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Shenzhen Art School: 30 years of peaches and plums all over the world

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30 years of cultivation, 30 years of harvest. The Shenzhen Art School, which has trained a large number of excellent musicians, ushered in the 30 birthday.
November 30 evening, "Art Road Flying" Shenzhen Art School welcomed the concert at the Shenzhen Concert Hall staged. The school's outstanding graduates, renowned pianist Yundi, Chen Sa, Schottinger and so on, together with the Netherlands, the Royal Conservatory of Music performers and the Shenzhen Art School Philharmonic Orchestra, the alma mater 30 anniversary celebration.
December 1, by the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education in charge of the national cultural and Arts Vocational Education Teaching Guidance Committee and the Shenzhen Style Tourism bureau co-sponsored the "First National art vocational College of Professional and cultural open class to observe the activities" held in Shenzhen Arts School, from the National 46 professional Arts institutions of the leadership, Experts and more than 200 teacher representatives gathered to observe and exchange.
Grand event: "Art road Flying" magnificent, 12 hands to shock the audience
With the "Art Road Flying" concert curtain opened, 6 piano patchwork placed on the stage, 6 pianists to 12 hands to play, and the Shenzhen Art School Philharmonic Orchestra interpretation of the "Waltz of flowers."
"12 hand playing, which is very difficult to see on the stage outside the Shenzhen Art School concert." "Shenzhen Art School lifelong professor Impish regrets," 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, each node, representing the Shenzhen Art School to a new level. ”
In the first half of the concert by Chen Sa Burden, led by conductor Rei, she played with the orchestra Shostakovich's "Second Piano Concerto op.102 in F major". "This is the Shostakovich for his son's graduation ceremony, the first movement is full of child-like air, naughty and humorous, the second movement is full of warmth; I like this work since childhood, put in the alma mater 30 years of celebration to play more suitable. "Chen Sa said.
Then, "Piano magic Finger" Sirtin Zhe and Houletian played Liszt's banter piano "Hungarian Rhapsody 2nd" (excerpt), the Netherlands Royal Conservatory of Music, Osiris Piano Trio, played Mendelssohn's "second Piano trio op.66." Famous composer Chen also specially for this concert adapted four hand to play the "Liang Zhu", by Gujindan and Li Ying present.
In the second half, Yundi the first movement of Beethoven's Piano Concerto "Emperor" in E major. Then, 12 hand play again debut, Sirtin Zhe hand 5 in red dress piano player, together with the orchestra to deduce the Piano Concerto "Yellow River", 6 pianists at the same time playing 6 piano, majestic potential to win the scene applause constantly.
As the mentor of Yundi and other pianists, Impish said, Shenzhen Art school passed 30 years difficult, this anniversary please go to the international alumni back to the alma mater to attend the concert very meaningful, they walked through the footsteps of Shenzhen Art school 30 years of testimony.
Looking back: 30 years peach and plum fragrance, condensed students youth memory
Shenzhen Art School is the only one full-time secondary art school in Shenzhen, founded in 1986, 1993 approved as a secondary school, the main task is to cultivate art talents for the society and transport excellent graduates for the higher art institutions. After 30 years of arduous struggle and hard work, from an obscure school to develop into a professional set up, strong teachers, in the international art education sector has a certain impact on the art of professional schools.
And for Yundi, Chen Sa, Shenzhen Art School More bearing is the youth memory.
Chen Sa always remembers the beautiful feeling of coming out of the school's piano room and sprinkling the sun through the gap of the Schoolhouse building. "At that time, although the old school buildings are very small, impish teacher's piano room and the school's only two concert halls are often we ' occupy ', but the teacher and students and even the gardener in the garden get along very warm." "Chen Sa said.
"I was 1995 followed but the teacher came to Shenzhen, then found that there is very different, whether it is the government's support for music education, professional academic exchanges, such as openness, are full of possibilities." Chen Sa said that at that time, when he was a teenager, often need to participate in competitions, Shenzhen Art School not only various sources of information, attitude is very open, there is not much discipline, "as long as the value of the game and activities to try, schools and teachers will be strongly supported." ”
In the morning of the concert, Chen Sa was hired as honorary professor by Shenzhen Art School. She hopes to be able to help her teacher as much as possible, influence and help more to learn younger brother. "Now art school moved a new school, the conditions are getting better, but also for learning younger brother students to create a better learning conditions." ”
Since September 2015, the Shenzhen Art School is officially put into use in the new campus of South Mt.. According to President Huang, the new campus is located in the South Mt. District North Ring Road and Nanshan Road intersection, covers an area of 50000 square meters, the main building includes comprehensive teaching building, music building, dance Art building, integrated theater and concert hall.
Matching the new campus is the new achievement of Shenzhen Art School. It is understood that in the past 5 years, Shenzhen art school students in various arts competitions at home and abroad to obtain more than 400 provincial-level awards, of which received more than 100 international major competition awards more than 300 people, the grade and number of awards are ranked in the forefront of the national art institutions.
Yundi said that for decades, Shenzhen Art School has made great achievements in the development of Chinese arts, and has nurtured many artists. Nowadays, the development of Shenzhen Art School is obvious to all. "I sincerely hope that in the future, Shenzhen Art School can continue to contribute their own strength to the arts, as China's love of art young people dream of the road lighthouse." ”
Exhibition: The first public class of art school in China, focusing on "Shenzhen power"
December 1, "The first national art Professional college and cultural open class to observe activities" held in Shenzhen Arts School. Shenzhen Art School, as the main force, to the 46 professional arts colleges and universities from more than 200 academic experts and teachers, demonstrated the strong "Shenzhen power."
It is reported that the Open class aims to display the professional director of various art vocational colleges through the platform, to enhance communication and cooperation and to promote the development of art vocational education. The "Open Class exhibition" is divided into two parts: the exhibition of professional courses and the demonstration of culture class, which are divided into two stages.
Among them, the morning four professional fine class exhibition by the Shenzhen Art School bear: Professor Impish teaches the piano open class, and has long cooperated with Shenzhen Art School in the Royal Music Institute of The Hague, the Concert of chamber music trio Open Class, with the German Jisen modern dance group experts and the students of the Shenzhen Arts Schools completed a modern dance class and a dance skills lesson taught by a dance instructor in Shenzhen Art School.
In the afternoon, the exhibition of the Open class of cultural class includes the open class of Chinese art school affiliated to Shenyang Normal University. Shenzhen Art School's Politics, the mathematics Open class, the Beijing international Art School's history Open class, the Shandong province culture art School's English Open class, the Hangzhou art School's Geography open class, altogether six sections compose.
Through the Open class, Shenzhen Art School's strength has been unanimously recognized by experts.
Over the past 30 years, Shenzhen Art School has gradually formed a impish as the leader of the Piano arts education brand, since 1999, more than 40 people have won the International Piano Competition Important awards, emerging Yundi, Chen Sa, Zhang Chen, such as a group of young pianist renowned at home and abroad, Let Shenzhen art school become the domestic similar colleges and universities in the field of international arts education.
In the piano professional "leading" strong driving, Shenzhen Art School in the ballet, Chinese dance, double row key electronic organ, clarinet, guzheng and other professional has made rapid development, orchestral, folk music, vocal music, dance and fine arts and other subjects of the teaching level goes hand in hand, so that the level of arts education has been the overall promotion.
In the three consecutive sessions of the "Tao Li Cup" dance competition sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Shenzhen Art School received 27 awards including three gold medals, and blew up a "Shenzhen Wind" of Chinese original dance. Ballet professional also in the Swiss Lausanne International Ballet competition, the United States International Youth Ballet Competition, South Korea Seoul Dance competition to obtain outstanding results, to achieve Shenzhen and even Guangdong in these events 0 breakthrough. In addition, the violin, clarinet, guzheng, double row key electronic piano and other professional in all kinds of competitions with the domestic top schools compete for gold silver let peer admiration.
Overlooking: Shenzhen longs for a higher art college
Although the construction of art school in Shenzhen is only 30 years of history, but the school's performance has been the state Ministry of Culture, Shenzhen Municipal party committee, the Government and the relevant departments of the full affirmation and recognition: May 2000 by the Municipal People's government awarded the "Shenzhen 1997-1999 advanced Collectives"; 2001 by the National Culture Ministry Advanced Collective of the national cultural work "; 2003-2004 successively was named" the Advanced Collective of Shenzhen Education system ", 10 consecutive years was appraised as the Shenzhen cultural system to complete the target responsibility collectives;
Nowadays, the student performance team of Shenzhen Art School has become a fresh force of Shenzhen foreign cultural exchange, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, the Shenzhen municipal government visited Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia, North Africa and China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region, participated in the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, the municipal government organized several important performances, become active Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the backbone of cultural life, For Shenzhen's foreign cultural exchanges and enhance the image of Shenzhen to make a contribution.
In the 30 anniversary of the construction of the Shenzhen Art School, the Shenzhen leaders also visited the school, focusing on the preparation of higher art colleges and universities, promoting the development of art education in our city, and fully affirmed the achievements made by Shenzhen Performing arts in recent years. Relevant leaders believe that Shenzhen is speeding up the construction of modern, international and innovative cities, cultural and artistic prosperity is an important symbol. At present, Shenzhen has made a lot of achievements in cultural undertakings and cultural industry development, but as a modern metropolis, we should promote the construction of higher art colleges and universities, hoping to explore the way of building higher art colleges and completing the short plates during the "Thirteen-Five" period.
Principal Huang also revealed that Shenzhen Art School is working with domestic and foreign universities to discuss cooperation, Shenzhen is very hopeful to set up the first University of Arts.
"In recent years, many layers have called for the establishment of a higher music institution in Shenzhen, which is in step with the creation of a ' piano city ' in Shenzhen," he said. "Impish said, to truly build a" Piano City ", at least three steps: The first is to do a good job of piano education, in addition to amateur and professional education, higher education is a must, the second is to carry out more piano activities, such as the existing International Concerto competition in Shenzhen, open, etc. The third is to realize the corresponding academic research, Master class, music summer camp should become the normal.