to their respective characteristics.
For example, when impish first met Yundi, he thought Yundi the most rare, is the focus on music and musical sense, will be the feelings of music and their own integration, the so-called "human piano unity." Therefore, when I teach Yundi, I pay special attention to protect students such talent and feelings. The piano teaching has no necessary stipulation, but must carry on according to the student oneself characteristic. "The most important thing is to love music and enjoy music," Impish said.