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A new path to impish lectures piano Basic Teaching method

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Release time:Jul 12, 2017Page view:114

(correspondent Shahi) July 10, the Piano Festival master class, China's famous piano educator, the State Council national allowance winner, the Chinese erhu Piano Society consultant, Shenzhen Piano Society honorary president Impish Professor brought 4 years of "New path Piano Basic Course" for the students to dispel the basic knowledge of piano.

"New Path Piano Basic Course" is known as "training the world champion" of the famous piano educator Professor Impish summed up more than 50 teaching experience, with its essence, nausea, the first set of China has a systematic theoretical support, with national characteristics and independent innovation of the piano teaching materials.

But the professor said, happy to learn the piano, interest in music; Piano teaching should follow the tenet of putting music education in the first place, the double track of music and skill, striving for the children to tamp the whole piano Foundation, inspire the children's interest in music and help them realize the vivid and living embodiment of music.

But the professor concludes that by being familiar with this set of textbooks, our teachers will be able to new ideas, scientific path, standardized skills and music performance elements to guide the learners, our piano teaching to a new height, to achieve our "through the piano, learning music, music, performance music, improve literacy" Cultivate a new generation of good wishes and lofty goals.


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